How To Iron Without Iron? In 6 Easy Steps Explained!

How to iron without iron? That sounds almost too good to be true.

Finally, no more standing at the ironing board for hours on the weekend, so that everything is smooth during the week, but spend the time gained with lovely things like eating ice cream, going for a walk, and sleeping.

But how to iron without using an iron? Then continue to read below!

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How to iron without an iron?

How to iron without an iron?
How To Iron Without An Iron? / Image by analogicus from Pixabay

Ironing without iron pants, blouse, shirt, and T-shirt: You can iron without using iron pants, a blouse, shirt, and T-shirts.

However, not all of the methods we’re going to show you now work equally well, and it always depends on whether you want to remove creases from a shirt or a T-shirt.

What you can do when you’re traveling and have to straighten something or when you don’t feel like ironing, we’ll tell you here:

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1. Ironing without an iron: Wrinkle remover spray

You can buy so-called wrinkle remover in the drugstore or online, which are sprays that you spray on your slightly damp clothes. It’s best to hang your clothes on a hanger and pull them into shape or smooth them out after spraying.

Caution: The sprays are not recommended on sensitive fabrics such as silk! Test the spray on a small corner of the clothing first if you want to be sure.

2. Ironing without an iron: Hairdryer method

Hang the damp garment on a hanger and turn on your hairdryer. Use the cold air setting if your blow dryer offers one, and blow-dry the clothes with about five inches between them. This method works exceptionally well on cotton items. 

3. Ironing without an iron: Using a dryer

You can also use a dryer to get wrinkles out of clothes if you have a dryer. In addition to the laundry, put a damp sock or small rag in the dryer.

Turn your dryer on for 15-20 minutes, or select a program with medium heat. Your clothes will be at least slightly more wrinkle-free after the cycle than from the clothesline.

4. Ironing clothes without iron: Ironing clothes with a towel.

You can use a slightly damp towel to iron individual garments. To do this, lay the garment out on a large kitchen table and cover it with a wet towel. Pull the towel with your smooth hand to smooth out the laundry underneath.

Alternatively, you can place clothes under a heavy object with a large surface area. For example, mattresses are suitable for this purpose. Here, however, the laundry must dwell for some time until an ironing effect is achieved. 

5. Ironing clothes without iron: Ironing clothes with the shower rod hot water steam method

A somewhat more wasteful and time-consuming method is ironing in the bathroom with a shower rod by filling up hot water steam. Tiny bathrooms are best suited for this.

Hang your garment over the clean shower rod in the bathroom. Pull the curtain far to the side. Alternatively, you can hang your clothes on a hanger. Close off any places where air can escape – windows, for example.

Adjust the showerhead so that clothes cannot get wet and turn on the hot water. You can now leave the bathroom. After five to ten minutes, it will iron the laundry.

Alternatively, you can hang your shirts and other clothes over a full bathtub of hot water. 

6. How to build your iron when you dont own one?

You can also build an alternative iron yourself using this simple method:

Bring water to a boil in a metal pot. You can now run the hot bottom of the pot over your garment on a smooth surface.

However, this method is only suitable for T-shirts and smaller garments, and the pool does not have the edges necessary to smooth out collared shirts.

Also, proceed quickly, as the bottom of the bank usually cools down quickly. 

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FAQ How To Iron Without An Iron

FAQ How To Iron Without An Iron
FAQ How To Iron Without An Iron / Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

How to iron without an iron?

Just hang your blouse or shirt on a hanger on the shower bar. Now close the door and windows, turn on hot water, ensure your garment doesn’t get wet, and wait for about 15 minutes. With this improvised steam ironing station, your clothes will be wrinkle-free on the shower rod.

How do I get clothes smooth without ironing?

Hang the garment close to the shower or tub on a hanger. Turn the water on hot, allowing steam to build up. Important: Close the windows beforehand so that the moist air cannot escape. After five to ten minutes, your laundry is getting steamed smooth.

Is ironing necessary?

Laundry fibers are broken or bent by ironing. Since they are generally round and straight, they don’t wrinkle either, so it’s not necessary to iron at all. Of course, if you keep bending the fibers by ironing, there will always be wrinkles after washing.

How can I avoid ironing?

Use your shower and while you’re taking a hot shower, hang your clothes on the outside wall so they don’t get wet. The hot steam will smooth out the wrinkles after about ten minutes. Alternatively, you can hang things over a bathtub of boiling water to avoid ironing.

Which material does not wrinkle?

Depending on the fiber’s length and the original fiber’s crimp, polyester can imitate various other elements such as cotton, wool, or silk, absorbing less moisture. This fiber is also known as nylon and is a very resilient fabric that does not wrinkle and is usually shiny.

Why is the laundry so wrinkled after washing?

The spin rate of the washing machine is too high. If you use a high spin speed, this can contribute to your laundry wrinkling badly at the end of the wash program, especially delicate fabrics like silk.

Can you put a shirt in the dryer?

The symbol for the dryer is a circle inside a square. If the mark is crossed getting out, we must not put the shirt in the dryer under any circumstances. Otherwise, you risk shrinkage during drying. If there are two dots in the dryer symbol, the sweater can tolerate average temperatures.

Which material dries quickly?

Polyamide is even more stretchy and elastic than polyester. It also dries very quickly but is sensitive to heat and should not be ironed or only at a shallow temperature.


It should be iron after all: Our methods are too cumbersome for you? Then maybe you should buy an iron after all!

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