9 Easy Steps On “How To Tint Car Windows?” The Best Way!

How to tint car windows? Tinting car windows yourself: that’s how it works. If you want to give your car a special touch or increase privacy in the rear, you can tint the car windows with film.

There are several valid reasons to tint your car windows: adequate privacy protection, a colder climate in the car, and burglary prevention through a low level of insight into the interior.

Many car manufacturers already offer tinted windows ex-works. You can choose between different techniques if you want to tint your car windows afterward, and the most popular is the use of individual films such as car wrapping.

Another possibility is to replace the original windows with tinted ones. Then there is the so-called glass coating, where the windows are sealed.

We try to clarify essential questions about tinting car windows.

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Tinting car windows

Tinting car windows yourself
How to tint car windows? – Tinting car windows yourself / Image by Crea Park from Pixabay

How to tint car windows, and can I tint my car windows myself? – This possibility exists but is not getting recommended. If you tint your car windows yourself with a film, there is a relatively high risk of bubbles forming and the film coming off more quickly. 

A professional and clean result is more likely to be achieved if you have your car windows tinted by a professional. If you still desire to try it yourself, you can find step-by-step instructions here: 

  1. Prepare the film, squeegee, spray bottle with rinsing liquid, and a hot air dryer.
  2. Drive the car into a dust-free, enclosed space.
  3. Clean car windows thoroughly. Spray rinsing water onto the windscreen.
  4. Measure the window, roughly cut the film from the roll and stick it on the outer pane.
  5. Cutting the film with a cutter knife, but do not cut on the glass itself.
  6. Smooth the film with the squeegee from the inside to the outside. The soapy water is getting pressed outwards.
  7. Use a hot air dryer to make the film stretchable.
  8. Roll up the film blank, and apply it to the inside car window. Important: Spray out sufficient rinsing water. Only in this way can the film be moved a little more.
  9. Once again, smooth the film with the squeegee, pressing the water from the inside out.
  10. Finished – Now, do not wind down the pasted glass pane for the first three days. Leave out the window heater.

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Pay attention to these when tinting your car windows

What you need to pay attention to when tinting your car windows
How to tint car windows? – What you need to pay attention to when tinting your car windows / Image by Crea Park from Pixabay


There are different colors and unique features. The foil must be UV-coated and should be heat-insulating. In addition to the color, you must also decide on light transmission. If you want to have as little light in the interior as possible, you need a film with about 80 percent darkening; the percentage must be lower for more light.


Your car must be immaculate both inside and out. If possible, do not leave dirt and dust in the vehicle. Especially we must clean the windows very thoroughly, and the remaining dirt and dust will significantly worsen your result.


It would help if you had a cleanroom. Do not tint your windows in the fresh air in wind and sunshine. A garage is ideal for hobby artisans, but cleanliness is also a priority. Before starting work, clean the garage and keep dust and dirt away from the windows during work.


Since you need various tools for the work, you should buy a complete set. The sets are available from any specialist dealer and in some DIY stores. You do not have to worry about the material you need by purchasing the collection.


The most crucial aspect you need to consider is the duration of the curing process. Depending on the manufacturer, this can take up to four weeks. To avoid ruining the result during this time, you should not clean the panes. If children are traveling with you, you should ensure that your hands do not touch the windows.


Each state has different regulations concerning VLT percentage, so it’s good to check local laws relating to what you’re allowed to do. 

If you have made scratches in the paint when tinting your car windows, it is vital to remove them again.

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Advantages of car window tinting

These are the advantages of car window tinting
How to tint car windows? – These are the advantages of car window tinting / Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Of course, at first, glance, tinting the windows is an optical enhancement of the car. But there are several other reasons to tint the windows:

  • Heat protection – Special sun protection films protect against infrared rays and ensure a colder climate in the interior. It relieves the air conditioning system and reduces fuel consumption.
  • Glare protection – Glare from sunlight is getting reduced. Security is also provided at night against the dazzling light from the vehicle’s headlights behind.
  • Protection against fading – The interior of the vehicle is protected from sunlight. 
  • Privacy protection – No unwanted views from outside. Theft inhibition and increased protection against burglary. 

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Besides positive aspects, there are also some disadvantages: Depending on the degree of tinting and the time of day, window tinting can restrict visibility in the car.

Especially when reversing, a darkened rear window makes it difficult to see to the rear.

The general view when maneuvering or parking could also deteriorate at dusk and night; through the film, you can only see well from the dark into the light.

Depending on the quality of the film and its coating, the view through the film can appear slightly blurred.

Therefore, sputtered films are getting recommended – they are more expensive but last longer and offer a more unobstructed view.

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