How To Change Door Lock? The Best Way In 7 Steps Easily!

How to change door lock? Do you need a new door lock? Maybe even the key in the lock is broken or stuck?

Then the fright is often high. Many people hire an expensive locksmith in such a situation.

Removing a door lock is not that difficult and can be done in a few minutes.

These step-by-step instructions show how to easily remove and replace the door lock and locking cylinder yourself.

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Changing the door lock

Change the door lock: What you need.

Replacing a door lock yourself is not a big deal – you usually do not need help or a professional on-site. Replace and remove the lock in just a few steps, even by non-specialists.

Changing the door lock
How to change door lock? – Changing the door lock / Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

You only need a little patience and tools:

  • Folding rule
  • Hexagon key
  • Screwdriver
  • Possibly drilling machine
  • New door lock
  • Possibly new fittings

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Before you go to the DIY store, you should measure the old locking cylinder – there are different sizes at the DIY store, and returns only work with parts still in their original packaging.

When the door is clear, and you have the right tool at hand, we can change the door lock quickly. This straightforward guide will explain how to do this and what you need to do.

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Change your door lock quickly in seven steps:
  1. When you buy a new door lock, it usually comes with a set of keys and a long machine screw.
  2. Depending on the type of screw that is usually cross-head, you only need the appropriate screwdriver for the tool.
  3. First, you have to unscrew the machine screw, and it’s getting located on the side of the door.
  4. Then insert the key to turn the locking nose to a lower position. Quickly pull out the entire lock when the correct location reaches. To find the right place, you need a little bit of sensitivity and a slight back and forth movement of the key.
  5. Follow the same procedure when installing the new lock. Turn the locking nose with the key downwards to flush with the rest of the safety.
  6. Then push the block into the correct position in the door fitting. The lock must not protrude on the outside.
  7. Now screw the new screw into the side of the door to fix the new lock. It must be firmly in place, and it completes the replacement of the door lock.

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Door lock status

Change the door lock What to do in case of wear and tear
How to change door lock? – Change the door lock: What to do in case of wear and tear? / Image by Schluesseldienst from Pixabay

A door like this has to go through a lot:

  • We open, close, lock, slam shut, and perhaps even break open over the years, even decades.
  • No wonder the wood and the door lock are also affected and worn out.
  • If the latter gets stuck or cannot be closed, you should replace the door lock.
  • The perfect functioning of a door lock is a prerequisite for privacy and security within your own four walls.

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Types of door locks

What types of door locks are available
How to change door lock? – What types of door locks are available? / Image by Nenad Maric from Pixabay

It must be getting said in advance; not every door lock is like any other.

We can distinguish between door locks for interior doors like room doors, kitchens, bathrooms or exterior doors like a summer house, cellar, apartment, and front doors.

Depending on the door type, the locks also differ in their security. Front door locks are more complex and more challenging to crack than locks for simple room doors.

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Difference between front door locks and apartment door locks

How do front door locks differ from apartment door locks
How to change door lock? – How do front door locks differ from apartment door locks? / Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

For room doors inside the apartment or house, so-called pin tumbler locks are usually getting used. They typically have a simple lock case.

In contrast, apartment and front doors have more complex and significantly more secure tubular frame locks, security locks with profile cylinders, mortise locks, or self-locking locks.

It is more likely to be referred to as security technology.

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