Disposal Of Spray Cans: The Best 6 Helpful Ways To Do It!

Disposal of spray cans: When you finish the paint job, the spray cans have to be disposed of properly. What should we do with them?

Disposing of spray cans is not part of the daily household waste disposal, so we often do wrong. 

This article explains how to dispose of spray cans correctly and what you need to consider.

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Disposal of spray cans

Before you can dispose of your spray cans, there is one thing you must be sure about: Is the can empty?

It is essential because propellant gases inside can distribute the pressure. If the spray can still contain residue, accidents can happen.

Read below what we need to do to dispose of spray cans properly.

Disposal of spray cans correctly
Disposal of spray cans correctly. / Photo by fotografierende from Pexels

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1. Take spray cans to a recycling yard.

Recycling yards accept your spray cans. Advise employees that cans are not yet empty.

You can also get some money for the cans at some recycling yards because aluminum or steel are valuable materials.

If you have several recycling points to choose from and many cans, it is worth calling them beforehand.

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2. Use mobile pollutant collections for cans.

Especially in larger cities, free collections of pollutants are getting offered. You can dispose of your spray cans at the mobile facilities. 

Find out about mobile pollutant collections on your city’s website.

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3. Passing on leftover cans to other people

If you still have enough leftovers in the cans, you can pass them on to other people. In this way, the pieces are not sprayed out unused but used sensibly. 

Spray paint cans are popular with schools or artists, whereas car repair shops accept lubricating oils or degreasers.

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4. Storing cans properly

Store the spray cans as described on the packaging, whether disposed of or not. 

The cans should be stored at temperatures of 10 to 25 degrees and not exposed to direct sunlight. 

Depending on the ingredients, look at the package information for disposal.

Recycling of spray cans
Recycling of spray cans. / Photo by Vladislav Vasnetsov from Pexels

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5. Do not use residual waste for cans.

Disposal of residual waste is generally not recommended. If there is no other option, make sure that the can is empty. 

Otherwise, the spray may explode in the waste bin at warm temperatures. As a precaution, spray until nothing more escapes from the can. 

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6. Recycling of spray cans

The recycling of spray cans is a best-practice example of the circular economy principle. The first step in recycling is the complete emptying of the containers.

Incredibly highly flammable or corrosive materials, as well as propellant gases, must be extracted entirely.

Some are getting recovered; others are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner depending on the substances.
The containers themselves consist of the base metals aluminum and tinplate.

Both materials can be almost completely recycled, as aluminum is a pure metal, and tinplate is a fully-fledged raw material.

After a thorough cleaning of the cans, they are crushed, melted, and cast. At the end of the process, the raw material is flat-rolled into sheets.

Recycle aerosol spray cans
Disposal Of Spray Cans – Recycle aerosol spray cans / Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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The recovery and recycling of spray cans consume much less energy than improving the raw materials and the manufacture of new products.

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