How Much Water Are You Supposed To Drink A Day?

Do you know how much water we need to drink a day? Our bodies need and are supposed to drink everyday water to stay healthy and fit! But what’s the ideal measure?

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Drink Water: What do we need to know?

Regular and adequate water consumption contributes to overcoming many problems in the body. Also, the solution points to a healthy and fit life.

It is a must for our bodies because water is 85 percent in the brain, 80 percent in the blood, and 70 percent in the muscles.

It helps to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Decreases by 45 percent the risk of developing colon cancer as well.

We almost consume ten glasses of water a day due to sweating, breathing, and urination. Drinking too much water during the day is also harmful to our bodies.

So, how much water are you supposed to drink a day?

In Men, 3.7 liters and women should have a water intake of 2.7 liters.

Start the day with one glass of water every day. Place a bottle of water anywhere you can see it, and it will remind you to consume water during the day.

Those who do not like the taste of the water can add lemon, ginger, and fresh mint.

Don’t wait for the water to drink. Always have bottled water in your car.

Drink one or two glasses of water 30 minutes before meals. It accelerates metabolism and prevents excess nutrient intake in the stomach.

Especially during the winter months, water consumption is deficient.

Is It Possible To Lose Weight By Drinking Water?

As soon as you wake up, a glass of water will make your intestines and many points of your body work faster.

You can also increase your feeling of fullness with one or two glasses of water before meals. Additionally, you can lose weight in parallel with your exercises.

Cold water is effective in accelerating metabolism and burning calories.

Our metabolism starts to speed up 10 minutes after consuming water, and it reaches the fastest in 30-40 minutes.

So, a glass of water to drink as soon as you wake up is incredibly beneficial to your body.

Which Cases Should You Drink More Water?

  • Especially in hot weather and by excessive sweating
  • Sports makers and substantial activity takers
  • In times of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
  • Fed with fibrous foods and a high protein diet.

In these periods, we can increase our daily water consumption.

Will Other Liquids Replace The Water Needs?

During the day, we consume plenty of liquids such as tea, coffee, and juice, leading to the thought that the person receives enough water.

The important thing is the consumption of water and not the other liquids.

With the diuretic effect found in some beverages, the body loses quicker water than the intake.

Acidic drinks hurt the stomach and cause the body to drink more water to reduce the effect of acid taken.

FAQ Drink Water

How is drinking water made?

Surface water is pumped from lakes or rivers to produce drinking water, and they must treat to make drinking water. Drinking water can also be obtained from seawater and must be desalinated. We can achieve desalination by distillation and by reverse osmosis.

What is a healthier mineral or tap water?

Tap water is healthier than mineral water. Bought bottled mineral water is no better than tap water – this is the conclusion reached in a study in its latest test. According to the analysis, tap water often contains more minerals and fewer unhealthy residues.

From where do I get my water?

Drinking water is obtained 61.5 percent from groundwater and 30.3 percent from surface water, and the remaining 8.2 percent comes from springs. Surface water is water from flowing streams, reservoirs, and lakes, and groundwater that emerges of its own accord is called spring water.

Is tap water cleaned?

Drinking water can come from various sources. On the one hand, it can be groundwater pumped by groundwater pumps or springs. This water usually is relatively clean and often only needs to be cleaned slightly.


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