How To Clean The Winter Garden? Correctly In 5 Steps Explained!

How to clean the winter garden? A winter garden requires regular care. If you clean your oasis of well-being made of glass, you can enjoy relaxing in nature in any weather. The most fundamental thing is to clean the glass surfaces thoroughly – with a few tips, we can even do this without leaving streaks.

Clean the winter garden at least twice a year

Cleaning a winter garden means first and foremost that you have to clean a lot of windows. Mainly during autumn and winter, all kinds of dirt and leaves collect on the windows. Rain and humidity turn the leaves into mud and dirty the windows, making a clear view outside impossible.

Therefore, you should regularly subject your conservatory to the necessary cleaning. It means every spring, and after the summer season, we should clean the winter garden from scratch.

5 Best Tips To Consider When Cleaning The Winter Garden

5 Best Tips To Consider When Cleaning The Winter Garden
How to clean the winter garden? – 5 Best Tips To Consider When Cleaning The Winter Garden / Image by Patrick Turban from Pixabay

1. Cleaning glass without streaks

Cleaning your winter garden means cleaning a lot of windows. However, nobody wants streaks on the glass panes. With these tricks, you can relax in your conservatory without spots:

  • Don’t clean the windows in direct sunlight. An overcast day is optimal.
  • Use lukewarm water and add a dash of vinegar essence or methylated spirits.
  • Wash the windows and then use a rubber squeegee.
  • Instead of a rubber squeegee, you can also dry the windows with newspaper.

2. Cleaning without detergent

  • You can also do without detergents altogether for cleaning the windows.
  • Instead, use a microfiber cloth and lukewarm water.
  • It is best to use two different types of cloth here. A fabric with a coarse texture removes dirt, and a dry, smooth cloth helps polish.

3. Getting to inaccessible places

  • It’s a little challenging to get to the roof and high window elements.
  • Get a telescopic pole to which you can attach a water hose.
  • It will make it easier to remove the dirt.
  • Afterward, you can rinse the area with clean water.

4. Cleaning window profiles and struts

  • It will support if you do not neglect the profiles when cleaning them.
  • Please do not use harsh cleaners, as they can make the rubber porous or discolor the surfaces.
  • Lukewarm water with a dash of dishwashing detergent is gentle on the seals and dissolves even heavier soiling.
  • By the way, when cleaning plastic surfaces, you should not use cloths made of microfiber, as the fabrics cause scratches on the body and roughen it.

5. Cleaning by professionals

  • If you have an exceptionally high roof or window elements, you should think about hiring a professional cleaning company.
  • Only go up a ladder if you are free from giddiness. Make sure the ladder is secure.
  • Don’t tinker with rickety structures or climbing aids.
  • A professional winter garden cleaning company will have the right equipment to help you safely clean those hard-to-reach areas.

Cleaning your winter garden glass roof

How to clean your winter garden glass roof?
How to clean the winter garden? – How to clean your winter garden glass roof? / Image by Patrick Turban from Pixabay

Some places in the winter garden are difficult to clean, such as the glass roof. With the right tools, we can do this more easily.

What you need to clean the glass roof of your winter garden:

  • A safe ladder
  • Washcloth, microfiber cloth, or leather cloth
  • A washing brush with telescopic arm and water connection
  • Water hose with a spray attachment attached
  • Attachment with rubber trigger
  • lukewarm water with some vinegar essence or washing-up liquid
Tip: You can also use the telescopic pole to reach higher windows comfortably, not just to clean the glass roof of your conservatory.

First, remove the coarsest dirt with the water hose and its spray attachment. In the next step, take care of hard encrustations, such as those caused by bird droppings.

Soak these stains briefly with your vinegar-water or vinegar-dishwashing mixture. You can then get the dirt off more easily with the brush. Use the rubber attachment to pull off the excess water and then repolish it with the microfiber cloth or leather rag if necessary.

Whether you should also clean the inside of the glass roof of your conservatory in this way? It is a matter of faith. Some only remove dust, cobwebs, and other superficial dirt.

The others take the same steps as cleaning the exterior. Depending on the level of soil, this may also make sense.

If you decide to do an entire cleaning, you should remove everything that should not get wet. Or at least cover the relevant furniture and objects with a tarp. 

FAQ How To Clean The Winter Garden

How to clean the roof of the winter garden?

For this, you can also add a dash of vinegar essence or spirit in a lukewarm bucket of water. The use of vinegar has a descaling effect, and again, the scent keeps flies away. With leather cloth, telescope, and then pull off the water, now clean the glass roof.

How can I clean glass?

You do not need an expensive cleaning agent to clean glass. You can achieve a good cleaning effect by adding a little vinegar and spirit to the water: Vinegar helps against lime and spirit against greasy deposits.

How much does it cost to clean a winter garden?

When cleaning a winter garden, a distinction is made between exterior and interior cleaning. For interior cleaning, you can expect conservatory cleaning prices from $80 to $110. For exterior cleaning, which is usually a bit more complicated, you can expect costs between $120 and $160.

How do I clean my patio roof?

If your patio cover’s frame and base are made of aluminum or steel, you can clean the material with water and a gentle dishwashing detergent. Cleaning agents with an abrasive or grinding effect, on the other hand, are not recommended. These can attack the coating or the material itself.

How do I get my wooden deck clean?

Remove coarse dirt and de-grease! First, it is advisable to use a broom to clean coarse dirt from the decking boards. Depending on the type of wood, pay attention to the bristles of the broom. In soft softwood, such as larch or Douglas fir, the broom should have the most delicate strands possible not to damage the planks.

What kind of roof is getting used in a winter garden?

With a winter garden, very different roof shapes are possible, from a flat roof to a mono-pitch ceiling to a gable or conical roof. You should note that a slope is advantageous with the flat roof: so you avoid too much snow load in winter.

How do I get glass clean without streaks?

It’s usually easier to clean glass with a squirt of glass cleaner or dishwashing liquid. Clean the glass from top to bottom in twisting motions so that the dirt is removed evenly. You can then wipe off the wetness with chamois leather or use a squeegee.

How do I get lime stains off the glass?

Acid cannot harm the glass. For stubborn lime stains on glass: mix baking soda with vinegar to a viscous paste and rub it over the stains. For horizontal surfaces, you can also let the mixture sit for a while. Then rinse it off with warm water and dry the glass surface.

What home remedy for window cleaning?

Home remedies for window cleaning are vinegar, lemon juice, or methylated spirits. Often, it is due to highly chalky water that streaks and streaks keep appearing. A dash of vinegar in the cleaning water can help. Instead of vinegar, you can also use methylated spirits and lemon juice.


Cleaning a winter garden means a lot of window cleaning. Many do this very reluctantly, mainly because of the streaks on the glass. However, with the right home remedies and utensils, you can quickly get the hoped-for streak-free cleanliness.

But a winter garden consists of more than just glass. The rubber seals and construction should be treated with gentle agents to last as long as possible. You can also clean the awning if it is filthy.

It’s a good idea to take a quick look at the manufacturer’s instructions no matter what you clean. This way, you will avoid surprises and can continue to enjoy your winter garden.

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