Building A Dog Kennel: This Is The Secrets Of DIY

Building A Dog Kennel: We feel comfortable and safe when we have a cover over our heads. Your dog wishes the same, so you should make him a doghouse!

Therefore we live in houses to have a roof over our heads. Your dog is no different. 

DIY Guide: Building a dog kennel

A guide to build it correctly
Building a dog kennel – A guide to build it correctly / Image by Ángel Garcia from Pixabay

The basis for a happy, contented dog living in the open air is a hut protected from wind and weather.

Gifted hobby gardeners do not miss the opportunity to build a refuge for their four-legged family members.

It’s fun and creates plenty of scope for individual, creative design. For functionality and aesthetics to go hand in hand, We must consider various factors for optimal construction.

The following instructions explain how to build an insulated doghouse yourself in 4 steps.

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The material of the dog kennel

For your doghouse, you only need a few boards and some screws. The doghouse does not have a gable roof but a slightly sloped flat ceiling. 

So rainwater or snow can drain well, and you have an additional sunbathing area for your cats. Besides, a dog kennel with a flat roof is more comfortable to build.

The material of the dog kennel
Building a dog kennel – The material of the dog kennel / Image by philippe ruaudel from Pixabay

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Dog Kennel House Building Materials:

  • Calculate the wooden panels’ height so that your dog can stand in the kennel and still have some air left to breathe. Furthermore, the dog should be able to stretch out very long without bumping into the walls. In short, it is better to charge a few centimeters too much than too little. Measure the space your dog uses when it lies relaxed on the side. When calculating the floor or roof slab, take 50 to 70 centimeters in width and length.
  • It is known that many dogs like a small terrace in front of their kennel. If you would like to provide your dog kennel with a garden, you will have to calculate the floor plates accordingly larger. Build the dog kennel at the floor slab’s rear end, and the front part becomes a terrace. By the way, an additional yard has an efficient use for you. In lousy weather, your dog lies dry and does not drag so much dirt into the house. If you also extend the side walls accordingly, they offer your dog additional protection from the weather when lying in the kennel.
  • Pay particular attention to the floor, which must be well insulated and protected from cold and wet. Accordingly, you will need two wooden boards, eight squared timbers, and one polystyrene board for the floor.
  • You will also need two more wooden boards for the sides and two for the front and back.
  • You still need a wooden plate for the roof, roofing felt, and reliable stainless screws, nails, angle connectors, hinges, and wood varnish.

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The preparation of the dog kennel

You can follow this task when you have finished the kennel. However, it is much more convenient to complete these tasks in advance.

The preparation of the dog kennel
Building a dog kennel – The preparation of the dog kennel / Photo by Lex Photography from Pexels

Preparation Steps Of Dog Kennel Building:

  • Before building the kennel, paint the wood with an appropriate wood glaze. It would help if you used a commercial wood glaze for the outside and a bio wood glaze. It contains no solvents, aromatics, or preservatives and is entirely harmless for your dog. 
  • Please do not mix up the respective sides during assembly. Mark them with a small piece of adhesive tape or similar when the varnish has dried.
  • Also, make a hole in the wooden panel intended for the front area. Do not dimension the entrance too large due to weather conditions such as wind, cold, and rain. However, the dog should be able to get in and out quickly. 
Tip: A square opening looks as good as around the entrance and is much easier to cut.

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The floor of the dog kennel

The den’s floor is an essential part, which must be well processed. It is responsible for the firm and the safe stand of the enclosure. 

The floor should not stand directly on the bottom and raise slightly. Thus the dog is better protected in icy temperatures. 

Besides, the floor plate will last much longer if it is not standing on the wet ground. Also, protect the floor area with a polystyrene plate from the penetrating cold. 

It’s getting put between two wooden plates, then screwed together to a stable base plate.

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The floor of the dog kennel
Building a dog kennel – The floor of the dog kennel / Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

Floor Building Steps Of The Dog Kennel:

  • For the kennel base, you need four substantial and stable square timbers.
  • Furthermore, you need four slightly narrower square timbers to form the polystyrene plate’s frame.
  • First, you screw the square timbers for the base in the form of a frame to the first-floor plate. Keep a distance of about 4 to 6 centimeters to the edge of the wooden plate. This way, the hut floor does not rest directly on the floor.
  • Then turn the wooden plate over and screw the square timbers for the polystyrene plate on the other side – this time on the very outside.
  • The styrofoam plate is then getting placed in the frame. When buying the polystyrene plate, you have to take off the width of the squared timber accordingly. The height of the polystyrene board should be identical to the size of the squared timber.
  • Finally, place the second base plate on the squared timbers and screw it.
  • It is not necessary, but undoubtedly sensible, to protect the base plate in the entrance area, for example, with a metal fitting.
  • You have already done the most complex part of the work with this.

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The assembly of the dog kennel

Now you only have to attach the four side parts. So that rain and snow can run off the roof. Therefore one of the long sides is a good 10 centimeters higher than the other.

The assembly of the dog kennel
Building a dog kennel – The assembly of the dog kennel / Photo by ready made from Pexels

Assembly Steps Of The Dog Kennel:

  • First, you screw the four sides to the floor of the doghouse with angle connectors. Depending on the kennel and dog’s dimensions, you should use two to four angle connectors for each long side. Also, attach one or two angle connectors to each corner. Besides, nail the boards tight.
  • How intensively you screw the hut together naturally depends on the size and temperament of your dog.
  • Then put the roof plate on and screw it on the slightly shorter side with some hinges. In this way, you can lift the roof at any time and keep the cabin tidy.
  • If necessary, secure the other side of the roof with a padlock.
  • Finally, seal the roof well with roofing felt or tiles – especially if the kennel is getting exposed to rain or storm in the garden.

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If your dog spends much time in the kennel, especially in winter, it makes sense to insulate the sidewalls and roof with a polystyrene sheet.

The procedure is here the same as for the floor. You should fix wooden plates over the polystyrene plates again; you can also use thin plywood plates.

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