Foods We Can Put In The Freezer: Eat Fresh And Ready Meals!

Which types of different foods can we put in the freezer? If you want to eat fresh and ready meals, check out our list of foods you can freeze anytime!

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List of foods we can freeze right away

We can put some foods in the freezer, but most don’t know them. It’s ideal for those who like to eat fresh and ready meals.

Everyone knows that the freezer is ideal for storing chilled foods, meats, and vegetables, but this handy kitchen appliance is perfect for storing many other items.

If you choose the right way, your freezer is one of the easiest ways to protect the most healthy foods. Here are some foods that you probably can put in the fridge but you don’t know.

Let’s take a look at which foods we can freeze right away:


Put your peeled and sliced bananas on a tray and freeze them. When they get frozen, take them out and place them in a freezer bag so you can store them for a long time. Before eating them, just let them stay a room temperature for an hour or two.

Potato Chips

The chips that you remove from your package are deteriorating very quickly. You can throw the chips you put in a refrigerator bag into the freezer right away to prevent this. Shortly after exiting the fridge, it will return to its former state.

Citrus Fruits

You can put Mandarin, Lemon, Orange, or Grapefruit in the freezer and store them for a long time.

Raw Eggs

The liquid will crack the shells if you try to freeze the whole eggs, and your freezer will smell incredibly bad. Break them in a bowl first. Then mix with a pinch of salt. Try not to spread the yolk of the egg. Store them in reusable bags up to the amount you use at a time. They can stay in the freezer for about a year.


You can store corn for one year in a deep freezer without robbing it. Please keep it in the fridge after you boil the corn.


If you throw fresh pancakes into the freezer, they retain the same freshness for a long time.

Whipped Cream

Don’t spill the whipped cream. If you put the cream in the freezer right away without waiting, you can store it for one-two month without spoiling.


Since the fat content is high, healthy nutrition can be loose quickly on nuts. Place the nuts you will use in a closing bag and store it right away in the freezer.


You can store the fresh cake in a closed box in the freezer for a long time. If you remove it from the fridge, the cake will be crisp on the first day.


You can store the excess dough in the freezer so it doesn’t stale.


Instead of pouring the fresh and chopped onion, you can store it in the freezer for a long time and then use it for meals.


Frozen grapes are healthy appetizers. You have to wash them, dry them, and then spread them into a tray. Hold the bin for three or four hours in your freezer, and then put the frozen grapes in the freezer bag.


It is possible to store chopped or unchopped garlic in a deep freezer for a long time.

Cooked Rice

Pack the freshly prepared sticky rice in an airtight reusable plastic bag and close immediately tightly. When the frozen rice is poured into a container and heated with a microwave for one minute or heated with a liquid over the stove, it will be fresh, moist, and delicious, such as freshly boiled rice.


For four months, you can store the uneaten amount of hummus in the freezer.

Mashed Avocado

You can store it in a deep freezer by adding a tablespoon of lemon juice to the mashed avocados.


Flour is something that needs to store in the freezer. Like many foods, the powder is kept longer in the fridge, and you can put flour in freezer bags or airtight containers.


You don’t want to put herbs directly into your freezer because they loosen up and drop their tastes. The trick is to use olive oil to preserve the freshness of the first day of herbs. Smash fresh herbs such as sage, thyme, or rosemary, and fill your ice cube trays halfway. Cover them with virgin olive oil and freeze them all night. Remove the cubes from the shelves and put them back into the freezer bags. You can throw them directly into soups, casseroles, or pots when ready to use them.

FAQ Frozen Foods

Are frozen vegetables healthy?

Eating them is healthy! Frozen vegetables are slightly more nutritious than fresh vegetables, and the greens are shock-frozen immediately after harvesting – this preserves the vitamins. Fresh vegetables often contain fewer vitamins than frozen vegetables.

How long can you eat frozen food?

Ready-cooked foods, such as sauces, last three months when frozen. When freezing meat, we should note that not all types of meat have the same shelf life. For example, poultry stays fresh for eight to ten months, while minced meat or sausages spoil after one to three months.

What are healthier fresh or frozen vegetables?

Fresh vegetables lose vitamins quickly! Frozen vegetables usually contain more nutrients than vegetables in jars or cans and raw vegetables that have been stored in the refrigerator for several days. Light and heat cause the nutrient content in fresh vegetables to drop significantly over time.

How do you freeze properly?

