How To Make Nail Polish Dry Faster? The Best Way In 9 Steps!

How to make nail polish dry faster – So what makes nail polish dry faster? We’ll tell you the nine tricks that make it more quickly. After all, there’s nothing more annoying than ruining your fresh manicure right away. 

You sit there for hours and try hard to paint your nails perfectly. Then you do not pay attention only once, and already there are unsightly scratches in the varnish. It is enough to slip into the shoe or jacket, and the whole effort was in vain. 

Have you always thought that blowing help? Quite the opposite! The moisture in the breath ensures that the drying process is getting slowed down. But don’t panic; some methods will make your nail polish dry faster!

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How to make nail polish dry faster? – In 9 steps, how to dry nails quickly!

Preparation is also essential so that the polish dries faster.

Before you apply your favorite color to the nails, you should ensure that the nails are free of grease. If they are not, the polish will take longer to cure later.

In 9 steps, how to dry nails quickly
How to make nail polish dry faster? – In 9 steps, how to dry nails quickly! / Image by Alehandra13 from Pixabay

If you want to be sure, you should wash and dry your nails well after the manicure and before applying the polish. The nails are one hundred percent free of grease when you dab them with nail polish remover and let it soak in or evaporate.

Let’s check out below the best ways to make nail polish dry faster.

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1. Correct fingernail application: Dry faster nail polish through the right treatment

Your nail polish will already dry much faster if you paint your fingernails correctly.

  • Instead of a single thick layer of polish, it is better to apply two to three thin layers.
  • Always wait between the individual layers until they have dried before applying the next layer.
  • You further speed up the drying process by using a special fast-drying nail polish, which you can also get in every color imaginable. 

2. Hairdryer: Drying nail polish with a hairdryer

Nail polish dries quickly in the air, and it’s faster with a stream of air.

  • The easiest way is to blow violently on the fingernails.
  • Alternatively, you can turn on the hairdryer and go over the freshly painted nails with the air current.
  • It is essential that you set the hair dryer to cold air. Besides, keep an appropriate safety distance between the hairdryer and your nails so that you do not accidentally scratch or scrape your freshly painted fingernails. 

3. UV light: Strengthen nail polish with an LED nail dryer

A more convenient solution than wild blowing or blow-drying is a professional nail dryer.

  • However, an LED nail dryer is only worthwhile if you regularly paint your nails, as it is not entirely inexpensive: you have to reckon with about 20 to 40 dollars, depending on the model.
  • For this, you only have to put the nails in the nail dryer after painting briefly, and after a few moments, the nail polish is hard.
  • In addition to the price, however, the nail dryer has another disadvantage. You can not use it with conventional nail polish but must apply special LED-compatible nail polish. 

4. Ice water: Water and freezer for well-groomed fingernails

Cheaper than the LED nail dryer is the so-called water method.

  • If you hold your hands in water for a moment, the nail polish dries much faster. However, the nail polish must already dry a bit before you keep your hands in the water.
  • The freezer compartment is also considered an insider tip among beauty queens. To make the freshly painted nails dry faster, hold them in the freezer for a moment. 

5. Hairspray: Quick dryer for freshly painted fingernails

You can get the quick dryer both as a spray and liquid form.

  • After you have applied the nail polish, spray the quick dryer over the nail polish.
  • Incredible styled fingernails necessarily include well-groomed hands. Among other things, the skin needs a lot of moisture, which you can supply to your hands with homemade aloe vera cream. 

6. Freezer: Put your polished fingers into the freezer for drying

Instead of putting your hands in ice water, you can also briefly put them in the freezer. It has the same positive effect on the nail polish’s drying but is not particularly energy-saving.

Some freezers start beeping if their door is open too long. So we should use this method only in exceptional cases. If you still rely on this method, be careful not to touch anything with your fingers; otherwise, you risk frostbite.

7. Dryer Spray: Harden your polished fingernails with a dry spray

Like hairspray, the products ensure that the color lacquer immediately sets and sticks. So you have dried fingernails in no time.

  • Apply the desired polish.
  • Then spray the nails with the spray from a distance of about 20 centimeters.
  • Depending on the brand, it may be necessary to spray a second and third time.

8. Nail Polish Top Coat: Harden your fingernail polis fast with a top coat

Topcoats work according to the same principle as dry sprays and are available in the drugstore. They promise to make the polish harden faster. Depending on the manufacturer, this works better or worse. Try different brands and find out which one works best in combination with your color polish.

  • Apply the desired nail polish and wait briefly.
  • Then apply the top coat over it like regular nail polish.
  • Wait a short while, and your nail polish will be dry in no time.

9. Nail Polish Drying Drops: Easily dry fast your polished fingernails with drops

Like the topcoats, we can also apply drops quickly and efficiently to harden the nail polish. They are also available in the drugstore.

  • Apply nail polish and wait briefly.
  • Drop one or two drops individually over the nail and wait until it is absorbed.

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FAQ How to make nail polish dry faster

How quickly does nail polish dry?

With the help of a hairdryer, the nail polish hardens much faster than with all other methods – in just 45 seconds. By the way, our tip: Set the hairdryer to the cold setting, and it hardens more quickly, doesn’t burn your fingers and avoids annoying waves on the nails.

How long does nail polish take to dry completely?

Although nail polish seems to be dry after 20 to 30 minutes, it takes 24 hours to dry completely. One or two minutes after applying polish, run cold water over your hands for three minutes to speed up the drying process.

How to dry nails faster home remedy?

A trick to make nail polish dry quickly is to put the freshly painted fingers in the icebox for about two minutes. Since nail polish is very sensitive to cold, it hardens within a few minutes, allowing the fresh nail color to dry quickly.

Why does nail polish dry faster in cold water?

The cold ensures that the nail polish dries faster on the fingernails, making the beautiful color hard.

Can nail polish be dried with a hairdryer?

Cold air makes nail polish harden! However, what helps is the artificially swirled air from the hairdryer because it is dry, unlike blowing. If they still stick, you should blow dry them again cold.

When to apply the topcoat?

The topcoat is getting applied as the last step. It protects against cracking and chipping and keeps the underlying layer of paint fresh. The coat is usually colorless and provides solid hold.

Can you dry regular nail polish with UV light?

No, UV light does not dry regular nail polish because ordinary nail polishes do not contain polymers, and regular nail polishes contain highly volatile solvents. Only polymer containing nail polishes can dry with UV light.

What is the best way for nail polish to last?

For nail polish to last long, the nails should be as free of grease as possible. The most reliable way to do this is with nail polish remover. Base and top coats are mandatory, and the base coat evens out the nail’s unevenness and protects it from discoloration.

How many layers of nail polish can be applied?

While one coat of color is sufficient for light shades, two to three polish coats are better for bright colors. In between, let the polish dry well. It is easier to apply in three longitudinal strokes: first in the middle, then the sides.

Is nail polish harmful to the nail?

The varnish is not harmful to the nails themselves because they consist of dead cells. There are no pores or permeable membranes in the nail through which the color could penetrate the skin. On the other hand, it quickly gets onto the skin once a brushstroke has gone astray.


There are certainly a few tips already known to you, and if nothing could convince you so far, there is always the classic: Just Blow It.

If nothing else helps and you want to waste as little time as possible, UV nail lamps still help with drying as one of the fastest methods.

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