How To Make A Pinboard? DIY The Best Way In 4 Steps!

How to make a pinboard? Buying a bulletin board is not a big challenge, and the prices are not high. However, if the purchased pinboard is a hung-up style, the corners usually stick out because it is simply too thin and unstable.

Who attaches importance to a more stable model must reach deeper into the pocket. Then it will also be challenging to find the desired size.

Better and, in the end, also cheaper is to build a large and stable pinboard yourself. With our building instructions, you can create a pinboard that lies exactly flat against the wall and has space for many important notes.

The building instruction describes a pinboard with 50 x 100 cm size but can also adapt to your requirements. Everything you need for this is available in every hardware store and online.

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Which material is suitable to make a pinboard yourself?

For pinboards, a variety of materials are suitable. There are no limits to your imagination, and we have these suggestions for you:

  • Classical pinboards usually have a cork back, which you can buy and cut in a store for handicraft supplies. If necessary, you can also cover the cork with a fabric piece and bring some color to the barren cork wall.
  • A perforated plate is also suitable. Here you can work with different types of pins that fit into the prefabricated holes.
  • An old picture frame with a cardboard back can also be getting converted into a pinboard. Here you can use pins or standard pins to attach notes.
  • Old metal sheets or trays can also be getting used. Here you pin classic with magnetic pins. Alternatively, you can also cover magnetic boards with fabric.
  • Somewhat more unusual is, for example, a clipboard, which you cover with a roller cloth or rubber band so that the notes can be easily getting clamped in between.
  • A thin board with standard clothespins can also be getting used as a pinboard.
  • If you want to make it comfortable for yourself, use magnetic wall paint from the hardware store and paint on your pinboard. 

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What do you need to make the pinboard?

  • Cork tops or cork placemats
  • Cutter
  • Ruler, geo triangle
  • Pencil
  • Cutting pad
  • Brushes
  • Metallic color silver – or handicraft color in another color of your choice
  • Painter’s tape 50 m x 19 mm
  • Powerstrips
  • Paper on which you make templates for the pinboard

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Step-by-step DIY instructions on how to make a pinboard?

Step-by-step DIY instructions on how to make a pinboard
How to make a pinboard? – Step-by-step DIY instructions on how to make a pinboard? / Image by Bülent Vural from Pixabay

1. Draw and cut shapes

Draw the individual pinboard shapes according to the recommended measurements with a pencil first on paper to have the pinboard templates. Start with the triangles with the two shorter sides at right angles to each other – this is the easiest way.

When drawing on the cork, make sure that you arrange the templates so that as little space as possible is left unused. You should also not exert too much pressure. Otherwise, unsightly pencil traces may remain visible. Then carefully cut out the lines with a cutter. 

2. Masking and painting the surface

Cover the areas to be getting painted with the painter’s tape. Ensure that the painter’s tape sticks well to the cork plate; otherwise, the edges will run out. Then take the silver paint and paint the surfaces. Alternatively, you can also choose your favorite color and give your pinboard a unique look. 

Let the corkboard dry well. Depending on the manufacturer of the paint, this step takes different lengths of time. It is best to check the packaging of the color to see what drying time the product has. Once the paint has dried out, remove the painter’s tape.

3. Apply Powerstrips 

Now you can attach the Powerstrips for wall mounting on the back of the pinboard. To do this, carefully pull off the Powerstrips and glue them into all corners on the cork board’s back for optimal hold. Let the handle protrude. Press the power strips firmly for at least five seconds. Remove the protective foil before fixing it to the wall. 

4. Hanging the pinboard on the wall 

Now you can attach your DIY project to the desired position on the previously cleaned wall. To ensure that the power strips adhere well, press the pinboard’s cork elements firmly against the wall for at least five seconds. Your self-made pinboard is ready!

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Tips for decorating your pinboard

Tips for decorating your pinboard
How to make a pinboard? – Tips for decorating your pinboard / Image by Gino Crescoli from Pixabay

With these tips, you can give your pinboard an individual touch:

  • Pinboards do not always have to be square or rectangular. You are free to select the shape, and you can also cut your material in a circle or ellipse shape, for example.
  • Decorate your pins. If you work with pins, you can extend the tangible surface with buttons or plasticine balls. For magnets, you can glue your own felt figures or photos onto the surface.
  • By the way, you can also find fancy pins in handicraft supplies.
  • If you use a picture frame, a metal plate can also be getting attached behind the acrylic glass. The advantage is that you can frame a beautiful picture of your choice between the metal plate and the acrylic glass.
  • If you cover your blank pinboard with fabric, small pockets are a real eye-catcher. Here you can also store small items such as keys. The back of the trousers or jeans is particularly suitable for this. However, be sure that the fabric is not too thick, and the magnets are strong enough.
  • Real eye-catchers among the pins are crown caps or old keys of a computer keyboard. Put some glue into the hollow sides and press small magnets into them. 

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Motifs like the Brooklyn Bridge or other spectacular architectural photos with clean lines, primarily black and white, are a timeless and perfect background for your homemade pinboard.

Which pictures you then later hang on the pinboard is entirely up to you. Mix the composition with new shots after each trip or replace them.

Present the most beautiful images of your travels creatively on the pinboard.

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