How To Cook The Best Pasta? In 6 Steps Explained!

How to cook the best pasta? Anyone can cook pasta. Nevertheless, there are some secret tricks on cooking pasta better and faster.

In this home article, we present the most popular tips and tricks. With this, your next meal will succeed without any problems.

How To Cook The Best Pasta In 6 Quick Steps

How To Cook The Best Pasta In 6 Quick Steps
How To Cook The Best Pasta In 6 Quick Steps / Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

1. Cook the pasta in the right pot.

  • It would help if you always cooked pasta in a suitable pot and ensure that the pot is large enough.
  • The cooking pot should also hold enough water for the pasta, and as a rule of thumb, 100 grams of pasta require one liter of water.

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2. Cook pasta faster with water trick

To help you cook pasta faster, you should use the water trick, and it saves time, nerves, and, above all, energy. Here’s how:

  • Put enough water in the cooking pot to cover the bottom a little. Then bring it to a boil.
  • At the same time, fill a kettle with the required amount of water and heat it.
  • Finally, pour the boiling water into the pot. Shortly after, you can already add the pasta.

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3. Dose the salt for the pasta correctly.

  • Many amateur cooks add the salt directly into the water. It would be best if you refrained from doing this, as it can damage the pot.
  • Therefore, add the salt to the boiling water first. This way, it can be getting distributed directly.
  • The rule of thumb here is one level tablespoon of salt per 100 grams of pasta.

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4. Stir the pasta regularly

  • If you don’t want the pasta to stick to the pot’s bottom, you need to stir it regularly.
  • It would help if you did this at least every three to five minutes. It will keep the pasta loose and prevent it from sticking.

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5. Taste the pasta as it cooks.

  • Although the package instructions already describe how long the noodles need, you should not rely on this alone.
  • Therefore, taste the noodles after the specified cooking time at the latest.
  • The pasta may be not yet getting cooked. In this case, let the pasta cook for at least one or two more minutes.
  • Vary here also according to your taste: depending on the meal, you can serve the pasta al dente or let it soften a bit.

6. Do not scare off the pasta.

  • As a general rule, you should not quench the pasta. If you do, the sauce won’t stick to the pasta and get cold faster.
  • Instead, pour the pasta through a colander and refrain from rinsing the pasta again with cold water.
  • Instead, put the pasta right back into the pot or serve it directly on the plates.

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FAQ How To Cook The Best Pasta

FAQ How To Cook The Best Pasta
FAQ How To Cook The Best Pasta / Image by Gentina Bintang Danurendra from Pixabay
How to know that the pasta is ready?

It is the best way to tell when the pasta is ready. As the Italians say, they should be firm to the bite – al dente. In other words, they should no longer crack when you bite into them, but they should also not be rubbery. Once the pasta is firm to the bite, quickly remove it from the boiling water.

How to cook spaghetti without sticking?

Stir frequently – Lightly salt – Do not quench – A drizzle of olive oil on the pasta in the bowl. Pasta always sticks together with a little during cooking; you can put a few olive oil drops in the cooking water during the boiling process. Or a few drops of other cooking oil.

What is the best way to heat pasta?

Put the lump of spaghetti in a pot and pour hot water from the kettle over it. Stir briefly; this will loosen the noodles from each other and let them sit for a few minutes. Then the noodles taste freshly cooked.

What does cooking al dente mean?

Al dente Italian is a term used in Italian cooking to describe the preparation of pasta, rice, and vegetables. It can be translated as a firm to the bite, cooked but not too soft, sticky, or overcooked.

How long does fussili take?

In gently bubbling water, cook the pasta. Keep stirring so that the pasta does not stick together and cooks evenly. Dry pasta usually cooks for about 10 minutes; fresh pasta usually cooks only 2-5 minutes.

Why do you put salt in the pasta water?

By salting the water, water and noodles are balanced in advance, and thus the taste remains in the noodle. If you were to cook the pasta in unsalted water, balancing salt ions would happen during cooking.

How to keep cooked spaghetti warm?

Pasta hung in a hot water bath and kept warm for a long time. – Always keep lids on so they don’t dry out. You can also improvise this by keeping the pot with the pasta in a larger pot of hot water on a hotplate just at boiling point.

Is it possible to freeze cooked pasta?

Freezing pasta is the right solution if you mistake cooking it. Everyone knows it: the pasta is getting cooked, but there are way too many leftovers. You don’t want to throw pasta away, but they won’t last long in the refrigerator either. All the better that noodles can also be getting frozen.

How do you get pasta soft again?

Otherwise, condensation can form in which the noodles soak. It is best to store leftover sauce separately from the pasta. When reheating, bring the sauce to a boil, add the cold pasta, and heat it to prevent them from becoming too soft.

Can pasta be heated in the microwave?

Use flat, microwave-safe dishes if possible, and cover the food with a lid. After heating, it is best to leave the microwave food for a few minutes before serving.

Can spaghetti still be eaten the next day?

Cooked pasta can only be kept in the refrigerator for three to four days, fried and jacket potatoes for a maximum of three days, and prepared rice for as little as two days. The starch makes them susceptible to bacteria.

What happens if you cook pasta too long?

The longer pasta is getting cooked, the softer it becomes. However, the more firm the pasta’s bite is, the more intensively it must be getting chewed. It delays the absorption of food, and the natural feeling of satiety can occur earlier. It can lead to taking in fewer calories.

How long does farfalle take?

Boil in water. Add a dash of olive oil, minced garlic, tomatoes, olives & wine to the pan. Cook everything on low heat for 15 minutes. Cook farfalle in water until al dente.

Can pasta be cooked in advance?

If you are cooking pasta for guests, you can do this in advance. Important: Cook the pasta and immediately rinse with cold water. Suppose the guests boil water and boil very briefly in portions with the sieve.

How do I heat Spaghetti Carbonara?

Spaghetti Carbonara in a water bath: That means you put the carbonara in a pot and place that pot in hot water. Another method is setting a shallow temperature in the oven, about 70 to 90 degrees Celsius.

How long can you store cooked pasta?

There is a straightforward rule of thumb: Cooked pasta should not be stored in the refrigerator for more than three to four days.

How does spaghetti not become hard?

The pasta only dries out. Ideally, you have to reheat it the next day anyway, put some water in a pot, and then on the stove – but it even works in the microwave. If you eat them cold, it is best to cook them a little longer to become softer.


Mistakes when cooking pasta is easy to avoid; It’s not that difficult to avoid these typical mistakes. Now nothing can go wrong with the next pasta dish. Just try it out!

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