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The best cheese for fondue: In principle, we can make fondue from any hard cheese. The best cheese for the fondue recipe depends on the place of origin of the respective variant.

What Is The Best Cheese For Fondue?

The best cheese for fondue
The best cheese for fondue. / Image by M W from Pixabay

Below you will find a list of the different types of cheeses we use to make fondue:

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Cheese fondue moitié-moitié

The fondue moitié-moitié (half and a half) originally comes from the Swiss region of Fribourg and traditionally consists of 50 percent each of Vacherin and Gruyère.

Fribourgeoise cheese fondue

If only Vacherin is getting used, it is the Fribourgeoise fondue, which originated in this region. The variant comes from the Appenzell region and is made 100 percent from the cheese of the same name.

Neuchâtel cheese fondue

The Gruyère and Emmental cheeses are processed in equal parts to make the fondue in the tradition of the Swiss canton of Neuchâtel. In Central Switzerland, a mixture of one-third of Gruyère, Emmental, and Sbrinz – a parmesan-like, aromatic hard cheese – is typical.

Valais cheese fondue

The fondue recipe from the canton of Valais is getting made up of half Vacherin and one quarter each of Gruyère and Raclette cheeses.

Franche-Comté fondue

For the French fondue variant Savoyarde, Emmental, Beaufort, and Comté are mixed in equal parts. There is also a French recipe that consists of 100 percent Comté and is from the Franche-Comté region.

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Which Cheeses Are Suitable For Cheese Fondue Recipes?

There are countless ways to conjure up a tasty fondue. For example, each Swiss region has its fondue recipe, for which different types of cheese are blended. Depending on the combination, each chees gets its typical taste. 

Discover here a selection of tasty cheeses that are perfect for making fondue with cheese:

  • Gruyère, Vacherin, Appenzeller and Emmental are among the classic ingredients of a traditional fondue recipe.
  • Sliced cheese varieties in a grated form such as Fol Epi or Etorki are also particularly suitable.
  • Even finely chopped soft cheeses such as Saint Albray or cheese varieties such as Saint Agur melt wonderfully and give the fondue a sweet spice.

There are no limits to the combination of different types of cheese. For example, try a cheese to suit your taste.

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What Is The Origin Of The Cheese Fondue?

The name “fondue” comes from the French word “fondre” and means “melted.” When translated, the name cheese already refers to its main ingredient, the “melted cheese.”

The fondue recipe originally comes from the Western Alps, French-speaking Switzerland, Savoy, and Piedmont. When food was scarce in winter, the primary foodstuffs were cheese and bread.

The cheese melts in a pot, and the bread is dipped into it, thus providing a delicious alternative to the classic cheese bread.

Today, cheese is a popular dish beyond national borders. Traditionally, prepare it with at least two different types of cheese, white wine, a cherry shot, and, if desired, garlic and pepper.

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Fondue Cheeses Varieties

The other ingredients and the preparation are mainly similar; only the cheeses usage varies. Melt the cheese in a caquelon, a heavy ceramic or cast iron pot, first on the stove. The caquelon is rubbed early with a fresh clove of garlic, which we can leave in the cheese for flavoring.

Besides, add dry white wine, some cherry, and a little starch to the fondue. It would be best if you stirred the cheese mixture again and again with a wooden spoon so as not to separate the ingredients. Once the cheese melts – in French “fondu” – the caquelon is placed on the so-called “Rechaud.” It is a small oven whose flame can be regulated.

Fondue cheeses usage varies mainly
Best cheese for fondue. / Image by marcelkessler from Pixabay

Everyone can skewer a piece of white bread without fat or roasted rye bread onto his fondue fork and dip it into the cheese. A cheese crust remains on the bottom of the pot, which is considered a special delicacy. 

Suitable accompaniments to the fondue are meat, pickled gherkins, and white pearl onions.

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