Food That Is Good For Stomach Health: Better Intestinal Digestion

Which food is good for stomach health? How can we healthily improve our digestion? Check out this list of foods here!

List Of Foods That Are Good For Stomach Health

The stomach comprises muscles, which are the most critical organ for indigestion. The belly, which expands and shrinks during grinding, also decomposes nutrients through the acid it contains.

As with any organ in our body, the stomach can be negatively affected by environmental, genetic, and physical effects and lose its function.

We investigated what is curious about these foods that positively affect the digestive system by strengthening the stomach wall and which balances the acid in the stomach.


Boiled cauliflower contains gefarnate, the most common stomach disease suitable for ulcer disease.

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It is the healthiest food that protects the stomach wall. Experts recommend consuming yogurt with meals.

Yogurt stabilizes stomach acid. Because it positively affects the entire muscle system by strengthening the nerves, it also affects the novelties found in the stomach.

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The potato, which is helpful in the rapid digestion of nutrients, prevents the stomach wall from releasing too much acid. Thanks to the naphthalene it contains.

Besides, it allows the free radicals to be taken together with the nutrients from the body.

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Mineral water

It is known to almost everyone. The benefits of mineral water are good for post-meal bloating and indigestion.

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It helps mix the beneficial parts of the nutrients into the blood by preventing excess acidification.

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The mucosa inside the stomach wall secretes a liquid that facilitates digestion. Since pears are a nutrient-abundant in fiber, this affects the secretion positively.

It grinds food without damaging your stomach. Pears, which also have more liquid content, increase the functions of the stomach and the intestines.

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A liquid-rich food such as pears in cucumber prevents the stomach from getting damaged while secreting acid.

Cucumber speeds up the transition of nutrients from solid to liquid.

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It is the most natural food good for disorders such as vomiting and bouquets.

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It regenerates the entire digestive system cells, preventing them from mutating. It prevents any cancer disease that may occur as indigestion.

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This article is about “Food That Is Good For Stomach Health – Healthy Digestion,” but always ask your doctor to get better health advice.


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