Ultimate Guide To Cat Spraying and Urine Marking: This Is Why!

All about Cat spraying and urine marking in Cats: How Stop Cat Spraying? What Is Cat Spraying? Can Cats Control Spraying? Neutered Male Cat and Spayed Female Cat Spraying In House or Indoors?

When the beloved cat suddenly marks all over the house, that’s annoying and becomes a big problem in the long run.

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Urine Spraying And Marking In Cats: What To Do About It?

Cats are lovable creatures; they are brilliant and very affectionate, depending on the breed. Cats can also be very complicated for this one urine marking reason.

Whether indoors or outdoors, cats only urinate in places where they feel safe and comfortable. They also prefer secret locations where it’s neither noisy nor cold.

But “Why” and “When” start the female and male cat spraying and urinating?

Why Are Cats Spraying Or Urinating?

Most of the time, cats want to mark and communicate their territory with a urinary scent marker.

The marking behavior can have psychological or physical reasons.

Many cat friends know the problem. The kitten or cat begins to mark the apartment in different places for no apparent reason.

Why Are Cats Spraying Or Urinating?
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The scent marker is meant to signal other associates that there was a cat here and claims to own this area.

Information about the cat is in the urine scent marker, like what gender the cat is, whether it is healthy, and more.

These include food places, sleeping places, hunting grounds, places to sunbathe, and more.

Unfortunately, it often does not stay at once. Most of the time, this unsightly phenomenon is repeated several times throughout the entire home.

Cats cant watch different territories at once, and because of that, they are marked with scent or urine in various ways.

Common Reasons for Cat Spraying

  • Conflicts with cats from the neighborhood
  • After main renovations or the replacement of furniture
  • Change of household routine
  • Stress caused by a move
  • Introducing a new cat into the household

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What It Means And What To Do When The Cat Is Spraying Blood

When your cat is spraying or having blood in the urine, that maybe indicate a severe urinary tract infection or possible cancer issue.

Blood spraying in cats is more known as hematuria, blood in the urine issue. The healthiest and the first move you should do is, take your cat to the doctor.

The Reasons Why Cats Are Urine Marking

Medical, Mating, and Stress-Related Issues: The possible reasons why your cat is urinating can also depend on medical, mating behavior, and stress-related issues.

The Reasons Why Cats Are Urine Marking: Medical, Mating, and Stress-Related Issues On
Image Credit: Susanne Nilsson – Flickr

Medical Reason

Medical issues mostly appear when your cat remains on his litter box long and tries to pee but can’t do it. It can be a urinary infection or a blockage issue.

Mating Reason

When your cat starts to feel an actual mating behavior, it starts to spray or urinate everywhere at his home. Mostly neutered adult cats don’t have too much-marking issues.

Stress Reason

The complex social stress behavior of cats often collides with the bypasses and perceptions of cat owners.

Only the most minor changes to the environment, behavior, or situations can stress cats, and they will no longer feel comfortable; they get afraid or change themselves.

When Cats Marks By Rubbing

Cats are starting to put a personal scent on household objects or places by rubbing themselves on them to let the others know that’s my territory.

Also, the cats use this rubbing behavior on their species to state there as family or friends members.

When Cats Mark By Scratching

We don’t think cats are only scratching their claws on objects to sharpen them, and that’s another way of leaving their scent on things as a marking act for the others.

Never punish your cats by doing that because that’s a natural behavior and instinct. Just teach and give them a scratching place or a post.

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Cats Have Two Types Of Urine Markings

Spraying and Peeing: Cat spraying is not the same as peeing. When cats start spraying urine or peeing everywhere in your home, try to determine how and why they are doing this.

First, we must know and accept that neutered and intact female (spayed) and male cats (neutered) spray urine.

Cats Have Two Types Of Urine Markings - Spraying and Peeing
Image Credit: Susanne Nilsson – Flickr

Female cats prefer to urinate in the litter box but can sometimes also spray urine anywhere inside or outside.

