How To Change Windshield Wipers? DIY Easy In 4 Steps!

How to change windshield wipers? Changing windshield wipers in a car – The front and rear windows on the vehicle are essential viewing windows for every driver. Only if they can see clearly through them is the safe driving of the car guaranteed.

But moisture, bird droppings, insects, ice, dust, and many other things dirty the windows while driving and restrict visibility. Then only the windscreen wipers help.

These must be ready for use and function reliably in all weather conditions – whether summer or winter. Otherwise, the driver endangers himself and his passengers and all other road users.

Changing the wipers in good time and maintaining them is necessary to ensure that the windshield wiper system is fully functional.

What to consider if you want to change your windscreen wipers yourself, what costs you expect, how often you should change the wipers, and we can find other helpful tips in this guide and our checklist.

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DIY: Change Windscreen wiper in 4 easy steps

DIY Change Windscreen wiper in 4 easy steps
How to change windshield wipers? – DIY Change Windscreen wiper in 4 easy steps / Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Windshield wipers wear out over time and become porous due to weather conditions. At the latest, when you hear a squeak or rattle, you should become very alert and change the wipers.

Because the noise is not only annoying – the broken wipers do not clean the windscreen properly and leave streaks, and that hinders the view. When car care takes place for cleaning and, if necessary, changing the wiper blades should be part of the standard care program. If you want to save the workshop costs for changing the wipers, you can do it yourself.

To secure that you always have a clear view, you should check the windscreen wipers twice a year. If the windshield wipers need to be changed, we can do this in a few minutes. It makes sense to replace one wiper first and only then the next, and you can use the old one as a guide next time.

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Step by step: Instructions for wiper replacement

Important: Work with caution when changing the wiper. If a lifted wiper arm snaps against the windowpane, it can be damaged or jump. It is therefore advisable to place a blanket on the windscreen for protection.

  1. Raise the wiper arms so that they are perpendicular to the windscreen. If the wipers are under the hood, first move the wiper arms to the service position (see the cars operating instructions).
  2. Carefully detach the wiper from the arm. Special pullers can be purchased from accessory dealers to make it easier.
  3. Push new wipers into the holder from below until they click into place.
  4. Carefully put the wiper back on the windshield (do not let it snap back).

Tip: Replace only wiper rubbers on conventional windshield wipers, which we must cut to the proper length.

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With these tips, windshield wipers will last longer.

With these tips, windshield wipers will last longer.
How to change windshield wipers? – With these tips, windshield wipers will last longer. / Image by Pexels from Pixabay
  • In summer, the windscreen and wipers should be cleaned from insect remains.
  • If your wipers are greasy, it may help to clean the windscreen with glass cleaner. 
  • Never use it to clean the wiper blades, because they are often covered with a thin coating that makes the blades glide better. 
  • Only use a windshield cleaning agent concentrate in the concentration specified by the manufacturer. Undiluted use is usually counterproductive. 
  • If the wiper blades are very dirty, you can easily wipe them off with a damp cloth.
  • After a car wash with the wax program, the windshield and wipers must be cleaned from wax residues with a special cleaning cloth like a silicone cleaner. It is the only way to ensure that the windshield wiper works streak-free afterward. 
  • Check from time to time whether the wiper arm is bent and whether the wiper is entirely in contact with the windshield.

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Pay attention to this when buying and installing windshield wipers.

Pay attention to this when buying and installing windshield wipers
How to change windshield wipers? – Pay attention to this when buying and installing windshield wipers / Image by Gundula Vogel from Pixabay
  • On the wipers’ packaging, it is often stated for which vehicle type, and year of manufacture they are suitable. There are windshield wipers with classic bracket technology as well as modern flat-blade wipers. 
  • Bracket wipers are cheaper but challenging to install. Flat blade wipers are more expensive but usually better. It is not always easy to change from the stirrup to the flat blade system.
  • When buying new wipers, if possible, choose a dealer where many wipers are sold, and the goods are not stored for long. After all, even in the store, windshield wipers age and slowly lose their abilities. 
  • Take great care when changing the wipers: Because a wiper arm that hits the windshield without braking can cause a crack in the glass. It is better to protect the windscreen with a cloth or towel when changing it.
  • Wiper blades are mounted with a plug-in or clamping mechanism. Tip: Remove the old wiper and place it in the same position next to the wiper arm – this makes installation easier. The new wiper blade must click into place audibly; otherwise, it will fly away while driving. When changing the blades, also check the rear window wiper.

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Find the right wipers

How to find the right wipers
How to change windshield wipers? – How to find suitable wipers? / Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Windshield wipers are available everywhere where you can buy vehicle accessories: for example, in the workshop, at the gas station, at the hardware store, but also in various online stores.

As a rule, the packaging indicates which cars and model years the respective windshield wipers are suitable. The prices usually start around ten dollars, and cheap wipers are often worn out quickly and have to be changed. Investing a few dollars more in high-quality brand products can be worthwhile

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Before the wiper change: How to activate the service position?

Before the wiper change How to activate the service position
How to change windshield wipers? – Before the wiper change: How to activate the service position? / Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Bringing the wiper arms into service position for the changeover works on many models via the on-board computer (see car operating manual) or via a small algorithm:

  • Switch on the ignition
  • Switch the ignition off again without removing the ignition key
  • Wait about three seconds.
  • Press wiper lever down once (one-time wipe function)
  • Now the wipers move to the service position.

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Is car washes danger for the windshield wipers?

Is car washes danger for the windshield wipers
How to change windshield wipers? – Is car washes dangerous for the windshield wipers? / Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

Usually, there are no problems with windscreen wipers in the car wash. However, the wipers must be in the home position and switched off, and they may be torn off if they are in operation during the washing process or not in the usual rest position.

In some car washes, you can get cheap brackets that additionally fix the wipers, and they fit before the wipers drive into the system. Plastic covers are also available to protect the rear window wipers, and they prevent bristles or small rags from getting caught in the wiper arm and tearing it off.

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Whether you decide to change the wipers or just the wiper rubbers, the most important thing is to make sure that your wipers can successfully clear the car windows of dirt and that you have a good view even when it rains. This way, your car stays roadworthy.

Buzz This Viral Team wishes you a clear view and a good drive!

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