How To Make Flaxseed Gel? Follow Our 6 Amazing Steps!

How to make flaxseed gel? We create many hairstyles by using hair gel. But does it ever have to be the hair gel you bought in the drugstore?

The nice thing about it is that it doesn’t even take much time, and you also get DIY hair gel entirely without artificial additives.

Flaxseed gel is an excellent hair gel, especially for fine and slightly porous hair. We will show you how you can make your homemade DIY flaxseed hair gel!

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DIY natural hair gel

Making natural hair gel yourself
How to make flaxseed gel? – Making natural hair gel yourself / Photo by Steve Johnson from Flickr

Flax seeds are the seeds of flax; they contain mucilage, which swells in connection with water. These substances cause we can produce a gel for our hair from flaxseed.

It’s 100% natural, unbeatably cheap, effortless to make, effectively fights frizz, and helps define the curls.

It increases the bounce of your curls and waves and makes them shine. Flaxseed gel gives your hair a lot of moisture because it is mostly water.

Flaxseed gel is an excellent hair gel, especially for fine and slightly porous hair.

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Homemade flaxseed gel

Flaxseed contains mucilage. These dissolve during cooking and provide a gel-like consistency.

This gel wraps around the curls provides them with moisture, and hardens when drying. It keeps them in shape, and the dried gel gives them a firm hold.

The flax seeds provide the hair with vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids.

When the flax seeds are used as a conditioner, they provide gleaming hair with a good grip. The conditioner is good against split ends and frizz.

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Ingredients for homemade DIY natural flaxseed hair gel

What you need for homemade DIY natural flaxseed hair gel
How to make flaxseed gel? – What you need for homemade DIY natural flaxseed hair gel / Photo by Dvortygirl from Flickr

To make natural hair gel, you need different ingredients. These are the most suitable:

  • Use whole flax seeds. These have proven to be particularly useful as hair gel and are ideal for wavy and curly hair.
  • Use enough water to boil the flax seeds in it.
  • Use oils, gels, and butter to preserve the hair gel. Essential oils, for example, are suitable for this.
  • To make sure the hair gel sticks well and smells nice, you can add other ingredients – such as vegetable glycerine or scented water.

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  1. Put water in a pot and add flaxseed. Use the ingredients in a mixing ratio of 1:4, for example, 300 ml water and 75 g flaxseed.
  2. Boil the ingredients over high heat, stirring constantly. This step takes an unusually long time. If you put the linseeds in overnight beforehand, cooking will be faster.
  3. As soon as the mixture becomes gelatinous, reduce the heat, and continue stirring.
  4. Now add the other ingredients as desired. Try this out and pay particular attention to the hair structure, as each hair needs extra care.
  5. When the gel has the right consistency, it is not too thick and not too liquid; you can run it through a sieve. Catch the flaxseeds in the process.
  6. Then fill the gel into small bottles or jars. Also, remember to soak the pot in time; otherwise, it won’t be easy to clean.

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Applying flaxseed gel to define hair curls

How do you apply flaxseed gel to define curls
How to make flaxseed gel? – How do you apply flaxseed gel to define curls? / Photo by Steve Snodgrass from Flickr

To define your curls with the flaxseed gel, knead a generous portion into the soaking wet hair after washing, and do not dry yet. Depending on the length, you will probably need a piece of 1 to 2 chestnut sizes.

In the beginning, this is somehow all a very slimy and greasy matter. But with a bit of practice, you will quickly get the hang of it.

Afterward, you let your hair dry as usual or use a diffuser to blow dry your hair. Usually, a gel layer or gel cast will form, enclosing the individual wisps.

If you don’t like this, you can knead it out and have natural curls.

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Pimp up homemade hair gel for a better smell

How to pimp up the homemade hair gel for a better smelling
How to make flaxseed gel? – How to pimp up the homemade hair gel for a better smell? / Image by Rosina-Sch from Pixabay

Once you have filled the hair gel into a bowl, you can add various ingredients to give the specially prepared product a beautiful fragrance.

The following additives are particularly suitable:
  • Aftershave – Would you like a distinctive fragrance? A few drops of your aftershaves are an excellent choice.
  • Coconut oil – You can achieve a light coconut scent by adding coconut oil, and a half teaspoon is sufficient. By the way, the oil takes care of your hair instead of drying it out.
  • Essential oils – Sprinkle two to three drops of oil over the still warm gel and mix well before filling it into bottles or jars. Essential oils can be getting found in almost all fragrances. But, be careful not to combine too much. You should also make sure that they are naturally pure so that your hair only comes into contact with natural ingredients.
  • Aloe Vera – If you have an aloe plant at home, cut off the tip of a stem and press the plant’s gel into the bowl.
  • Shea butter – Again, half a teaspoon is enough to give your hair a little more shine.
  • Honey – The addition of half a teaspoon of honey gives your hair extra care. If you are looking for a vegan alternative, it is best to use agave syrup.

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Hygiene and durability of hair gel

Hygiene is an essential factor in ensuring the durability of the hair gel
How to make flaxseed gel? – Hygiene is an essential factor in ensuring the durability of the hair gel / Image by Chesna from Pixabay

You cannot make a long-lasting hair gel yourself if you want to avoid artificial additives. Good kitchen hygiene is essential to prevent natural products from going bad prematurely.

Therefore, wash out all bowls, especially the jars you want to store the gel afterward. Dry them thoroughly and then wipe them through the pots and the storage containers again with pure alcohol.

We will keep a homemade hair gel in the refrigerator for about two to three weeks. However, we can extend the shelf life by adding essential oils or shea butter.

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