Foods High In Folate: Know Fascinating Folic Acid-Rich Nutritions

Foods High In Folate: Folic Acid performs an essential role in cell division and is involved in many growth and development processes in the organism. The synthetic form of the vitamin is called folic acid.

Folate is one of the few nutrients people in the USA are not optimally getting supplied. An undersupply at the beginning of pregnancy is particularly problematic.

For this reason, we should take care before pregnancy to ensure a sensible composition of foods, and folic acid products should also be getting taken.

We will relieve the best foods that are high in folate content here.

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Foods High In Folate

Foods high in folate: Get here the best six food groups that are very high in folate and folate-rich acid content.

Vegetables with high folate content.
Vegetables with high folate content. / Image by Jerzy Górecki from Pixabay

Vegetables with high folate content


Spinach is somewhat getting discredited as a supplier of iron, but it is an excellent source of folic acid. One hundred grams contain 145 micrograms.

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Other vegetables with high folate content

  • endive 100 g contains 110 µg of folic acid
  • green cabbage 100 g of contains 190 µg of folic acid
  • oak leaf salad 100 g contains 100 µg folic acid
  • lamb’s lettuce 100 g contains 145 µg of folic acid
  • broccoli 100 g of contains 111 µg of folic acid
  • red bell peppers 100 g contain 60 µg of folic acid
  • leek 100 g contains 100 µg of folic acid
  • cauliflower 100 g of contains 90 µg of folic acid
  • Brussels sprouts 100 g contain 100 µg of folic acid.

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Legumes with high folate content


Green and from the legume family: peas are first-class folic acid suppliers.

  • Snap pea contains around 35 micrograms per 100 grams
  • frozen peas contain 155 µg of folic acid
  • 100 g peas contain 159 micrograms of folic acid

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Legumes with high folate content
Foods high in folate – Legumes with high folate content


Chickpeas are a legume and are known for their many valuable ingredients. It also applies to folic acid, and one hundred grams contain 340 micrograms.

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Other legumes with rich folate content:

  • green beans 100 g of containing 70 µg of folic acid
  • soybeans 100 grams contain 250 micrograms of folic acid
  • kidney beans 100 g of have 130 µg of folic acid
  • white beans 100 g contain 200 µg of folic acid
  • mung beans 100 g of have 140 µg of folic acid
  • lenses 100 g have 170 µg of folic acid

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Peanuts are little fat bombs, but we should not forget that they contain valuable fatty acids on the one hand and are outstanding suppliers of folic acid on the other. One hundred grams of fresh peanuts contain 170 micrograms of folic acid. 

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Other nuts with folate content:

  • hazelnuts 100 g contain 71 micrograms of folic acid.
  • walnuts 100 grams contain 77 micrograms of folic acid

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Fruits with high folate content


Compared to vegetables, the fruit has slightly less folic acid. But the fruit has one advantage: it is eaten raw, so folic acid is best preserved and not partially destroyed by heat. You can also visit the benefits of cherries here.

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Fruits with high folate content.
Fruits with high folate content. / Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Best folate containing fruits are sour cherries:

  • 100 g of sweet cherries still provide 52 micrograms of folic acid.
  • 100g of sour cherries contain 75 micrograms of folic acid.

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Other fruits with rich folate content:

  • avocado 100 g contains 30 µg of folic acid
  • fresh strawberries 100 g of have 43 µg of folic acid
  • mango contains 100 g 36 µg of folic acid
  • honeydew melon 100 g contains 30 µg of folic acid
  • grapes 100 g of have 40 µg of folic acid
  • raspberries 100 g of have 30 µg of folic acid
  • blackberries 100 g contain 34 µg of folic acid

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Cereals with high folate content


Quinoa is also widely spread in the USA due to the superfood trend. Even the Incas knew how many valuable ingredients the pseudo-grain contained. The small grains are prepared like rice and are a great side dish to vegetable pans and meat.

Quinoa is no longer only available in health food stores but also in well-assorted supermarkets. As far as the folic acid content is concerned, 100 grams of quinoa contains 184 micrograms of folic acid. Moreover, quinoa is rich in iron and protein.

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Cereals with high folate content
Cereals with high folate content. / Image by Evita Ochel from Pixabay

Other cereals with high folate content:

  • amaranth 100 g contains 82 µg of folic acid
  • wheat germ 100 grams contains 520 micrograms of folic acid
  • whole-grain rye 100 g has 140 µg of folic acid
  • whole-grain wheat 100 g contains 87 µg of folic acid
  • wheat bran 100 g contains 195 µg of folic acid

The consumption of wholemeal bread can also cover part of the folic acid requirement. One hundred grams contain 20 and 40 micrograms of folic acid. In comparison, wheat flour type 405 contains only ten micrograms of folic acid per 100 g.

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Oat flakes

No matter whether crunchy or tender, oat flakes are good sources of folic acid as well. One hundred grams contain 87 micrograms.

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Dairy products with high folate content

Soft cows milk cheese.

Milk and dairy products are the unbeaten leaders in calcium-rich foods. However, with a few exceptions concerning folic acid, they remain discreet.

Soft cheeses like Camembert and Brie contain more significant amounts of folic acid.

