How To Cut A Fennel Bulb The Best Way In 5 Steps Explained!

How to cut a fennel bulb – You do not know what to do with the tuber vegetables in the kitchen? How do you prepare them? Do you think there is no fennel dish that you like? We will change that here! Let us show you the different types of fennel cutting.

Fennel is known for its beneficial essential oils, mainly as a component of teas, suitable for the margin and intestinal tract. However, the tuber is not only a prodigy in tea.

It is getting used to making soaps, sweets, liqueurs and even salami flavored with fennel. Its intense aroma makes salads, soups, pasta, and fish dishes a highlight on the menu.

However, opinions differ on fennel. Some people love its intense flavor, and others don’t like it on the table. Many hobby chefs are also puzzled by this unusual tuber, as far as the preparation method is concerned.

Therefore we will show you how to cut fennel properly and prepare delicious fennel dishes.

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Different Types Of Fennel Cutting

Different Types Of Fennel Cutting In Summary Explained
How to cut a fennel bulb? – Different Types Of Fennel Cutting In Summary Explained / Image by congerdesign from Pixabay
  1. The Preparation Of Fennel: First, wash the fennel by holding it under running water. Then remove the stems and the fennel herb. After drying the fennel, remove any brown spots. Alternatively, you can also remove the entire outer shell of the tuber. Then cut off the outer stalk.
  2. Cutting the fennel into strips: To remove the inner stalk, first cut the fennel in half along the stem. Then quarter the fennel. Then you can easily remove the branch from the individual fennel parts. With a sharp knife, you can now quickly cut the quartered tuber into small strips.
  3. Cutting the fennel into columns: To cut the fennel into columns, cut the tuber in half along the stem. Then cut the two halves in half again. Then remove most of the branch. Leave a little bit of stalk in the lower part of each quarter so that the vegetables do not fall apart while cutting. Then cut the fennel into columns with a sharp knife. Always use the knife from top to bottom.
  4. Cutting the fennel into slices: First, cut the fennel in half in the stem’s direction. Then remove the stalk by cutting it out with a wedge-shaped knife. Place the fennel with the cut side on board. Finally, cut the slices vertically, starting from the top.
  5. Cutting the fennel into small pieces: Cut the fennel in half first and then repeat this with the two fennel halves. Then remove the stalk. Cut the fennel pieces with a knife into the desired size.

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What you have to pay attention to when buying a fennel?

What you have to pay attention to when buying a fennel?
How to cut a fennel bulb? – What do you have to pay attention to when buying fennel? / Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay

Fennel is in season from autumn to spring but can be found in supermarkets. You can quickly tell if the vegetables are fresh by the fennel green.

If the thin leaves are already withered and limp, the vegetable was on the shelf for a while. The green stems should also be firm, just like the white tuber.

If it already has dark discoloration or bruises, you better reach for another one. If the fennel passes your quality check, you can safely take it home.

Fennel preparation

How is the fennel prepared?
How to cut a fennel bulb? – How is the fennel prepared? / Image by www_slon_pics from Pixabay

Before preparing the fennel, wash it thoroughly, as there is often sand in the spaces between the leaves. Then cut off the root base and stem. Remove brown spots with a knife.

Generally, it is sufficient to cut the tuber in half first. Relying on how you want to use it, cut the fennel into pieces or slices of any size. You can also grate the vegetables for a salad and calculate about half a tuber to a whole tuber per head.

Depending on whether other ingredients are involved, you can usually manage with a little less for raw vegetables or a salad. It is best to stay in the same category to season fennel; fennel seeds perfectly round off the tuber’s aroma.

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How to let fennel tastes less intense?

If the tuber fennel’s intense aniseed taste is too strong for you, you can soften it with a few simple tips. Braise or steam the vegetables.

You can also fry fennel in slices or pieces, similar to zucchini, and it also looks well baked in potato pancakes. Fennel is a special treat in pasta dishes, such as lasagna.

How healthy is fennel?

It is healthiest as a raw vegetable since its high vitamin C content, in particular, is completely preserved in this form. Fennel contains significantly more vitamin C than an orange and is low in calories.

The typical taste of fennel comes from its ingredients, anethole, camphor, and menthol.

These essential oils calm the stomach and intestines, among other things, which is why fennel is often getting used as a tea for flatulence and a feeling of fullness.

You can also check our “benefits of Fennel” article for more information.

Can you recognize fresh fennel?

How do you recognize fresh fennel?
How to cut a fennel bulb? – How do you recognize fresh fennel? / Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

Vegetable fennel is fresh when the tuber is stiff and shiny. However, if the individual layers fall apart, you should keep your hands off them. Dried or brown-yellow spots are also not a good sign for the fennel.

The fennel’s outer layers are getting interspersed with green, thick veins of leaves; the feathery leaves glow green. If they hang down sad and tired, you should not buy the vegetables.

Not even if the stalk at the lower end is brown or watery. Then there is not much of the fennel aroma left.

Store the fennel in a cool place at home, preferably in the refrigerator’s vegetable compartment. As it is susceptible, you should handle it carefully not to get any pressure marks.

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Can the fennel be frozen?

Can the fennel be frozen?
How to cut a fennel bulb? – Can the fennel be frozen? / Image by Katharina Klinski from Pixabay

Fresh fennel tubers are best suited for freezing. However, it would help if you made a few preparations. First, wash the vegetables thoroughly.

You can remove unsightly spots, leaves, and medicinal plant stems. Then cut the clean, well-dried tuber to size. Small cubes are best, which you can freeze raw in a freezer bag.

A good tip is to blanch the vegetables briefly, i.e., bring them to a boil before you freeze the fennel. It keeps it fresh and tasty for longer without discoloring or losing its flavor.

To blanch, place small quantities of fennel pieces in boiling, slightly salted water for about thirty seconds, one after the other. Then take out the vegetables and let them cool for a few minutes in ice water.

Blanched fennel can be kept frozen for about six months.

Cook fennel in the oven

You can quickly cook halved fennel tubers in the oven. Cut out the stalk because it usually doesn’t get tender.

Put a few olive oil drops on the cut surfaces and place the halves in an oven dish. It is cooked after one hour in the oven at 160 degrees – cover it with a lid.

If you value the taste of aniseed, you can even sprinkle a few grains of fennel seed on top.

How to store fennel

The tuber feels most comfortable in a cold environment. The vegetable drawer of your refrigerator offers just the right place to store it before you cut it with a knife.

Untouched, it can easily survive for up to a week. If you have already trimmed it, you should use it in the next few days; otherwise, it will dry out too much and become woody.

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FAQ How To Cut A Fennel Bulb

What of the fennel can you eat?

Fennel is not only healthy – it also makes the right garden plant. You can eat the white and the green and seeds from the fennel, and they all taste like aniseed because of the essential oils.

Can you eat the stem of the fennel?

We can eat all fennel parts without any problems, including the stalk and leaves.

What can be used from the fennel?

Eat the fennel stem – Cut the fennel half lengthwise. This way, the hard, white stalk becomes visible inside. Cut the stem with a knife left and right to be removed in a triangle shape.

Does the fennel turn brown?

Fennel should be challenging and shiny, and then it is fresh. If you use fennel in cooking, you may know the problem when shopping: Sometimes, the stalk no longer looks nice; it is brown and watery.


If you want to get the most out of fennel’s excellent and healthy ingredients, you should eat it raw. In terms of taste, it is close to anise due to its many essential oils. But if you like anise, you will also like raw fennel.

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