A Few Reasons Why Do You Always Feel Hungry!

Why Do You Always Feel Hungry? Is it when you’re short over a meal, or do you find yourself eating something during the day?

You’re probably familiar with hunger pangs, those uncomfortable feelings that come on when you haven’t eaten in a while. But there are other causes why you might feel hungry all the time. Some people experience this feeling because they’re underweight, others because they’re overweight, and others because they’re overeating or exercising too little.

Our Stomachs Tell Us When We’re Full.

Our stomachs let us know when we’ve had enough food. If we eat more than our bodies need, our stomachs will send signals to our brains telling us that we’re full. It is called satiety.

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Factor And Reasons Always Feel Hungry

Almost all of them may be the main reason you feel constant hunger. Remember that it is not reasonable to feel hungry for whatever reason. Overeating will invite many serious ailments, especially heart and breathing disorders, to over-weight gain.

So you have to find the reasons and solutions for feeling hungry all the time. Dieticians’ and Phytotherapists’ information about the subject and the causes of feeling hungry are almost the same.

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The stressful life in which we are involved, some of us to boredom like:

  • sedentary life
  • irregular and unhealthy diet
  • lack of sports
  • emotional emptiness
  • hormonal problems
  • digestive system disorders

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Consuming Less Protein

They are not eating enough protein during the day. Protein plays an essential role in controlling appetite by regulating hunger hormones. Overweight individuals who eat 25 percent of their calories daily are less likely to snack at night than individuals who consume less protein.

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Less Sleep

You may not get enough sleep. Insufficient sleep increases the level of ghrelin, the appetite-stimulating hormone, which causes you to feel hungry. You should try at least eight hours of sleep is needed to keep the hunger level under control.

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Not Consuming Enough Fat

You may be consuming too many refined carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates are processed because they lose their fiber, vitamin, and mineral values, and so they raise and lower blood sugar quickly, causing you to be hungry immediately. You may not be consuming enough fat. Fats are difficult to digest and increase the production of satiety hormones.

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Drinking Less Water

You may not be drinking enough water, less fiber, or consuming too much alcohol. Water consumed before meals reduces appetite. High-fiber foods keep hunger in check as they take longer to digest. Alcohol hinders the reproduction of hormones that decrease appetite, such as leptin.

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Eating Fast

Are you under high stress? Excessive stress increases appetite due to increasing the hormone cortisol. You may be eating fast food, and eating too soon prevents the feeling of toughness.

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If you’re constantly feeling hungry, something else might be going on. You’re not getting enough sleep or not consuming enough protein.

If you always feel hungry and don’t figure out the causes, always ask your doctor for the best health advice for your health.


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