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Dairy products with high folate content.
Dairy products. / Image by patrick gantz from Pixabay

Soft milk cheese’s with high folate content:

  • Romadur 100 g contains 50 µg of folic acid
  • Brie 100 g has 80 µg of folic acid
  • Roquefort 100 g contains 50 µg of folic acid
  • Blue Stilton 100 g contains 77 µg of folic acid
  • Limburger 100 g contains 60 g µg of folic acid
  • camembert 100 g contains 65 µg of folic acid

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Offal with high folate content


Offal does contain some folic acid but is not for everyone, and pregnant women should avoid it altogether.

Offal with high folate content
Offal with high folate content. / Image by chadarat sangnin from Pixabay

Liver types with rich folate content:

  • pig liver 100 g contains 136 µg of folic acid
  • turkey liver 100 g has 670 µg of folic acid
  • calf liver 100 g has 240 µg of folic acid
  • chicken liver 100 g has 380 µg of folic acid
  • beef liver 100 g has 590 µg of folic acid

Food experts recommend that adults not consume more than one milligram of folic acid per day from vitamin preparations or fortified foods.

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FAQ Folate & Folic Acid

Which foods are naturally rich in folate?

Good sources of folate are green vegetables, especially leafy vegetables such as spinach and lettuce, tomatoes, pulses, nuts, oranges, sprouts, wheat germ, wholemeal products, potatoes, liver, and eggs.

For what is folic acid good?

Folic acid is involved in a whole range of essential metabolic and growth processes. Without sufficient folic acid, there is a risk of damage to the development of blood, cells, and DNA, the genetic material. Folic acid plays a central role in blood formation, and a persistent folic acid deficiency leads to anemia.

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Is too much folic acid harmful?

Too much of the vitamin can lead to states of arousal, nausea, and gastrointestinal tract disorders. In general, however, folic acid side effects occur very rarely. If a folic acid overdose has happened over a more extended time, depression, nightmares, and epileptic seizures can be the consequences.

What are the symptoms of folic acid deficiency?

For patients who have been getting diagnosed with folic acid anemia, the following symptoms can occur: Tiredness and weakness, Headaches and dizziness, Shortness of breath, Palpitations, Pain and tightness in the chest, Pallor, Gastritis, Paralysis, and insecurity when walking, Sensory disorders and Occasional loss of muscle reflexes.

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What is folic acid, and for what is it used?

Folic acid is a vitamin involved in many critical metabolic processes in the body. It is also called folate or vitamin B9, and the name is folium in Latin, which means plant or leaf. We can find Folic acid in high concentrations in green plants such as spinach and cabbage.

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Should we take folic acid?

Pregnant women should take a daily dose of 800 µg per day, as folic acid plays a vital role in all cell formation and cell division processes in the human body.

Is too much folic acid harmful to the unborn child?

In rare overdose cases, the excess is stored in the body and can harm health. However, since an overdose of folic acid during pregnancy is extremely rare, isolated deposits are not harmful to either mother or child.

How much folic acid per day?

It is 550 micrograms per day, otherwise 300 micrograms for adults. However, women in general only ingest an average of 184 micrograms of folate per day through their diet. Therefore, pregnant women take an additional 400 micrograms a day via tablets.

Is there folic acid in bananas?

Milk, wheat germ, broccoli, peas, rose and cauliflower, egg yolk, spinach, asparagus, potatoes, and salad are particularly rich in folic acid. The fruit is relatively low in folic acid, and most are in oranges, bananas, and mangoes.

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When should folic acid be taken?

It is advisable to take folic acid in tablet form from the time you wish to have children, about three to four months before you start serious child planning, but at least four weeks before. As early as you want to have children, 400 µg of folic acid should be taken prophylactically with your diet, and 400 µg of synthetic folic acid.

Is folic acid good for the hair?

Folic acid is also associated with vitamin B9 and is an essential nutrient that contributes significantly to healthy and robust hair growth. For this reason, folic acid can help against hair loss.

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Can folic acid be stored?

Folic acid is a vitamin that belongs to the B group of vitamins. Every adult person has approximately five to ten milligrams of folic acid in the body, mainly getting stored in the liver. We must replenish this supply continuously because the body cannot store folic acid for too long.

Is folic acid good for the skin?

If this skin framework is damaged, the wrinkles start to form. A stable collagen skin framework is mainly responsible for smooth, wrinkle-free skin. Folic acid joins vitamin C and retinol, accountable for a healthy collagen skin framework.

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How healthy is folic acid?

The vitamin folic acid is susceptible to heat, light, and air. For this reason, an additional intake of folic acid may be getting recommended. Vitamin B12 additionally activates folic acid in the body, and vitamin B12 is also essential for the necessary folic acid content.

Is folic acid deficiency dangerous?

Folic acid deficiency is not only dangerous for pregnant women, and a lack can also be hazardous for non-pregnant women. A folic acid is an active form of water-soluble B-vitamin folate.


For a folate-rich diet, consume at least three servings of vegetables daily.

When preparing them, wash vegetables only briefly and unchopped, steam them instead of boiling them, and not keep them warm.

In addition, we should consume whole grains, milk, and dairy products daily and liver now and then.

However, women in the first trimester of pregnancy should refrain from eating liver.

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