We can freeze meat and fish if you pay attention to a few things: Always take the meat out of its packaging as quickly as possible, pat dries well, and freeze it as airtight as possible, preferably in the freezer bags.

Do frozen vegetables still have vitamins?

Vitamins Frozen vegetables beat fresh green in their vitamin content. It has long been suspected that vitamins are retained longer and better in frozen food than in raw food, and now it has been scientifically proven. Frozen vegetables beat fresh green from the fridge in their vitamin content.

Can veal liver sausage be frozen?

The butcher’s rule applies that we should keep liver sausage for three days. You can also freeze liver sausage, but this is not getting recommended. The reason, the high-fat content can give the sausage a stale taste. Besides, the sausage should not be getting frozen for long.

Can you freeze cream?

Please don’t throw it away! We can freeze fresh cream. If you like, you can also freeze whipped cream or the whole cup – this is then slowly defrosted in the refrigerator if necessary. According to experts, cream keeps in the freezer for three months.

Can you freeze a pumpkin?

If you want to freeze raw pumpkin, you must first remove the skin. Then cut the pumpkin open, remove the seeds and the stem and cut the pumpkin into pieces. Put the autumn vegetables into matching freezer bags, and they are ready for the freezer.

Which vegetables can be frozen raw?

The color is also better preserved. Blanching is useful for cauliflower, beans, peas, carrots, spinach, chard, and fennel. On the other hand, mushrooms, courgettes, and kitchen herbs are best frozen raw.

What temperatures are suitable for storing most frozen products?

The optimal temperature in the freezer; Ideally, frozen goods should be stored in the fridge at a constant -15 degrees Celsius. Experts recommend a temperature of -16 degrees Celsius as a precaution because of the unavoidable heat exchange when opening the compartment. In the summer months, -18 degrees Celsius is advisable.

Can frozen ice cream go bad?

How long does ice cream keep? If the cold chain has not been interrupted, you can store ice cream in the freezer for many months. Even if the best-before date has expired, you can still enjoy the ice cream in most cases without any problems.

Can you freeze bologna?

In principle, you can freeze any food – including meat sausage. You can freeze bologna as a whole ring, but you must then defrost it as a whole. When frozen, sausage does not last as long as other foods, but only four months.

Is it possible to freeze leaf dough?

How to defrost the puff pastry? Defrost the dough at room temperature for at least 45 minutes and then continue processing. If you want to freeze-filled puff pastry pockets, you should do this before baking. Ideally, the puff pastry should be pre-baked, filled, and frozen.

Can you freeze sour cream?

Many dairy products, especially high-fat content, such as whole milk, cream, sour cream, yogurt, or quark, flocculate when defrosted and acquire a gritty consistency. It is why fresh and soft cheeses are not suitable for freezing.

Can milk be frozen?

However, it is only conditionally suitable for freezing. After defrosting, it does not taste as tasty as when it was freshly getting opened. But milk from the freezer is still ideal for cooking and baking. Milk can also be getting frozen in plastic bottles.

Can you freeze quark?

Quark can be getting kept in the freezer for about three months. But it would be best if you did not store quark much longer. Freezing and then thawing the quark can change slightly. Let the quark thaw slowly in the refrigerator; germs can form too quickly at room temperature.

Can you freeze celery?

Time to freeze raw or cooked celeriac! It would help if you first peeled the fresh tuber. Use a sharp knife and cut off about 0.5 cm from the skin. Dice the celery and pack it in the desired portion size in freezer bags or suitable freezer tins.

Can you freeze lettuce?

Unfortunately, most types of lettuce are not suitable for freezing, and freezing lettuce causes the leaves to wilt and become mushy.

Can you freeze cabbage?

You can freeze cabbage raw or blanched. In any case, you should have washed, peeled, and cut the tuber before freezing. If you do not do this, you will not be able to reduce the frozen cabbage later. Even defrosted, we cannot process whole cabbage so quickly.

Can soup vegetables be frozen?

Homemade soup vegetables for freezing. Wash and peel all vegetables, and do not cut them into cubes or small rings.

Is it possible to freeze smoked sausage?

You can freeze smoked sausage without hesitation. However, the sausage’s freezer bags should be tightly closed and include as little air as possible. Due to its high-fat content, Mettwurst sausage does not keep for long in the freezer, and you should consume the sausage within two months.


You can freeze almost every food in your fridge! Just try to freeze your most loved foods in your freezer to join prepared and fresh food anytime you want it.

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