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Foods For Happiness – Increase Your Mood By Eating

Foods For Happiness - Increase Your Mood By Eating / Image Credit: cinnamon_girl - Flickr
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Why do people feel unhappy and which right food selection will bring you happiness or increase your mood by eating? Let’s check it out!

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About food for happiness and increase mood by eating

Many factors, such as the intensity of city life, work stress, personal responsibility, can make us feel unhappy in the day.

In such moments, many people are having a snack to feel good again.

Some foods contain substances such as serotonin that can open the doors of happiness.

We must pay attention to the amount consumed in order not to gain weight while reducing stress due to the foods that give pleasure.


Eating more for happiness

Most people tend to eat more when they are unhappy or stressed.

In particular, when under stress, hard foods get preferred or more sweets are getting consumed to relieve stress more quickly with chewing reflex.

In addition to these, fast food and fatty foods provide temporary happiness to people because they offer an easy way to saturation.

Foods containing serotonin are energy sources and foods that give pleasure and are high in calories.

For example, nuts bring joy with them because they provide energy.

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They consume more energy and euphoria, as well as an increase in weight, can cause.


Limit your mood foods

Don’t forget that these foods cause temporary happiness.

These foods must be consumed in a limited manner so that temporary happiness does not turn into a permanent misery with increasing weight.

Every time you get bored or stressed, you should not consume these foods in office drawers or the cupboard at home.


Don’t skip your meals

The decrease in sugar during the day can bring unhappiness with it.

People who skip meals because of intensive work tempo may be more unhappy with their sugar drops.

People who do not eat for an extended period will increase blood sugar fast.

For this reason, the person must be aware of the high-calorie snacks intakes.

In such moments, healthy foods should be getting preferred to make the person feel better.


The brain and body get stimulated

Healthy eating, especially some foods have something to do with happiness.

Some people say that they eat to live and others say that they live to eat.

It is not a coincidence that a person feels happy when he or she eats the food they like.

When these foods get seen more and more, they make the person comfortable by stimulating the body and the brain physically.

It does this by enabling the secretion of serotonin and dopamine known as the happiness hormone in the body.

Chocolate is one of the snacks, which almost everyone says is happy when they eat.

Eating these foods, together with a balanced and adequate diet program, is even better for depression.


List of foods for happiness

Here are some essential vital foods that will give happiness. Increase your mood by eating these foods:

Bitter Chocolate

Sweet cuts what you want faster than other chocolates. It’s okay to eat a little bit of chocolate, or two squares, next to the coffee.


It is a fruit with high serotonin content. One can be consumed daily as an intermediate meal.


Nuts, raw almonds, nuts such as nuts are also rich in serotonin, although Walnut nuts are the most effective ones to increase the mood.

Eating two or three walnuts a day can help reduce the person’s sterility and make him feel happier.

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Amaranthine is food that begins to take part in nutrition programs because of its high protein value. Like quinoa, tryptophan content is high.

It is among the foods that are happy to increase absorption due to the protein it contains.

Turkey Meat

Turkey meat is also rich in tryptophan. It’s getting recommended to consume large amounts of protein as it is rich in selenium and vitamin B12.

When consuming Turkey meat, a complex carbohydrate should be getting consumed together as well to increase the light effect more.

For example, bread made of oats, quinoa salad, or rice, such as foods, will be a good option.


One of the good familiar sources of protein, eggs are also known as a source of happiness.

If the person does not have any health problems, can have breakfast with one egg every day and start to be happy with the day.

The egg is a valuable food that can be used easily in any meal that can get selected during the day.


Quinoa, a grain of cereal, is a nutrient-rich in tryptophan amino acid, the pioneer substance of serotonin.

Quinoa can be getting consumed in salads or vegetable dishes. It helps to relieve the stress of the day and to enjoy the meal.

Pumpkin Seeds

There is 120 mg tryptophan in 20 g pumpkin seeds. It helps release serotonin through tryptophan amino acid.

Pumpkin seeds help you relax and calm down while avoiding stress and anxiety.

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FAQ Foods For Happiness

Which foods are suitable for the psyche?

Wheat bran and fish can prevent this. Almonds, walnuts and nuts, oranges, bananas, lentils, oats, wholemeal products, and natural rice or vegetables such as broccoli and spinach are also foods rich in gamma-aminobutyric acid. Fats are essential for the psyche and in the fight against depression.

Which foods contain happiness hormones?

Increase serotonin - chocolate makes you happy! The best foods and drinks that contain much of the serotonin precursor tryptophan are Nuts, seeds such as pumpkin seeds, whole grains—chocolate preferably bitter varieties, with high cocoa content and fish.

Which vitamin helps with depression?

How vitamins of the B group work: Vitamin B6 deficiency and depressive moods are often detected together. Vitamin B12 and Folic acid do require a breakdown of homocysteine. Depressive people often have a lack of folic acid and vitamin B12, as well as an elevated homocysteine level.

Which vitamins put you in a good mood?

Vitamin D - Good mood, and much more. Vitamin D has a crucial function for health.

How do you get happy hormones?

Serotonin is the best-known happiness hormone. This hormone is one of the most notorious messenger substances in the human body that makes you happy. Tryptophan, a precursor to the hormone, is found in chocolate. That is why its consumption for consumption can contribute to a good mood and well-being and well-being.

How can serotonin levels be increased?

For the body to convert tryptophan in the brain to serotonin, the amino acid must first cross the blood-brain barrier. Among the best suppliers of serotonin are Vitamin D, Tryptophan, Carbohydrates, Omega-3 fatty acids, Cocoa, Vitamin B6, and B12, Magnesium, Bananas, and Avocados.

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How do I recognize depression in me?

Some sufferers experience agonizing inner restlessness, tension, restlessness, and even intense agitation. Depressed people have difficulty falling asleep and have trouble sleeping through the night. They wake up early in the morning and can no longer fall asleep. Those affected usually suffer from loss of appetite.



As you can see, some foods will help to increase your mood. If you can teach your habits daily to consume some of these foods, you will experience a happier day!

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