How To Get Rid Of Ticks In The Garden? – 5 Best Tips Explained!

How to get rid of ticks in the garden? Do you have dangerous ticks in your garden? Or do you want to avoid your garden becoming a breeding nest for infecting ticks? Learn what you can do about it.

How to get rid of ticks in the garden? Remedies that help against ticks in the garden

Remedies that help against ticks in the garden
How to get rid of ticks in the garden? Remedies that help against ticks in the garden / Image by Erik Karits from Pixabay

If you find ticks on yourself or your family, they don’t necessarily have to come from your garden. However, if it happens more often, it could be that a few of the unpleasant animals have nested in your home. Use these best five tips below to get rid of ticks in your garden:

  1. Ticks are usually getting found in long grasses. They like the shade and need high humidity. Limit the possible places of ticks in your garden accordingly. You can also find ticks on larger plants or bushes that provide shady areas.
  2. Be sure to keep your lawn short. Mow it more frequently if you notice ticks on it. By doing so, you will destroy the ticks’ natural habitat and already eliminate a large portion. Cut off dead branches on plants and bushes, generally keep them very short.
  3. Use tick rollers to remove ticks from your garden. Ticks live on hosts, which in many parks are mice. The mice ingest the tick rolls to build their nests and consume the toxic substances from the ticks with their fur. On contact with the mice, the ticks die.
  4. In addition to grass and plants, fallen leaves are a perfect place for ticks. Do not leave fallen leaves out for too long. Remove it regularly, wearing long clothing and gloves. Use a shovel and rake as a precaution.
  5. After you have removed the ticks, you can prevent a new infestation by taking preventive measures. To do this, you must avoid larger animals such as rabbits or deer, from entering your garden; they bring the ticks with them. You can prevent this with a fence. Keep your garden permanently clean, so the ticks stay away. 

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FAQ How To Get Rid Of Ticks In The Garden?

FAQ How To Get Rid Of Ticks In The Garden
FAQ How To Get Rid Of Ticks In The Garden? / Image by Erik Karits from Pixabay

What keeps ticks away?

Avoid being in tall grass or undergrowth, as ticks mainly sit there. Wear closed clothing with long sleeves and long pants. So ticks do not get to the skin so quickly. We can see ticks better and faster on light-colored clothing.

What enemies do ticks have?

These include a few species of fungi that grow on or in them, killing them. Or nematodes that infest ticks, which also leads to the death of ticks. Other animals that can be dangerous to the parasites include a species of wasp called the tick wasp and certain bird species.

Can ticks be driven out of the garden?

We cannot drive ticks out of the garden, and however, you can make their stay more unpleasant by depriving them of their retreats. Ticks love moisture, warmth, and undergrowth.

What plants do ticks dislike?

Catnip pleases not only the gardener but also his cat. Animals, in particular, are susceptible to tick bites. In the dense fur of the four-legged friends, the pests find an ideal hiding place. It’s just stupid for the bloodsuckers when the cat rolls around in the catnip.

How can I kill a tick?

Suitable methods to properly kill ticks include using alcohol with at least 40 percent or disinfectants, and it effectively kills the ticks. Burning the tick has also proven effective.

What animals eat ticks?

Natural enemies of ticks include numerous birds, ants, hedgehogs, and shrews. Besides, arachnids, nematodes, and wasps use ticks as food.

What are the benefits of ticks?

Parasites usually have a benefit, and they help regulate the population of other living things. It has been proven that ticks are very nutritious for other creatures such as birds or fungi and represent an essential element in the food chain for certain species.

Why does coconut oil help against ticks?

Coconut oil has a block effect on ticks because of the lauric acid. Various insect sprays are applied to the skin and clothing to protect against tick bites, and the active ingredients, Icaridin and DEET, deter ticks.

What do ticks not like?

Lemon eucalyptus, for example, does not go down well at all, nor does rose geranium. But anise, grapefruit, lavender, myrrh, clove, thyme, rosemary, patchouli, tea tree oil, and juniper scents also deter ticks.

Can ticks survive in bed?

According to experts, they can survive in a hungry state without a host in the home for about ten days. That’s why you should see a doctor immediately if you have wandering redness.

What smell repels ticks?

Lavender oil, eucalyptus, and co.: Do essential oils work against ticks. Humans usually smell crucial oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, or thyme very pleasant, but they are rather unpopular with ticks. Therefore, rubbing with these agents should help to repel ticks.

Where do ticks most often occur?

They prefer forest edges, grasses, shrubs, or bushes as their habitat. They can be found up to 2,000 meters above sea level.


Those who own pets should think about whether the pond in the garden is such a good decision.

And those who nevertheless feel a strong desire for it should at least provide appropriate buffer zones.

By the way, it is also quite helpful to keep in touch with the neighbors.

Anyone who has ticks in the garden should let the surrounding properties know because as soon as the measures are taken, the arachnids will probably take refuge in one of them.

Or you can use tick rollers from the beginning, through which ticks have no chance to escape at all because they die first.

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