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In 4 easy steps, “How to apply nail polish correctly?”

How to apply nail polish correctly. / Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels
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How to apply nail polish correctly – For many women, painting their nails is part of the regular hand and foot care.

In the meantime, not only classic red is allowed.

The color range offers something for every taste. With our instructions, the nail polish goes where it belongs.


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How to apply nail polish correctly

The preparation before nail polishing
How to apply nail polish correctly – The preparation before nail polishing. / Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

1. The preparation before nail polishing

How to apply nail polish correctly? – Before you can start with the actual painting of the fingernails, some preparations have to be getting made.


Remove old nail polish.

The primary thing to do is to remove any old nail polish thoroughly. After the nails have been varnished, it is also advisable to wash your hands so that no residues of nail polish remover remain on the nails.


Shorten and shape your fingernails

Besides, the fingernails should be shortened to the desired length and filed into shape before painting. If the nails are getting trimmed or filed after polishing, there is a risk that the freshly applied nail polish will be damaged.


Remove or care for cuticles.

As the last step before painting the fingernails, you can now turn your attention to the cuticles. If necessary, the skins should be getting pushed back or removed with a cuticle remover or cuticle peeling.

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2. Base-Coat provides a better hold.

Base-Coat provides a better hold
How to apply nail polish correctly – Base-Coat provides a better hold. / Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

How to apply nail polish correctly? – Before using the colored nail polish, the fingernail should be getting varnished with a base coat, the so-called base-coat. It ensures that the nail polish holds better and is easier to apply evenly. Besides, the Base-Coat prevents that the colored nail varnish penetrates the natural nail and discolors it.

If you have problems with your fingernails, it may be useful to use a more particular product instead of the base coat. In the case of grooves in the fingernails, this could be a ridge filler. For example, and in the case of brittle fingernails, a nail hardener could be getting considered as a base coat. Also, various care products on the market can be getting used as a base coat.


Apply base coat

To apply the base coat, take the nail polish brush out of the bottle and wipe it lightly on the inside of the bottleneck. Pay attention so that there is still a small drop of nail polish at the tip of the brush.


Then set the tip of the brush at a flat angle and slightly pressed through the lower end of the fingernail, near the cuticle in the middle. By pressing on the nail polish brush, you can now push it precisely up to the skin. Then, in one even stroke, the middle part of the nail is painted up to the nail’s tip. Afterward, the lateral edges of the fingernail are varnished in the same way from the cuticle to the nail’s tip.

The nail polish should be applied evenly without forming stripes or drops on the fingernail.


Let the base coat dry.

After the undercoat has been getting applied as described, the paint layer should dry completely. As a rule, this should take about 15 minutes. During the drying time, hands should be getting kept to ensure that the paint coat does not come into contact with or touch objects. You should also not try to accelerate the drying process by blowing on the nail polish.


Painting fingernails with colored nail polish

As soon as the base coat has dried, the application of the colored nail polish can begin. If the colored nail polish has been standing for a longer time or is not uniformly colored through, the bottle should be shaken vigorously before use.


Applying nail polish

The second colored layer of lacquer is getting applied according to the same principle as the base coat, in an even stroke from the cuticle to the nail’s tip.

How far you want to apply the lacquer to the fingernail’s lateral edges is a matter of taste. One paints the nails entirely, thus also laterally up to the tip of the fingernail. However, especially with slightly wider fingernails, a small lateral edge of about one millimeter each can optically lengthen the nails.

Depending on the age, quality, and covering power of the nail polish used, it is possible under certain circumstances that no evenly covering layer of paint is getting produced. In this case, you should let the colored nail polish dry for about five to seven minutes and then apply a second layer.


Let the nail polish dry.

Like the base coat, the colored nail polish layer should also dry thoroughly for about 15 minutes.


3. Topcoat

How to apply nail polish correctly – Topcoat. / Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

How to apply nail polish correctly? – The last layer is a topcoat, the so-called top coat. It protects the otherwise quite sensitive colored nail polish layer and gives it an attractive optical surface.

Topcoats are usually transparent and colorless. After application, they create a slightly shiny surface. Occasionally, over varnishes are also offered, which promise a particularly brilliant surface gloss like high-gloss, shining, or similar.

