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Benefits of ice bath – Avoid 1 cold water immersion effect!

Benefits of ice bath / Image Credit: DJANDYW.COM on Flickr ( wim-hof-breaks-world-record-for-longest-ice-bath-the-wim-hof-method)
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Benefits of ice bath: What are the benefits of an ice bath? Do regeneration in an ice bath has advantages? Is it healthy or unhealthy? Let’s check it out here!


Benefits of ice bath: Regeneration in an ice bath has no benefits.

Benefits of ice bath
Benefits of ice bath: Regeneration in an ice bath has no benefits. / Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

An ice-cold ice bath after training is one of the most popular methods of regeneration. On a scientific level, there is still an intense debate. 

A study from Australia, published in “The Journal of Physiology,” does not consider ice bath regeneration during weight training to be beneficial. For endurance training, scientific evaluation is balanced. 

The research team, led by Dr. Llion Roberts, Professor at the University of Queensland, subjected a group of 21 volunteer athletes to a 12-week training program that included strength training twice a week. 

One group of volunteers took a ten-minute ice bath after each session, while the control group did ten-minute light cycling on an ergometer instead. 

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When Analyzing the results, the athletes in the control group were able to build up more muscle mass and muscle power during the period under study than those athletes who regenerated in the ice bath.


Ice bath freezes muscles.

In further research, the Australian scientists subjected nine volunteers to another strength training program, including the same two regeneration variants. They carried out muscle biopsies 24 and 48 hours after the generations. 

They proved that the cold of the ice bath limits the transmission of signals that carry out an adaptation process of the muscles after the training. 

The coolness of the ice bath also prevents the flow of blood into the muscles and thus slows down the regeneration process compared to active regeneration. Interestingly, the ice bath could not fight the various inflammations in the strained muscles better than active recovery.


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Neutral result for endurance training

It is crucial to emphasize that the data of the Australian study originates from strength training and is therefore not automatically transferable to endurance athletes. It is because the regenerative method of ice bathing does not do so poorly in endurance sports

According to a recent American study, regeneration in 10°C cold water promotes the formation of new mitochondria, which play a vital role in the training effect

A much more extensive study from Australia found that regeneration in cold water does not bring great benefit to cyclists who simulated a three-week tour in a very intensive training program

Still, it does not harm the training either. However, this study compared ice bath regeneration with passive regeneration.

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Benefits of ice bath: How good is ice bathing?

Regular ice bathing can also stimulate the immune system and help it fight off cold viruses. It is because doctors have found that ice bathing increases the number of leukocytes in the blood. The white blood cells are getting regarded as our immune system’s protectors; they protect against infections and can inhibit inflammation.

In both men and women, testosterone levels rise, and creatine kinase levels fall at the same time. It increases performance. Since the cold stimulates the metabolism, it has a positive influence on fat burning. So if you want to lose weight, you can take a dip in the cold water.

Ice bathing is also recommended on a psychotherapeutic level, as it reduces anxiety and prevents panic attacks. Besides, the ice-cold bath can have a positive influence on sleep. Scientists have also discovered a positive effect on the mood of the bathers. The temperature shock releases happiness hormones over several hours – and they certainly compensate for everything.


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