How To Freeze Rhubarb? The Best Way In 4 Steps Explained!

How to freeze rhubarb? Freezing rhubarb is the best way! Often we harvest much more rhubarb in the garden than we can consume. If we freeze the rhubarb, we make the fruit durable for a relatively long period.

If you’re wondering whether you’re freezing vegetables or fruit, the answer is: it depends on which country you live in. In the U.S., for example, the food belongs to the fruit, while in Europe, it is a vegetable.

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Prepare rhubarb for freezing

Before you freeze rhubarb, make a few minor preparations, but they are not incredibly time-consuming.

  • First, remove the leaves from the vegetable and then clean the rhubarb stalks under running water.
  • After you have dried the rhubarb, cut the vegetable stalks into rough pieces. The rhubarb pieces should be around three inches in size.
  • If you like, you can still blanch the rhubarb before freezing it. If you blanch the vegetable, it will usually retain its color. On the other hand, it makes no difference to the taste or length of freezing time. You can also freeze the vegetables right after cutting them up without any problems.

Blanching rhubarb

In addition to preserving the color, blanching also significantly reduces the oxalic acid content of rhubarb. If you are sensitive or have a pre-existing condition, it is better to blanch the vegetable before eating it.

  • After processing a pot of water to a boil, toss the rhubarb pieces into the bubbling water for about two minutes.
  • Then pour the vegetables out over a sieve and immediately place them briefly in a pot of ice-cold water.
  • Then place the rhubarb on a thick kitchen towel to dry before freezing.

How to freeze rhubarb?

peeled rhubarb
How to freeze rhubarb? / Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

If you freeze the rhubarb properly, the vegetable will keep for about a year, and then the new rhubarb will already be waiting in the wings.

  1. It is best to divide the rhubarb already from freezing into portions as large as you want to take out later.
  2. To prevent freezer burn, make sure you seal the freezer bags with as little air as possible.
  3. Squeeze the air gently out of the freezer bag and close the clip immediately on the pieces of rhubarb.
  4. When you use the rhubarb later, you don’t have to thaw the vegetables, but use the frozen rhubarb pieces right away for baking or cooking.

To harvest enough of the healthy vegetable for the entire year, you need to plant and care for the rhubarb properly. Follow a few small tips; the plant is entirely uncomplicated.

FAQ Freezing Rhubarb

Can you freeze rhubarb raw?

First, spread them out on a tray or baking sheet – the pieces should not touch each other – and pre-freeze them for about two hours. Then place the rhubarb pieces in portions in freezer bags and freeze completely.

What is the best way to freeze rhubarb?

Rhubarb is best frozen in pieces. Therefore, after peeling, cut the stalks into rough chunks. If you have plenty of space in the freezer, you can freeze the rhubarb pieces spread out and side by side first, such as a cutting board, a tray, and a baking tray.

Can I freeze cooked rhubarb?

Freeze rhubarb cooked! We can freeze prepared rhubarb like any other fruit or vegetable.

How can I preserve rhubarb?

First, peel the rhubarb, cut it into slightly larger cubes, and put them in a canning jar. Boil a rubber ring in water and seal the jar airtight with it. The rhubarb will preserve its juices and last up to a year or more.

How do I freeze fresh rhubarb?

Pre-freeze the vegetable cut into pieces in the freezer before storing. Place the slices on a baking sheet or tray without touching, and place them into the freezer for two to three hours.

How long can you store cut rhubarb?

Wrap your rhubarb in a damp cloth similar to asparagus, then place it in your refrigerator. It will keep the stalks fresh for at least a week.

How long can you keep cooked rhubarb?

Boil the rhubarb to your desired consistency and pour it into sterilized jars, letting them cool on their lids. In a dark storage place, the cooked rhubarb in the pot will easily keep for several months.

How long does frozen rhubarb keep?

Rhubarb does not need to be getting blanched before freezing. Peel the rhubarb, cut it into chunks, and place it in freezer bags. Smaller portions make it easier to measure out later. We can store frozen rhubarb for up to twelve months.

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As you can see, freezing rhubarb is no problem, and it always works whether raw, cooked, or as a rhubarb pie.

Only with consistency should you be able to live with a few compromises.

In terms of taste, however, nothing changes by freezing and thawing.

Accordingly, freezing rhubarb is a beautiful way to extend the delicious rhubarb time, and it also means that there could be rhubarb pie all year round.

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