Besides, there are also variants with glitter, pearls, or other decorative accessories applied to the nail in one step together with the topcoat.

If you don’t have a special Top-Coat at hand, you can also use transparent nail polish instead.


Apply top coat

After the colored nail polish layer has dried, the topcoat is applied in the same way as the base coat and colored nail polish.


Let the topcoat dry

After applying the topcoat, this last coat should also dry thoroughly, which again takes about 15 minutes.


4. Correct the small errors

Correct the small errors
How to apply nail polish correctly – Correct the small errors. / Photo by cottonbro from Pexels.

How to apply nail polish correctly? – If you have accidentally used nail polish in some places when painting your nails, where nobody should, you can remove it with a nail polish remover pencil. If you don’t have a nail polish remover stick, you can use a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover instead.

Especially if you have overpainted the fingernails’ side edges, removing the excess nail polish is much easier if you pull the skin next to the fingernail a little to the side with your thumb.


FAQ Nail Polish – How to apply nail polish correctly?

How do I get nail polish dry quickly?

When you start painting, it is getting recommended to apply only skinny layers. In principle, they dry better already. For the nail polish to dry even faster, no shaking, blowing, or holding under cold water will help – the solution is blow-drying.

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How best to paint nails?

Place the brush centrally at the bottom of the nail, holding it at a flat angle. Now press the brush lightly onto the nail and push it towards the cuticle. Make sure that no nail polish gets on the skin.


Which nail polish color should I apply?

Nude nail polish – for a lighter skin tone, you should choose a nail polish in a nude hue with a pink touch—the soft pink stitch balances out blue undertones.


How often can you paint your nails?

5.1 million women paint their fingernails several times a week. Almost every nail polish lover has a large selection of different colors at home – but hardly anyone pays attention to the ingredients when buying.


How can you paint short nails?

To shorten the nails regularly, a nail file should be used instead of nail scissors or clippers. The nail file ensures that the nails do not become rough at the ends, but are smooth. Since fingernails often proliferate, short nails should be getting filed every few days.


How long does nail polish need until it is dry?

Although the nail polish seems to dry after 20 to 30 minutes, it takes 24 hours to dry completely. To speed up the drying process, run cold water over your hands for three minutes one or two minutes after applying the nail polish.


What can you do if the nail polish does not dry?

Nail polish does not dry – To speed it up, you can do the following: Cold makes the paint harden faster. Hold your painted and dried nails in a bowl of cold water for a few minutes. Even better is ice water with ice cubes.


How can I make nail polish liquid again?

Add two or one drops of nail polish remover acetone to the bottle and stir well. The solvent makes the solid nail polish liquid again. However, this option should only be getting used if the nail polish is almost empty anyway or was not too expensive.


When to apply overcoat?

Overpaint: Longer hold for your manicure. Varnish fingernails – The shiny top coat serves as a finishing touch to your manicure after the base coat and nail polish. The transparent topcoat of lacquer makes the nail polish last longer and gives a decorative finish.

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Which nail polish holds best?

The best Peel-Off nail polish means you can easily remove the nail polish when changing color without using harmful solvents. The Peel-Off nail polish lasts much longer than classic nail polish. It does not splinter and does not require any solvents or acetone to remove.


Which nail polish is suitable for which skin type?

If you want to use grey nail polishes, you should make sure that the nail polish has a slight purple undertone. Otherwise, your skin may look a little ash-colored. With darker skin types, gaudy tones can quickly look artificial. It would help if you avoided white and light pink shades.


Which nail polish color makes the skin look browner?

White nail polish – The most apparent trick of influencers to look even browner is white nail polish. No wonder. The sharp contrast to the skin makes it look even darker. Together with sandals in cognac or black, the color and thus the tanned skin shines particularly beautifully.


Is too much nail polish harmful?

Temporary complaints such as dizziness, nausea, headaches are not uncommon during application due to the vapors of nail polish. However, the nail polish ingredients continue to affect the body even after the polish has dried.

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Is it harmful to wear nail polish every day?

The nail polish itself is not harmful to the nails, as they consist of dead cells. There are no pores or permeable membranes in the pin through which the paint could enter the skin.



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