How To Fray Jeans? Make It Happen Easy In 4 Steps Here!

How to fray jeans? Frayed jeans are not a new trend, but they are still absolutely wearable. Especially the entertainment look, which has become increasingly hip in recent years, has made fringed jeans fashionable again.

You can find frayed jeans in almost all fashion stores of well-known chains, and many of them are at exorbitantly high prices.

Whether shorts, Capri jeans, pants or long jeans, you don’t have to spend much money on them because with the proper techniques, a pair of trousers can get frayed very quickly.

We present here how it works!

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DIY Fraying Jeans

You can easily spice up your old jeans with little tricks. All you need are scissors and a needle or a piece of wire. Here we explain below how to do it:

  1. Put the jeans on the floor and smooth them down. Now, take a pair of scissors and cut the jeans about 5mm below the desired length. You will need the surplus later for the fringes. Be sure that the cut is as straight as possible.
  2. You will need a needle or a piece of wire to fray out the cut end. The best way to do this is to hold up the end of the jeans with one hand and carefully pull the threads up out of the fabric with the needle or wire in the other hand. If you stretch the end of the jeans with your fingers, the lines can be getting pulled out more quickly.
  3. When you have pulled out the threads at the cut ends, wash the jeans in the washing machine. It will cause the edges to fray more. Make sure you set a relatively high spin speed when cleaning to achieve the desired effect. The more often you wear jeans now, the more they will fray at the ends by themselves.
  4. To prevent the fringes from getting thicker and thicker through frequent wear, apply some textile adhesive around the transition points where the edges begin. It contains the fabric from separating further.
How to fray jeans - DIY Fraying jeans
How to fray jeans? – DIY Fraying jeans / Image by David Karich from Pixabay

Rub on frayed ends with a wire brush to make the fringes bushier. You can easily scratch the fabric’s edges with a wire brush.

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DIY Frayed Jeans Shorts

You can gather shorts super from a boyfriend’s jeans. The wider the pant legs, the better. Cut off the trouser legs to shorter on the outside; this flatters the leg.

Customize your torn jeans by fraying the ends of the trousers even more. To do this, scrub over the limitations with the scissor tip. After washing, the finishes will fray by themselves.

How to make frayed jeans shorts
How to fray jeans? – How to make frayed jeans shorts? / Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

Frayed jeans are also perfect for the cold season, just put on a thick pair of pantyhose underneath and slip into some cool boots.

Add a casual sweater or T-shirt and blazer – if you want it to be a little chicer.

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Suitable Jeans For Fraying

You can use any jeans for your DIY frayed Jeans.

However, it is essential to know that natural fibers such as cotton behave differently than synthetic fibers when ripped and roughened.

First, it is best to check what the jeans you have chosen are getting made of.

Which jeans are suitable for fraying
How to fray jeans? – Which jeans are suitable for fraying? / Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

We recommend that you use 100% cotton jeans for ripped jeans. You can achieve the desired effects with pure cotton denim.

It is especially true if you are planning to further enhance your jeans, for example, with cool cut-outs or a chic stonewash.

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Locate On Jean The Best Fraying Places

It is best to put on the jeans and then mark the areas for the frays.

This way, you can precisely see your knees’ height and where your thighs create the highest tension on the jeans when you bend your leg.

Now mark horizontal lines at the selected places with some tailor’s chalk. A white kohl pencil is also very suitable for drawing.

Choose the best places for fraying
How to fray jeans? – Choose the best places for fraying / Image by ch1310 from Pixabay

When marking the desired tears on your ripped jeans, please note that the frays at heavily stressed areas, such as on the knee, will continue to rip and enlarge over time.

Therefore, it is advisable to make the cuts at these points a little smaller at first.

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Washing Frayed Jeans

Turn your DIY frayed jeans inside out and put them in a washing net before throwing them in the machine.

We recommend that you only use mild detergent for the wash cycle and that you do not set the temperature too high 30 degrees should be enough.

Washing the frayed jeans
How to fray jeans? – Washing the frayed jeans / Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

In any case, please check the washing recommendations of the manufacturer of your jeans first.

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You can let your new piece of frayed jeans dry and then put it to use immediately. Everyone will be thrilled with your unique frayed and ripped jeans style.

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