How To Make Hand Cream? With Natural Ingredients!

How to make hand cream? Why should you make your hand cream? It has the advantage that you can decide on the ingredients yourself! A homemade hand cream promises quick help against dry, cracked skin, and rough hands quickly become soft and supple again.

DIY: Hand Cream

There are a few things to consider with homemade hand cream. As the ingredients for a self-made cream are primarily natural and without preservatives, you should think beforehand that the cream will serve for a maximum of two weeks and spoil.

How to make hand cream DIY Self Made
How to make hand cream DIY Self Made / Image by AdoreBeautyNZ from Pixabay

Therefore, it is better to make small quantities and use them soon. There are several different recipes on the internet, but you can vary your hand cream endlessly by replacing some ingredients with others!

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Hand cream with natural ingredients.

Hand creams make our skin beautifully soft, but many creams from the beauty department contain silicones, parabens, and various preservatives. 

Therefore you should instead use a natural hand cream, especially for sensitive skin.

Active ingredients that you should include in the production process – using one or even several – are these four:

Shea butter

Shea butter has an anti-aging effect and is also very moisturizing and anti-inflammatory. Shea butter can provide quick relief for dry hands.


Beeswax primarily has an antibacterial effect. Besides, it forms a light protective film for dry skin and skin irritations, which immediately promises a soothing and pleasant effect.

Vegetable oils

Vegetable oils such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, or almond oil are rich in essential fatty acids and are similar in structure to our skin’s lipids. Therefore you should include one of these oils in your recipe.

Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter provides our skin with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and lipids. The vegetable fat can be easily distributed on dry skin and brittle hair thanks to its slightly melting structure.

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DIY Hand Creme Recipe:

  1. Oils and beeswax soften the skin. First, heat 50 ml of olive oil in a jar to 65 degrees using a water bath.
  2. Add 3 g of beeswax and melt it down. Stir the mass well.
  3. When the wax melts, remove the vessel from the stove while stirring and mix the two liquids until the mass has cooled down to 30 degrees.
  4. Add five drops each of jasmine oil and sandalwood oil. Continue stirring continuously.
  5. Pour the finished cream into a container suitable for a cream. Do not close it until the cream has cooled down completely.
  6. Instead of using jasmine or sandalwood oil, you can add your favorite scent to the cream.
  7. You can store the cream in the refrigerator.

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DIY Hand cream with aloe vera.

You also only need two ingredients for a nourishing skin cream made of oil and aloe vera gel.

For a small supply, skin-caring vegetable oil, for example, olive oil or coconut oil, and aloe vera gel are mixed in equal parts with the help of a powerful mixer at the highest level to form an emulsion.

Do not contain any emulsifier; the ingredients may separate somewhat over time. However, this is not a problem. You can recombine them by vigorous shaking or stirring.

If you have your aloe vera plant and can harvest and preserve fresh aloe vera gel, use it to make the hand cream.

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Make a quick DIY hand creme!

You can also produce a slimmed-down hand cream version yourself without much effort. All you need is 100 g milking fat, 150 g coconut oil, 20 g shea butter, 50 ml olive oil, and a teaspoon of cornflour.

  • Put all ingredients except the cornflour in a pot and melt the ingredients on the stove in a bain-marie.
  • When everything is liquid, pour the mixture into a bowl and add the cornflour.
  • Then stir everything well with a hand mixer.
  • Stir a few more times during the cooling process.
  • When everything has cooled down completely, you can pour the cream into clean containers.

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DIY homemade hand cream for dry skin.

We need only a few other ingredients for an extra moisturizing hand cream, also suitable as a body butter. In addition to various vegetable oils, it contains some beeswax, which ensures a pleasant consistency.

Proper care of dry hands often requires more than just applying the cream regularly. A caring hand bath, mild soaps, and regular drinking are also a boon for stressed hands.

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Store DIY homemade hand cream.

How to store self-made hand creme? Vessels with screw caps are particularly suitable for storing self-made hand cream. Use the empty jars of jam or other food jars. 

Meanwhile, empty screw cap jars are also available online at the drugstore.

Rinse the jars thoroughly with hot water before pouring in your homemade cream. It prevents the hand cream from contaminating other substances or taking on foreign smells.

Dry the jar entirely before pouring in the cream. If you want to be on the protected side, clean the pot with clear alcohol before use.

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