The Best Way To Dyeing Eyelashes In 4 Steps Explained!

Best way to dyeing eyelashes: We mascara every morning with long, dark, and curved eyelashes. How nice it would be if the hairs were naturally like that!

Unfortunately, you can’t do this at the touch of a button, so you have to help out. But you don’t necessarily have to visit the beautician, because you can also dye your eyelashes yourself. We’ll show you how it’s getting done.

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What you have to keep in mind if you want to dye your eyelashes yourself

After tinting, you don’t have to do without mascara, but you save yourself some ink work. The hairs no longer stick together without mascara, and you can also skip the annoying makeup removal.

It’s worth it to color your eyelashes now and then. The color lasts up to four weeks with most products. However, there are also some things to keep in mind: Like hair dyes, many eyelash colors contain allergens that can cause severe reactions under certain circumstances.

Before the first dyeing, you should perform a test. Apply some dye cream to your arm at the elbow and see if a reaction occurs after 30 minutes. In general, you should always be careful not to get the chemicals in your eyes, and it usually stings and causes redness.

However, eyelash color is made from purely natural ingredients, free of allergenic substances.

Finding the right shade

When it comes to colors, you choose between brown and black. The right shade depends entirely on your type.

If you are naturally a darker type, i.e., you also have dark hair and eyebrows, you can go for black without any problems. For lighter types, brown is more suitable, as it looks much more natural.

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Best Way To Dyeing Eyelashes

Best Way To Dyeing Eyelashes
The Best Way To Dyeing Eyelashes / Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

How to dye your eyelashes with a dye pack

Probably the most straightforward way is to buy a ready-made pack, which already combines all the essential utensils. You can find such a product from many brands in the drugstore.

Depending on the product, the price is around eight dollars upwards and lasts for about twelve colorings. Be sure to follow the box directions when using it. Here’s how you usually proceed:

  1. Secure the paper plates under your eyes with a commercial face cream to protect the sensitive areas. If anything gets into your eye during the dyeing process, you must rinse it out immediately. Therefore, proceed very carefully.
  2. Apply the liquid provided to your eyelashes. For this, you can use the usually enclosed cotton swab. Leave it on for at least one minute, unless otherwise specified.
  3. Now put a little bit of mascara on the enclosed comb and comb through your eyelashes carefully. You also leave the result to act in again.
  4. Finally, you need to free your eyes from the paper plates and rinse your eyes, including eyelashes. Use eye makeup remover for this calmly because you should obliterate the excess dye.

Dyeing eyelashes yourself with individual dyes

If you do not want to buy a ready-made package or unique colors, you can also purchase the utensils individually. We will show you what you need and how you should proceed.

Note that you should pay attention to the package instructions and be careful when applying, even in this case.

  • Purchase the so-called developer liquid and eyelash tint in the desired shade in a store for cosmetic supplies. Take an old mascara brush to hand, rinse well in advance, and provide a small container.
  • Now add a little eyelash tint to the container and add around ten to 15 drops of the developer liquid. Stir the whole thing well.
  • Now apply the mixture to your eyelashes using the brush. Be careful and make sure not to get it in your eye. Otherwise, it would help if you rinsed it out.
  • Leave the dyed eyelashes to work. It can take different amounts of time depending on the product, so you should pay attention to the package instructions. Afterward, the same applies here: Wash out the eye well and take eye makeup remover to dissolve the excess color completely. 

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FAQ Dying Eyelashes

How harmful is dyeing eyelashes?

Is dyeing eyelashes and eyebrows harmful? If both the eyelash hairs and eyebrows are dyed professionally, dyeing is not detrimental. However, you should ensure that the color does not get into the eye.

How long does it last when you dye your eyelashes?

The color in the eyelashes lasts six to eight weeks. So this is not only super for makeup-free days, but also the vacations.

How often do you have to tint your eyelashes?

How often should I re-tint? Like all other body hair, eyelashes grow continuously; something like a buildup also forms after some time. It is particularly noticeable with natural blond eyelashes. Therefore, they should re-dye every two to four weeks.

Which color for dyeing eyelashes?

For dyeing the eyelashes, you can choose between brown and black. Decisive for eyelash color choice is your type of skin and hair. For light hair tones, such as blonde and red, it is recommended to go brown because it looks more natural.

How much does it cost to have my eyelashes dyed?

The cost of eyelash tinting is usually between 5 and 20 dollars.

How do I get my eyelashes darker?

Olive oil is considered one of the best home remedies to increase eyelashes’ growth because of the oleic acid and vitamin E, and it also makes eyelashes darker. Sink a cotton swab in the oil and gently dab it on the lash line before sleeping.

How often can you do eyelash lift?

Follow-up treatment should be done every 3-4 weeks for weak and damaged eyelashes, and for medium and robust natural eyelashes, follow-up treatment can be done every 6-7 weeks.

How long does the eyelash lift last?

This lifting effect lasts up to 2 months, depending on the growth of your eyelashes.

How often do you have to tint your eyebrows?

How often you dye your eyebrows depends on how much the color fades, for example, by sunlight and how fast your hairs grow. For instance, women always like new eyebrows, so they dye them every two to three weeks.

How long does eyebrow dye last?

The exposure time for eyebrow tinting is usually only a few minutes. After five minutes, the color should be removed at the latest so that the result is not too intense and then looks unnatural.

Can eyebrows be permanently colored?

Permanent eyebrow makeup is particularly suitable for women who naturally have very few, thin, or very light eyebrows. Even coloring the brows does not achieve the desired beauty effect because there are too few hairs to color.

Can you dye eyelashes with eyebrow dye?

Whether you want your eyelashes to become jet black or your brows could use a rich dark brown, there are a few things you should take to heart before dying. Only use individual eyelashes or eyebrow color because hair colorations are too strong for the eye area.


How long the color lasts varies from person to person. The color fades over time, and some hairs fall out, which is why new, lighter hairs grow back.

However, on average, the color lasts four weeks.

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