Echo Show 8 Review: Amazon’s Newest Alexa Smart Display!

Echo Show 8 Review: Amazon’s Newest Alexa Smart Display Echo Show 8! Do More With A Bigger Screen from Watching to Speaking!

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Echo Show 8 Review

Echo Show 8 - HD 8" smart display with Alexa - Charcoal
Echo Show 8 – HD 8″ smart display with Alexa – Charcoal – Image Credit: Amazon

Over the past decade, Amazon has grown into one of the world’s largest companies. By introducing various Smart Home devices and their language assistant Alexa, Amazon has built a vast ecosystem in intelligent home control.

Echo Show 8 Easly Open and Close Camera
Echo Show 8 Easly Open and Close Camera – Image Credit: Amazon

The new Amazon “Echo Show 8” has recently joined the Alexa family. Here you can find out what the Smart Display is all about.

Alexa almost connects to all kinds of devices. In Seattle, Amazon presented, for example, an Alexa ring and Alexa glasses.

Echo Show 8 New
Echo Show 8 New – Image Credit: Amazon

Echo Show 8 offers countless possibilities with its large 8-inch display.

Amazon’s Echo Show line currently includes three products. The smallest in the group is the “Echo Show 5” with a five-inch display. The next bigger brother is the recently introduced “Echo Show 8” with an eight-inch display.

Echo Show 8 Video Chat
Echo Show 8 Video Chat – Image Credit: Amazon

However, the device can have more than just an enlarged design of 200.4×135.9×99.1 millimeters and a weight of approximately one kilogram. Amazon integrated a 52-millimeter speaker with a passive bass radiator for optimal sound.

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The “Echo Show 8” Also Has The Option Of Reproducing Stereo Sound.

On top of the unit, there are various buttons for controlling volume, deactivating four microphones, and the camera. The power supply guarantees data protection. If you still don’t trust this button, you can cover the camera lens with a slider.

Echo Show 8 Photo Album
Echo Show 8 Photo Album – Image Credit: Amazon

Amazon integrated a 3.5mm audio output on the back to connect the “Echo Show 8” to larger music systems. Besides, the proprietary power connector locates there, and unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t use USB-C here.

Echo Show 8 Makes Video Calls

The combination of display and camera allows the “Echo Show 8” to make video calls and display surveillance cameras or the baby monitor. We can control the camera either via the touchscreen or by voice command with Alexa.

Echo Show 8 Nursery
Echo Show 8 Nursery – Image Credit: Amazon

Compared to Apple’s Homepod, the “Echo Show 8” offers the integration of Spotify, Amazon Music, and many other services. You can hear radio and Podcasts over the Smart display. We can watch films and television series or let ourselves show cook recipes.

We can display appointments, set alarm clocks, and manage to-do lists for the general organization of everyday life. Those using Amazon’s Fotocloud can also use “Echo Show 8” as a smart picture frame.

Echo Show 8 Voice Control Music and Audiobooks
Echo Show 8 Voice Control Music and Audiobooks – Image Credit: Amazon

The Alexa Skills further enhance the countless possibilities offered by the “Echo Show 8”. Thus the intelligent display is suitable for young and old.

The smart display is available in white and black with a fabric cover.

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