Decrystallizing Honey: The Best Way Explained With 4 Methods!

Decrystallizing Honey: Making honey liquid again! Anyone who has ever seen a fresh honeycomb will notice that honey is crystalline in its natural form.

It is because honey consists to a large extent of fructose and dextrose. Above all, dextrose tends to form sugar crystals, and after a long time, the honey becomes solid.

But no problem: With these four methods, you can make the honey liquid again.

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Why does honey crystallize?

Honey consists mainly of fructose and dextrose, and especially the latter can form sugar crystals in honey. The more solid a honey is, the more dextrose it contains.

Also, the storage conditions influence whether honey crystallizes or not. For example, if you store honey in a cool place, such as a pantry or cellar, honey’s dextrose content gradually reduces and becomes solid.

Tip: The ratio of fructose to dextrose determines how solid or liquid a honey is. Honey varieties that contain more fructose remain liquid for longer. If you prefer liquid honey, it is best to buy fir honey or acacia honey.

The time factor can also play a role: Especially untreated honey sooner or later becomes solid, and it is due to the enzymes that cause the sugars in the honey to be getting converted.

The longer honey is stored, the thicker it becomes. But don’t worry: when honey crystallizes, this does not affect the bee nectar’s quality – crystallization is a natural process.

Why honey crystallizes in summary:

  • If honey is getting stored for a while or stored too cold, the dextrose content crystallizes increasingly. It makes the honey solid.
  • You can reverse the crystallization. To do so, you only have to warm the honey.
  • You mustn’t let the honey get too hot; otherwise, honey’s healthy enzymes will be getting destroyed: Honey should not be getting heated over 40 degrees Celsius.

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Decrystallizing Honey – With these four methods, make honey liquid again!

Methods to make honey liquid again
Decrystallizing Honey – Methods to make honey liquid again. / Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

1. Decrystallizing honey by stirring it into liquid

If crystallization is not too advanced, you can stir the honey to make it liquid again.

  • Stir the honey with a spoon. The crystals rub against each other and become warm.
  • You should quickly notice that the sugar crystals dissolve, and the honey becomes more liquid again.

2. Warm-up honey in the oven

  • Set the oven to 40 degrees and warm up the honey for a few minutes in it.
  • Stir the honey in between.
  • After ten minutes in the oven at the latest, the honey should be liquid again.

3. Making honey liquid in the microwave

You can also heat the honey in a microwave oven. However, it would help if you only used glass vessels because the plastic in the microwave can emit toxic fumes.

  • Set the microwave to the lowest setting. Depending on the power, it takes a different amount of time until the honey is warm.
  • Therefore, proceed step by step: Set the microwave to 30 seconds and stir the honey once after each cycle.

4. Heating honey in a water bath

A gentle method is heating in a water bath.

  • Put 40 degrees of warm water in a suitable container and put the honey in it.
  • At 40 degrees, you can put a finger in the water without burning yourself. Nevertheless, it should feel hot.
  • Stir the honey occasionally until it is liquid again.

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What is the best way to store your honey?

Honey can be kept for several months or even years if stored correctly, as it contains little water. Store the honey in a dark, dry, and cool place.

Ensure that the container is tightly closed; otherwise, the natural product will quickly take on odors from other foods and attract moisture from the air.

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Ideally, you should store honey below 15 degrees Celsius, but please note the colder the storage place, the sooner the honey becomes solid.

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