How Often Should You Wash Your Dog? Popular Bathing Tips!

How often should you wash your dog? A dog is equipped for its dog’s life by nature, and its coat has a natural grease layer that repels dirt and moisture.

It is not surprising, as most animals do not need to wash with water. The protective coating is essential for your dog.

If you bathe the dog, the dog’s body has to produce the fat layer again. The dog’s smell will return quickly after the bath. So if you want to bathe your dog because he smells like a dog, it is of no use.

Dogs are very accessible to the desires of their humans and submit to them. But when it comes to bathing, they resist considerably. They bark, whine, run away and fight back with physical strength – which is unusual for dogs.

Therefore, you don’t need to bathe a dog for a lifetime, especially not for no reason. If at all, then only with good reason and at most once a year.

Cats don’t get bathed either, and no one is surprised. Now let us check below the facts for “How often should you wash your dog?”.

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Bathing is not good for a dog’s health!

There are hardly any dogs that enjoy being stuffed into the bathtub. Besides, if you bathe your dog, you may be doing yourself a favor; the animal usually does not.

It's not good for his health!
How often should you wash your dog? – It’s not good for his health! / Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Dog washing tips:

  1. If you bathe your dog too frequently and then with the wrong shampoo, you will damage the animal’s health. Dogs have a natural fat layer that protects them. If you bathe the animal and shampoo it vigorously, it will destroy the dog’s natural protective acid mantle. It takes several weeks until the protective layer has regenerated.
  2. The fat coat has an important function: it protects the dog’s skin from environmental influences, such as cold and wetness.
  3. If you want to bathe your dog, you should do it in summer. Otherwise, you will quickly run the risk of your dog becoming ill. Dogs can also catch a cold.
  4. Make sure you use a specific mild dog shampoo that does not attack the dog’s natural acid mantle as much. Take as little of the dog shampoo as possible and ensure no residue remains in the animal’s coat; otherwise, you risk an allergic reaction.
  5. Do not bathe the dog further than once a year in hot outdoor temperatures. However, this is not necessary. The dog’s coat has an excellent self-cleaning function.
  6. If you also comb and brush your dog regularly, you will automatically remove most of the dirt.
  7. If the dog fur is filthy in one place because the quadruped has rolled in something while walking, dry shampoo is usually sufficient. You apply this to the affected area and then brush the dirt out.

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Daily dog fur care is essential.

Make daily brushing part of your pet’s routine to have your dog’s fur clean and free of dust and other deposits between baths.

Regular brushing distributes the sebum evenly throughout the coat, giving it a healthy shine.

You will also reduce the number of nodules and burrs. For most dogs, five to ten minutes of daily brushing should be enough and included in the walk routine, like brushing directly after a walk.

Daily dog fur care is essential
How often should you wash your dog? – Daily dog fur care is essential / Image by Mat Coulton from Pixabay

Between baths, you can wipe your dog with a specialized wet wipe: It takes much less time than a full bath, and the dog will still be sufficiently clean.

Use the daily grooming routine to scan your dog and look for noticeable changes or parasite infestation.

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Pay attention when washing your dog

It’s not important how often you bathe your dog, but rather with which shampoo and how. It is essential to use a good and high-quality dog shampoo and not merely resort to human shampoo.

A significant difference between dog skin and human skin is the pH value. While humans’ skin, with a pH value of about 5, has a slightly acidic environment, dog skin has a nearly neutral pH value of about 7.

Human shampoos are too acidic and would irritate the surface of the quadrupeds.
We recommend avoiding strongly scented or perfumed shampoos because the dog’s nose is much more sensitive than ours.

What needs to be considered when the dog needs to be washed
How often should you wash your dog? – What needs to be considered when the dog needs to be washed? / Image by angel1238812 from Pixabay

In addition to the right shampoo, it is also essential to rinse it thoroughly for over 10 minutes. Otherwise, shampoo residues will quickly remain in the coat, leading to irritation.

There are also special conditioners and skincare products for dogs to restore moisture to the skin and coat after washing.
Besides, we can add essential fatty acids in fish oil, black cumin oil, or linseed oil to the feed.

One tablespoon per 10 kg body weight; increase the amount slowly to strengthen the skin barrier.

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Why can’t you bathe away the smell of the dog?

The dog probably doesn’t know about its protective coat, but they do about its smell and meaning. The characteristic odor is significant for dogs and plays a vital role in their position within the dog’s world.

Just as people identify themselves through their clothing, job, or appearance, the smell is essential for dogs. So please do not take away his characteristic.

Why you can't bathe away the smell of the dog
How often should you wash your dog? – Why you can’t bathe away the smell of the dog? / Image by Mylene2401 from Pixabay

With dogs, the whole life runs off over the nose. They sniff each other, follow tracks that we humans overlook, and identify themselves over the smell. If you bathe the dog, you rob it.

You can worsen your dog’s situation by bathing him and using perfumed shampoo or human shampoo.

In your eyes, he may smell shampoo for a short time. But a scented dog is not as good as the other dogs, damaging his position in the dog society.

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If you bathe your dog too often, you only torture the animal unnecessarily, and each bath attacks the dog’s natural protective acid mantle.

If this occurs too frequently, it can cause irreparable damage and pose a massive threat to the dog’s health. 

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