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Deep Sea Monsters: Russian Fisher Shares His Deep Sea Fishing Images

Deep Sea Monsters / Roman Fedortsov / Twitter
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What kind of horrible deep-sea monsters beneath the sea surface is swimming? The Twitter account of a Russian fisher named “Roman Fedortsov” shows use with his pictures the creepy ones. The fisherman photographed the creatures of the deep sea that went into his fisher net.


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Roman Fedortsov lives in Murmansk, the Russian port on the Norwegian Sea.

He works on a large trawler and photographs the strange creatures caught in his net.

Honestly, you’re almost shocked by what’s floating around in the depths.

From eight-legged shellfish to fish that look like an eel, but whose mouth seems to consist only of teeth.


Beginning of the year Fedortsov started shooting pictures from the deep-sea monsters.

He is not only fishing in the Norwegian Sea, but Fedortsovs trawler also goes to the Mediterranean to catch up with more deep-sea creatures.

First, an article on Ruposters discovered the Fisherman’s collection, then the Moscow Times reported as well.


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Source: Роман Федорцов

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