How To Propagate Roses? The Best Way In 8 Steps Explained!

How to propagate roses? Hardly any plant offers so much scope for design as the rose. But for a lush rose garden, you do not always have to buy new bushes.

The queen of flowers can also propagate quite quickly. Here you can find out the easiest way to propagate roses and what to look out for when breeding them.

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Propagate roses

Propagating roses
How to propagate roses? – Propagating roses / Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

The rose is one of the numerous popular garden plants, and many gardeners would like to try their hand at growing roses. When propagating roses, there are different types, which also depend on the individual rose varieties. 

Wild roses, for example, are propagated from seed, whereas noble roses are grown by cuttings. However, the best-known method for most roses is propagation by so-called occultation.

Let’s check out the tips and tricks below to propagate roses the best way.

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Grow roses from cuttings

How to grow roses from cuttings?
How to propagate roses? – How to grow roses from cuttings? / Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

What is a rose cutting? A woody shoot of the rose without leaves is cut from autumn or winter. Here is how to take rose cuttings:

  • Taking rose cuttings – Cut a whole shoot from the rose and remove all the leaves.
  • When to take rose cuttings? – The best time is in late autumn.
  • When cutting the cuttings, make sure that the cuttings are between 20-30 cm long.
  • For wintering, bundle the cuttings in moist sand and place the container with the cuttings in a cold, frost-free room.
  • When there is no anymore a threat of severe frost from March, you can put the cuttings outside in a sand-peat mixture and use frost protection and liquid fertilizer.
  • Once a cutting has grown, it is green and starts to grow leaves.
  • In autumn, the young plant can then be getting placed in its final location.
  • If you have soil that is particularly suitable for roses, you can also plant the cuttings directly in their final destination.

Rose propagation by cuttings

Rose propagation by cuttings
How to propagate roses? – Rose propagation by cuttings / Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay

Propagating roses – Propagation by cuttings is one of the more straightforward ways of propagating roses. It produces roses that are true to the root. However, not all rose varieties are suitable for this purpose, and you may not propagate roses under plant variety protection in this way. Here is how to plant roses from cuttings:

  1. In August, cut 2-3 healthy shoots, preferably just bloomed like the node should have about five eyes.
  2. Remove the lowest four leaves and leave the top pair of plates.
  3. You can plant the prepared cuttings either directly into the bed or into pots.
  4. If you plant it in a bed, make sure that it is protected from the wind, in a semi-shady to shady position, and that the soil is well getting loosened up.
  5. When planting in pots, make sure that the pool is about 30-40 cm deep, has an opening in the bottom for water drainage, and that you use light sandy garden soil.
  6. After planting the cuttings, do not forget to water them.
  7. To promote growth, you can put a large glass jar over each rose cutting to create a warm and humid microclimate.
  8. In May of the following year, you should plant the rose cuttings in the bed or container in their final location.

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Rose propagation by seed

Rose propagation by seed
How to propagate roses? – Rose propagation by seed / Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

This propagation method is suitable for wild roses, shrub and noble roses, and most rambler varieties because they produce rose hips after flowering.

  • Collect the ripe rose hips in autumn and release the rose seeds from them.
  • Put the roots in water for a few days; the seeds that remain on the ground are the germinable ones.
  • Store the germinated rose seeds in a refrigerator at about 4 degrees Celsius for about a month to stimulate the germination sources.

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Sowing the rose seeds

Fill a shallow growing tray with lean growing soil and place the rose seeds about one centimeter deep.

  • Keep the roots cool and moist until they start to germinate.
  • When the first small plants form, place the tray in a bright, not too warm place without direct sunlight.
  • As soon as the rose plantlets have four to six leaves, you can plant them individually in small pots with nutrient-rich garden soil.
  • In spring, when frost is no longer getting expected, you can plant the rose plant in the garden; take the small plant together with the root ball out of the pot and grow it in a sunny, wind-protected place.
  • Some seedlings may die because they cannot withstand the weather conditions or diseases that plague them. But this is quite normal and should not worry you.

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Rose propagation by lowering

Rose propagation by lowering
How to propagate roses? – Rose propagation by lowering / Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

This propagation method is most often used for climbing roses because shoots are more comfortable to bend in this variety of roses.

  • Immediately after flowering, select a long and flexible shoot that can be easily anchored in the ground.
  • Bend this shoot downwards and cut it slightly.
  • Then place it in a depression about 20 cm deep and cover it with soil or compost.
  • A branch fork is the best way to fix the shoots in place.
  • Always keep the soil around the shoot well moist.
  • New roots should then develop at the end of the shoot from autumn onwards.
  • The new rose plant should be rooted in the following spring and separated from the mother plant and farmed at its final destination.

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The care for roses annual calendar

The care for roses annual calendar
How to propagate roses? – The care for roses annual calendar / Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Water, balanced nutrients, and combined control – the rose requires much care. Once you get used to the practice, you will be rewarded at flowering time. Rose care begins at the root because roses prefer light and crumbly soil.

Mulch loosens the substrate and ensures that the soil does not dry out so quickly. The best way to control pests and fungal diseases is to regularly check the flowers and leaves. Also, ensure that the soil is evenly moist – persistent waterlogging will cause the roots to rot.

  • January to February reinforce winter protection if necessary, clear the snow on roses if required.
  • In March, remove winter protection. In the middle of the month, slow-release fertilizer provides a reliable supply of nutrients.
  • From April to May, prune roses, loosen soil, and mulch as needed. Planting time for bare-root roses ends in April.
  • From June to August, check for diseases and pests. Cut off withered flowers regularly. In the case of drought, water thoroughly.
  • From September to November, potash fertilizer protects roses against frost in mid-September. October to November is the primary planting season. Pile up all plants at the end of November
  • In December, provide sufficient winter protection.

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FAQ Propagate Roses

FAQ Propagate Roses
How to propagate roses? – FAQ Propagate Roses / Image by Couleur from Pixabay

How long do rose cuttings need to root?

The rose cuttings root within about 4-6 weeks and are ready for planting in late autumn or spring.

Why grow roses in potatoes?

Potatoes for the propagation of roses – These support the growth of rose cuttings by promoting rapid rooting. It is because potatoes provide the cuttings with continuous moisture and nutrients.

Can cut roses be planted?

You can plant rose stems with the help of potatoes and plant the potato with the stem in a pot or a garden. Above the potato should preferably be more than 15 cm of soil, and it should not yet have seedlings. Otherwise, you may grow a potato instead of a rose.

How to propagate climbing roses?

Propagate climbing roses by cuttings – Choose several 15 to 20 cm long shoots that have just bloomed off. Each node should have about five to six eyes. Cut them from the mother plant with sharp, disinfected rose shears. You should hold the cut surface at a slight angle.

How do I make rose cuttings?

Remove all leaves except for the head two. Mix loose garden soil with sand in a 1:1 ratio and pour into a pot. Insert the cutting into the ground until it reaches the next leaves – about two to three inches. Press it well and water it.

How do I propagate wild roses?

Propagating wild roses is also very straightforward. The easiest way is to use cuttings. Cut a woody shoot from the plant and remove the leaves from the lower part. Now place this cutting in a water glass and wait until small roots form.

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Propagation of roses is possible by two methods.

Cutting propagation is suitable for many rose varieties and is relatively uncomplicated even for non-specialists, but growing the rootless rose takes a long time and is not always successful.

Labor-intensive rose to graft is the grower’s preferred approach and guarantees quick and all-around good results, but the grafting site is susceptible.

It can limit the proper growth of the plant if weather conditions are unfavorable or the wrong approach is taken.

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