How To Transport A Motorcycle? The Best Way In 6 Steps Explained!

How To Transport A Motorcycle? If your motorcycle is not working and you have to bring your beloved part somehow into the garage at home, or straight to the specialist workshop, good advice is expensive.

Most of the time, it’s the weekend anyway, your mechanic is not available, and the automobile club puts you off waiting for about eight hours – and in the middle of nowhere.

Only the self-transport of your bike remains; only towing is difficult, there are only other possibilities to transport your beloved motorcycle.

Even if you want to take your motorcycle on vacation, you should know self-transportation possibilities. We show you what you should pay attention to in the following article.

How To Transport A Motorcycle?

How To Transport A Motorcycle?
How To Transport A Motorcycle? / Image by Peter H from Pixabay

To transport a motorcycle safely, you need to pay attention to a few points. The bike can already be getting damaged during loading. We show you which tips and tricks work and how your motorcycle arrives safely.

Transporting the motorcycle

Transporting the motorcycle
How To Transport A Motorcycle? Transporting the motorcycle / Image by Christel SAGNIEZ from Pixabay
  1. Use a beer bench or a stable board to push the motorcycle onto the trailer or into the transporter. Ideally, of course, use a special ramp with riffles to keep your bike from slipping off.
  2. As soon as the motorcycle is loaded, place it on the stand and secure it at the front and back with two tension straps.
  3. You should fasten the straps to the handlebars and fork, respectively, and lash them to the left and right at the rear.
  4. To prevent the straps from leaving marks, you should cover painted parts with a cloth.
  5. Always make sure that the straps are not too tight. For safety, you should secure the straps with a knot after lashing so that they do not open by themselves.
  6. When transporting the motorcycle on a trailer, it is best to use a tarpaulin to protect it from dirt and moisture. The tarpaulin must also be well getting tightened so that it does not come loose during the journey.


Take precautions with optimal motorcycle insurance coverage. Accidents with motorcycles are usually much more severe than traffic accidents with cars. And a lot can go wrong during transport – even if you always load carefully.

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