How Should Communication Be Between After Baby Couples?

When couples are getting a baby, communication problems may start between them. How after the baby couples should act to avoid contrary dialogs? The intense interest of women in their postpartum babies can create communication problems between couples. When the father thinks he can’t get attention from his wife, he should share it with his wife without hesitation and should not stop communicating.

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Tolerance Between Couples Can Be Getting Reduced.

After birth, mothers, especially in the first months, direct all their attention to their baby. This situation is in terms of mother relationship disturbs in terms of dads. During this process, the father may feel neglected and experience emotional turbulence.

This lack of communication and a sense of neglect can give birth to the idea of being premature in time. With the lack of communication, confusion grows, and intense discussions start when tolerance is very low.

Avoid Being Angry

The father’s ” neglected ” feeling improves with the prolongation of the mother’s interest in the baby, and the father’s “neglected” sentiment improves. Father, who thinks his wife does not care enough for him, may feel resentment and anger.

At this point, the father must express his passion, and the mother must try to understand the thoughts and feelings of her husband and try to keep communication open.

The only way to manage the impression that the father is getting excluded from the mother’s reliable connection with the baby is to increase the dialogue. Because it is a sensitive period, both men and women tend to be angry may disrupt communication.

It is the right of the person to express each subject in an appropriate language. The proper expression also allows the partner to feel that they are respected. The same woman should also express herself.

The woman should not hesitate to tell her need for support but should allow him to empathize with her. Establishing affirmative sentences while talking and avoiding anger will help normalize the relationship.

Don’t Say,” Men Don’t Understand.”

The mother should give the father a chance to change the baby’s diaper and dress him up. In this way, the relationship between the baby and the father can develop. Mothers should ask their fathers for help with homework or babysitting.

The baby should also be allowed to be with the mother when the baby is getting breastfed. A close observation of the baby’s contact with the mother allows the father to have an idea of the mother’s feelings and to understand them.

We should not forget that the sharing of duties in the care of the baby will allow having a relationship with the father. Negative phrases such as ‘ men do not understand,’ ‘ keeping the baby so ‘ will restrict the communication of couples when the mother warns the father about the baby.

Therefore, the father should be given duties and positive and constructive statements to request that the father support this process positively.


If you feel overwhelmed and need support, you can contact your Family and a couple of Therapists.


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