Best Way To Store Arugula And How To Keep It Fresh Explained

The best way to store Arugula and keep it fresh: If you have some arugula left over, do not throw it away. We will explain how to store Arugula correctly and thus keep it fresh longer.

Arugula is a very healthy and meanwhile trendy leafy vegetable. Its spicy, slightly hot taste is compelling. 

Of course, rocket, the American name for Arugula, tastes best fresh, as is generally the case with vegetables. 

The newer the salad is, the more valuable vitamins and nutrients it contains.

Growing Arugula yourself and processing it fresh from the garden is always the best option. Otherwise, you can buy Arugula in bowls in the stores. 

However, you don’t ever need the complete quantity to prepare a dish. But it would be a pity to throw away the rest. 

But how should we buy leafy vegetables and store them to stay fresh as long as possible?

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Buying and storing arugula: What do I have to consider?

Buying and storing arugula
Best Way To Store Arugula And How To Keep It Fresh – Buying and storing arugula / Image by ivabalk from Pixabay

You can recognize fresh Arugula by its leaves: Are they juicy, crisp, and beautifully green? Then the salad is new, and you can buy it without hesitation. 

Yellowish or wilted, flaccid leaves, on the other hand, show that the Arugula is already a little older. To prevent the delicate Arugula from being crushed, you should carry it in the shopping bag at the top.

Unfortunately, rocket or rucola, as Arugula is getting called in America, does not last long. It is best to use it fresh. 

If you have to store it for one or two days, it should be airily packed in a plastic box or wrapped in a damp cloth in the refrigerator’s vegetable compartment. 

You cannot freeze Arugula because the leaves become mushy and lose their aroma when defrosted.

Arugula is produced in America from spring to autumn, usually harvested by hand or machine. In the winter months, Arugula mostly comes from Italy. 

Here, production occurs in foil tunnels, which means that Italian Arugula usually has smaller leaves and is less intensely green in color.

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Best Way To Store Arugula And Keep It Fresh!

How to keep arugula fresh?
Best Way To Store Arugula And How To Keep It Fresh – How to keep Arugula fresh? / Image by ivabalk from Pixabay

How to keep Arugula fresh? – A fresh salad is much better than one already several days old. But if you have stored the Arugula properly, it still tastes fresh even after several days.

  • If you have only washed and cleaned the eaten part, clean the amount you want to keep. To do this, take some lukewarm water and rinse the salad. To dry the arugula, you can use a salad spinner.
  • The next step is to remove all yellow spots on the leaf stems and all yellow leaves. Use a couple of sharp scissors and cut off the affected areas slightly to do this.
  • Only cut out the yellow areas, leave the remaining leaves untouched on the stems. Only remove the stems when you are preparing the salad for the next meal.
  • Best way to store arugula: Once the arugula has drained, and the yellow spots have been getting removed, you can pack it. Freezer bags and plastic tins are particularly suitable for this. Always use containers that you can seal airtight. Only pack the salad loosely and loosely into the boxes so that it is not getting crushed.
  • Keep arugula fresh: Place the arugula storage container or box in the refrigerator or a dark and cold place in your cellar. You must be careful that the lettuce is not getting squashed by other food; otherwise, pressure points will develop – there, the lettuce will become soft and no longer taste fresh.
  • Leave the arugula only for a few days until you eat it. Depending on how extended it has been lying in the supermarket, the shelf life can vary greatly. Therefore, it is better to eat the salad within the next few days to taste still fresh. 

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Growing arugula on the windowsill

Growing arugula on the windowsill
Best Way To Store Arugula And How To Keep It Fresh – Growing Arugula on the windowsill / Image by Alina Kuptsova from Pixabay

You can quickly grow the salad plant on the windowsill if you always want fresh Arugula available, even outside the outdoor season, and don’t want to walk to the supermarket. You can always cut the required amount of Arugula and benefit from the fresh leaves’ full vitamin content.

  • Fill pots or boxes with soil mixed with some sand.
  • Make a seed gutter no deeper than one centimeter, and do not scatter the seeds too close.
  • Slide some soil over the seeds and water them vigorously.
  • Place the pots on a sunny windowsill.
  • If watered well, the seeds will sprout after one to two weeks. The plants will be prepared for their first cut after barely a month and can be harvested several times.

If you plant several boxes in a row, you can harvest fresh Arugula. It is essential to water the plants carefully to avoid nitrate accumulation in the leaves, and Arugula only needs to be fertilized very rarely.

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FAQ Best Way To Store Arugula And How To Keep It Fresh


How can I keep arugula fresh?

Wrap the arugula in kitchen towels and wet them a little. Then wrap the whole thing loosely in a plastic bag, preferably one of those thin and crackle bags. Then place rucola in the fridge for a few hours or overnight, and the rucola absorbs the water and gets crackling again.

Can arugula go bad?

Arugula usually stays in the refrigerator for two days; it is generally getting withered. Consumers should wrap the leaves, also known as rockets, in a cloth and place them in the vegetable drawer until they are eaten.

How does salad stay fresh longer?

Suppose you still need to store lettuce for a more extended time. You should use regional products with short transport routes and hold the lettuce in plastic packaging in the refrigerator’s vegetable compartment. In this way, ahead of lettuce can be kept for several days, while lettuce that has already been getting cut will keep for at least two more days.

How long can you eat arugula?

Arugula is ready for harvest after four to six weeks when the leaves are about ten centimeters long. Do not remain long before harvesting because the young leaves contain minor mustard oil glycosides and taste best.

How long does arugula salad last?

Arugula does not have a long shelf life. Strictly speaking, it is best when consumed immediately. It only lasts 1-3 days in the refrigerator – it is best to cover it in a box with a damp kitchen towel. Tip: arugula can be kept a few days longer if you place the leaves with the branches’ ends in a glass of water.

When can you no longer eat arugula?

When the rucola flowers: The yellow flowering varieties are hotter and spicier than the mustard rocket and are particularly suitable for seasoning. The leaves are edible when the rocket arugula bloom, but the older they become, the hotter and more bitter they taste.

Can arugula be frozen?

You can store arugula in this way for about three days. Like other types of lettuce, arugula cannot be getting frozen at all. After defrosting, it is only mushy. However, it can be processed into pesto or pickled in oil.

Why is the arugula so bitter?

The taste of the cross herb should be much more bitter than arugula. So – watch out! Arugula leaves a bitter, sometimes annoying taste from its mustard oils in high concentrations.

How long can arugula rocket be harvested?

Harvesting can begin in spring as soon as the leaves are large enough. The annual arugula or mustard is grown in spring, and it usually bears only a few weeks from sowing to harvesting.

How quickly does arugula grow back?

After six weeks at the latest, the arugula has grown to such an extent that it is no longer required to wait until the harvest is successful. In general, the leaves should have a size of about 10 cm, and if they exceed a length of 15 cm, their taste becomes increasingly bitter and hot.

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It is best to use arugula immediately after purchase and not store it for long. Ideally, store arugula in the refrigerator because it keeps the longest.

Wrapped in damp kitchen paper, it stays fresh for about three days. Refrigerated storage also reduces the conversion of nitrate to nitrite in the plant.

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