How To Build DIY Desk? The Best 7 Steps Explained!

How To Build DIY Desk? Neither complicated nor expensive! If you like DIY and are looking for new challenges: How about building a DIY desk yourself?

Sounds complicated and elaborate? Don’t worry; you don’t need to train as a carpenter or study engineering to create an original and practical desk.

The first step is planning: what purpose should your desk serve – do you need a large office desk with many workspaces or just a tiny computer desk? Where should it stand?

Take exact measurements. Also, measure your desk’s height, and the ideal working height can vary depending on your size.

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Building a DIY desk yourself in summary – simple and affordable

Building a DIY desk yourself in summary
Build Your DIY Desk – Building a DIY desk yourself in summary / Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

You need the following materials to build a simple desk yourself:

  • One tabletop, dimensions as required
  • 4 table legs, adapted to your size
  • at least four right-angled hole angles, for more stability better 8
  • suitable screws
  • Cordless screwdriver

The building instructions are straightforward: Screw the four table legs to the tabletop’s underside at a 90-degree angle using the hole angles. Attach an angled cross to the table legs facing the wall for more stability.

It is the simplest version, which can be getting supplemented with many elements according to skill and taste: With a bookcase as an attachment, with base units, shelves, and much more.

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How To Build DIY Desk?

How To Build your own DIY desk
Build Your DIY Desk – How To Build your DIY desk? / Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

You don’t have to buy a desk; you can build one yourself. We will show you in this manual how this works. 

It would help if you had this to build a deck yourself:

  • a wooden worktop and, if necessary, matching edge banding to embellish cut edges
  • at least four table legs/feet with matching attachment
  • suitable screws
  • Drilling machine with matching attachment and drill bit
  • a folding rule
  • a spirit level
  • a pen
  • a blanket
  • iron if necessary

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Making The Desk

First, choose the right place for your desk and ensure that the desired worktop fits. You also need enough space to make the desk.

  1. Place a blanket (or paint fleece) on the floor and the wooden worktop upside down on top. It will ensure that it is not getting scratched during the work process.
  2. Now measure the distances between the table legs precisely unless you want to place them directly at the corners. Tip: If your table is to be incredibly long or the tabletop has a corner, you should use more than four table legs to ensure a secure stand.
  3. It is best to mark the holes to be drilled in the mounting plates with a pencil and pre-drill the holes if necessary. Otherwise, you can also fix the plates directly to the table’s underside using at least four screws. Caution: Ensure that the screws are no longer than the thickness of your tabletop; otherwise, they will breakthrough on the other side. Measure this if necessary or hold the screw against the side of the tabletop to check.
  4. Once all the fixing plates are screwed down, you can insert, insert, or turn the table legs, depending on the model. When purchasing, make sure that the mounting and the table leg fit together. Let us help you with this if necessary. In the DIY store or furniture stores, there are also ready-made packages with matching brackets.
  5. If the table legs are getting fixed, you can turn the desk over. Let us help you so that the table legs do not break off.
  6. Place the table in the desired place and put the spirit level on it. Align the desk as well as the legs until the tabletop is in the water.
  7. If the tabletop still has sawn-off edges, you can embellish them with an edge band. You can get this in every hardware store. It is usually getting attached to an adhesive layer, which becomes liquid when heated. It works with an iron. The exact procedure can be getting found in the instructions for the product.

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Your desk is now ready

You can then buy finished top shelves and attach them to your desk with matching screws to create a secretary-style desk. Alternatively, you can buy a cheap mobile pedestal that fits under your desk. You can get creative here to design your desk according to your wishes.


A wooden pedestal without castors is also suitable at the appropriate height to replace two or more table legs. Assemble the container according to the instructions, but do not insert the drawers yet. Then fasten the ceiling plate of the container with screws to the underside of the tabletop.

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Tips and tricks for building a DIY desk

Tips and tricks for building a DIY desk yourself
Build Your DIY Desk – Tips and tricks for building a DIY desk yourself / Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay

If the desk does not take up much space, for example, you can use a wide shelf instead of a tabletop in small rooms. Home improvement stores present a wide range of sizes and materials.

Mostly you can have the materials cut to your wishes, and it saves time and work and guarantees that your homemade desk will be precisely how you want it. If you choose shorter table legs, you can also use the table as a living room table.

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Build an original DIY desk: Be creative.

Build an original DIY desk yourself Be creative.
Build Your DIY Desk – Build an original DIY desk yourself: Be creative. / Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

An easy build a desk with enough storage space and drawers, you make two roll containers with drawers, as they can be bought in office supplies, over which you lay a tabletop.

Maybe you can also find a great tabletop at antique or flea markets, which you can use for a self-made desk in a vintage style?

A tip: You can also use a glass panel or a large mirror as a tabletop. This way, your desk becomes a real design piece. As an alternative to the mobile pedestals, bedside tables or cupboard elements, such as wall units, can also be easily converted.

It is effortless to build an original and unique desk yourself. Let your creativity run free when designing your office.


A homemade desk looks great, has just the right storage volume, and fits into any apartment.

Depending on how much space you have, adjust the dimensions to suit your individual needs.

When you finish building your desk, you can still fill at least one shelf with the documents you need to accommodate -then make one!

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