But, neutered cats usually spray less, and in some cases, it is usual that it can be eliminated and reduced.

Vertical Surfaces With Sprayed Urine

Cats spraying urine will be most on vertical surfaces because to do that, they need to lift the back and tail to spray urine.

Horizontal Surfaces With Regular Urinating

Most of the time, cats will sit on flat surfaces to pee because there is more comfortable to do this on surfaces like floors.

When your female or male cat doesn’t pee in his litter box, don’t think it is not clean enough, whereas what they do is urine marking challenge at this point.

Where Do Cats Spraying And Urinating?

The cat’s most preferred locations to spray and urinate marking are listed below:

  • On the doorstep, fresh or dirty laundry, carpet, shoes
  • Against the wallpaper, curtains, windows, cars
  • To bed
  • In the sink

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How To Stop Cat Spraying? Control and Avoid Spraying

Best top tips for cats to avoid controlling, stopping cat spraying, marking, and urinating in the house.

There are many ways to stop cats from spraying. First, try to understand your cat’s chief problem, such as a medical condition, stress, or simply because of its age.

How To Stop Cat Spraying? Control and Avoid Spraying
Image Credit: Jorge Gonzalez – Flickr
Here are some things to think about how to stop cat spraying:
  • Spaying Female Cats And Neutering Male Cats
  • If your cat doesn’t like this particular cat toilet you bought for it, there is a possibility that the cat won’t use the cat litter box.
  • The hygiene of the cat litter box is essential. Cats would not use a dirty cat toilet, be sure to keep it clean.
  • The number of cats you have is essential because cats can sometimes be self-centered, and possibly they don’t want their cat litter box to be used by other cats.
  • The location of the cat litter box is also essential. You don’t want to put the litter box where your cat wouldn’t feel comfortable.
  • If your cat has sprayed or urinated outside the cat toilet, you can move the cat litter box there. Maybe your cat will prefer to pee or mark a new place in the cat litter box.
  • Some cats don’t like competition. If there’s a new cat in the house, your cat may not like it and will sometimes start peeing around. You can put them for a while in different places.
  • Before you place new furniture and bring your cat into contact with it, you should ventilate it for a few days until all chemical smells have evaporated.
  • Ventilate freshly renovated rooms well before you let your cat in. A pheromone atomizer can help relax the cat.
  • Install a safe cat flap so foreign animals can’t enter your home.
  • In the event of a move, you should limit your cat to a room in your new home while unpacking and setting up everything.
  • Install a pheromone atomizer and give your cat free access to food, water, a sleeping place, a toilet, and space to climb and play.
  • Reduce stress for your cats by giving them consistent access to water and food.
  • Use a cat litter box with as buried ground as possible, filled with a thick layer of mineral cat litter, and place it where no one can disturb.

It’s worth trying these methods to stop cat spraying as a first act before contacting a professional cat doctor.

If these methods described above don’t work on your cat, you should contact the nearest vet.

FAQ Cat Spraying and Urine Marking

How does the cat mark its territory?

Cats mark their territory with urine, and it’s widespread. Urine marking is most commonly seen in intact males, but both males and cats keep their environment under certain circumstances even after neutering.

Why does my cat mark in the apartment?

Reasons for marking in the flat: A strange cat has no place in your cat’s territory. Suddenly she gets much less attention and tries to secure her area by marking it. It can also be the case if the interior decoration has been changed or new furniture has been installed.

What can you do to stop the cat from marking?

However, it may take a few weeks before neutered cats cease sexual behavior and stop marking. If your cat is older and drawing has become a habit, fixing alone will often not solve the problem.

Why does a cat get dirty?

Physical causes for unclean cats: Urination is painful, and the cat may associate this pain with the place where it first felt it: the litter box. It can even mean that the litter tray is no longer accepted even after the inflammation has subsided.


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