How To Sanding Off Wood? Tempting In 4 Best Steps!

How to sanding off wood? Removing existing layers of paint is the priority when old wooden furniture is reconditioned. 

Sanding is a working method used correctly and leads to perfect results with the right tools and abrasives.

Let’s check out together how to sand off wood the best way!

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Why Sanding Off Wood Furniture?

Many pieces of furniture have been repainted several times in their lives. However, with a bit of effort and the correct procedure, it is possible to remove old paintwork and restore the old wooden furniture to its former glory.

Sanding down pieces of furniture is often an excellent choice to remove the old varnish. But not only in this case, but the furnishings also need sanding down.

Do you want to repaint a piece of furniture?

The sandpaper must be getting swung as preparation for a new coat of paint. Sanding with fine sandpaper ensures that the following lacquers will hold better.

Sanding paper also makes it wonderfully easy to smooth surfaces. Do you have flaws and scratches in the wood? With wood putty, we can remove such defects and file the surface with sandpaper.

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Why Sanding Off Wood Furniture
How To Sanding Off Wood? – Why Sanding Off Wood Furniture? / Image by Susan Stubbs from Pixabay

The Best Way To Sand Off Wood!

Much dust is getting produced when sanding off the wood. Choose a suitable place for renovating your tables, such as the garage, a hobby room, or the garden.

There should be no electrical appliances sensitive to dust in closed spaces, such as fire alarms.

If you work in the garden, ensure that the place has wind protection. It will prevent dirt from being blown onto the still damp paint surface later.

Wear a paper mask to avoid inhaling the fine wood dust. Safety glasses are also an advantage.

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The Best Way To Sand Off Wood
How To Sanding Off Wood? – The Best Way To Sand Off Wood / Image by PrAdrianoDantas from Pixabay

Sand off wood in 4 steps:

  1. Always grind in the direction of the grit. If you sand crossways to the grit direction, scratches will occur, which are challenging to remove. Use multi-folded sandpaper for the edges, which you work with by hand. Large surfaces can be getting sanded with a machine.
  2. Start the sanding process with the rough 80-grit paper. Be sure to change the paper when it appears smooth on the surface and loses its sanding power. Use 120 and 180-grit paper one after the other until the wood surface is smooth. Any remaining varnish should now be getting removed from the wooden table.
  3. There is a trick to sand the table correctly, without pressure, draw tight, wavy lines with a pencil all over the tabletop. Draw the tracks at five centimeters from the edge towards the center. Sand with 240 grit paper until the pencil lines are no longer visible. The drawn lines tell you whether you proceed carefully and evenly when sanding.
  4. Do not use this method if your table is ash or oak of large-pored wood. There is a risk that the graphite particles of the pencil will penetrate deeper layers of fibers from which they are challenging to remove.

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How the wooden table gets the finishing touch

Clean the wooden table with water and a sponge and let the table dry afterward. The remaining fine wood fibers straighten up and sand down during the drying process. Use 240 or 320 grit paper for this. Remove any wood dust with a soft brush.

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Sanding wood technique and tools

You do not have to send your wood pieces directly to a joinery company unless they are costly wood or unique decorations. For ordinary furniture, there are some things to consider for success. In the following, you will learn what is essential.


The most crucial criterion for well-sanded wood is sandpaper. When buying it, you should pay particular attention to quality because we can only achieve good results with good sandpaper. Abrasive paper with corundum is best suited for wood; it lasts long and ensures an excellent finish.


Start with a rough grit of sandpaper. Towards the end, you take finer grit. Depending on the intended material removal, start with a grit of 80/120 and finish with a 180 to 240.

Manual work

When sanding wood, always work in the direction of the grain. Never grind crossways to the grain; you will not be able to remove scratches. A sanding block is necessary when sanding by hand, and it distributes the force evenly over a larger sanding paper area and removes slight unevenness in the wood. You can leave the sanding block for fine sanding, which is only helpful for the first sanding.


An orbital sander is particularly getting recommended when sanding with tools. The advantage over other sanding devices is that the sanding disc rotates and oscillates simultaneously, and hardly any sanding marks are created in the wood by rotating movements. Find out more about good sanding machines at your local hardware store or the Internet. Indeed, you can buy the device for a more extended time and not for single use.

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Light moistening improves your sanding result. If you moisten the wood to be worked on before the last sanding passes, the fibers straighten up and are getting sanded even better.

It would help if you used a spray bottle for moistening. However, not too much water should get on the wood; otherwise, it will swell.

Especially when working by hand, patience is required. Take your time for a good result.

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Sanding wood technique and tools
How To Sanding Off Wood? – Sanding wood technique and tools / Image by nico666 from Pixabay

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If you want to process wood by sanding, you need above all patience and, when filing by hand, a little muscle power as well.

After each operation, thoroughly clean the surfaces of all sanding and dust residues.

If you wipe them damp, the wood should dry before you continue sanding. Use a finer grit of sandpaper for each sanding pass.

It will make the wood perfect and well prepared for subsequent treatment, either oil or varnish.

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