18 Best Basic Dog Handling Techniques: Know It All Here!

Basic dog handling techniques: It is estimated that 50,000 to 70,000 bite wounds require medical treatment in America every year. What is particularly frightening is that far more than half of those treated are children.

Their bite wounds are more severe than adults because dogs bite small children more often in the neck or head.

If the animals bite, the fun of the pet is quickly lost. If the four-legged friends are to find their place in families with small children, they must follow some rules.

Children can also learn to treat dogs in a species-appropriate way, respect them as animals with innate instincts, and take responsibility for them.

If parents and children assess dogs’ behavior correctly and spend enough time educating their four-legged friends, a dog can become a valuable family member.

Let us take a more in-depth look below.

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18 Basic dog handling techniques to learn

Basic dog handling techniques
Basic dog handling techniques / Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

Essential rules for dealing with dogs – dogs can be man’s most loyal and best friends. Many are afraid of dogs, primarily based on bad experiences.

Partly the fear of the parents is transferred to the child. Below you will find tips for the correct handling of dogs.

1. Dog behavior Understanding

The basis of all trust is respect for life. Through daily training in observation skills, you can find out with a lot of understanding and patience when your dog shows which behavior. The possibility of communication is getting created.

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2. The dog must orientate himself to the house.

A dog must first be allowed to arrive at its own home. It requires time for the dog to explore all the rooms and orientate itself to the house. Slowly, one after the other – spread over the days.

Sounds, people, floor structures, smells, and everything else that belongs to the household must slowly get to known and be classified and positively stored.

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3. Understand What The Dog Needs

A dog should have several fixed resting areas within the apartment, which offer him a safe and quiet retreat.

Above all, dogs should have access to their humans, especially at night. A bond can only develop if humans know what dogs need: Physical contact, loving contact, presence, trust, security, and rest.

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4. Don’t Take Anything Back From The Dog.

Already puppies are allowed to keep captured things in their dog family, called packs, and nobody disputes them.

Nobody should take away the food bowl or other resources that have just been getting given to give the dog security.

Dogs can learn to give something back, no problem. But that training is done differently and with reason.

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5. Dog Needs To Learn to Stay Alone

Whether a puppy or an adopted, older dog, a dog should settle first. Being alone is unfavorable to the dog’s nature.

The dog must first build up trust in humans with all understanding and loving presence. Only then does thorough training make sense. The goal must not be to leave the dog alone for x hours.

It would offend against the animal protection law and be getting punished. A plan must be to arrange for the dog the security that its humans come again after a short absence.

Chewing articles help to diminish stress. Otherwise, it helps also if one looks for oneself as a loving care person who can guard the dog in their own home.

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6. Give your dog love

Dogs do not need a garden to be happy. Dogs need their loving humans, plenty of variety for their olfactory perception and brain development, i.e., being allowed to sniff and quiet walks where they learn to perceive and assess their environment.

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7. Go for a walk with your dog more often.

The human being should make the walk enjoyable by alternating the training game, free running. Social contacts with conspecifics remain reliable, sovereign, foresighted, and protective.

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8. Keep your dog busy

There are numerous possibilities to keep your dog sensibly occupied on the road and at home. Search games in different forms are lovely, depending on the individual and the season.

Tasks such as searching for lost items, distinguishing between new and familiar objects, finding people, etc., offer almost everyone great opportunities to conjure up the shine in the eyes of the furry noses.

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9. Your body language is communication with the dog.

When you take over a dog, a special kind of communication begins. Dogs read human body language without having to learn it, and they recognize our moods by posture, facial expression, tone of voice, and exhalation.

Humans must learn the language of dogs to communicate with them instead of directing them. Example: Waving means the expression of inner excitement. Question: What is the emotion behind it?

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10. Never Let Your Dog Alone With Children

Dogs must never be getting left alone with children. Depending on their age, children of dogs are not regarded as humans in the adults’ sense. It requires that children learn respect for dogs, and dogs learn that children are little people.

Dogs do not have to put up with everything. Here, the parents are responsible for teaching children how to behave towards dogs. The dog must always retreat at his free disposal in a household with children, where the children cannot follow him.

Dogs at the feeding bowl and resting dogs are taboo for children. Places for feeding bowl and resting place should be chosen in a quiet location in the house without traffic.

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11. First, ask the owner, then go to the dog.

No matter how cute or friendly the dog looks, always ask the owner first before approaching the dog. Sometimes the dog may have already had negative experiences with children, so he does not react well. If you come into the apartment where a dog also lives, it is primarily his home that he defends against the intruder. Also, dogs waiting for their owner in front of a store should be left alone.

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12. Treat the dog as you would like to be getting treated yourself.

You must never pull the dog by the hair or ears. Caution should therefore be getting exercised with small children whose handling skills are not yet well developed. Dogs also react too sensitively if you approach their tail, pull it, or accidentally step on it. Particularly in public places, when it can become spatially narrow, one should pay attention to the dog’s paws and tail.

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13. Never look the dog rigidly in the eyes.

When two strange dogs meet, they first try to agree on their position in the hierarchy. Looking into the eyes is a crucial means for this. Both dogs stare into each other’s eyes; one turns its head away; the other is satisfied. For him, it is clear that he is higher in the ranking. Both are happy that they do not have to fight. If neither can decide to look away, they fight to maintain their rank. If a human being looks a dog rigidly in the eyes, he challenges it to fight.

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14. Avoid everything that a dog can perceive as threatening.

Every dog is happy if allowed to live in a hierarchy and has a specific place. The stronger ones set the tone; the weaker ones must obey. A dog often perceives children as more vulnerable. If a child threatens a dog with playing equipment, wrong behavior, etc., it will defend its ranking.

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15. Food intake – Please do not disturb.

When eating, most dogs still react precisely like their ancestors: Eating is the basis for survival. The dog considers any disturbance while eating as an attack, and he will defend his food – and with all means. Therefore never try to take something to eat away from a dog, and not even if it was his sausage sandwich he just stole.

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16. Never run away from a dog.

Dogs like to run and hunt. When something runs away from them, they can’t help it – they have to run after it and grab it. This behavior is innate. Even if someone is afraid of dogs, the same applies: Stop! Running away from a dog is not worth it because most dogs are speedy, and some can even overtake a bicycle or a moped.

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17. Do not separate scuffling dogs.

Most dogs like to recreate with other dogs, but sometimes the game quickly turns severe, and a scuffle is underway. Dogs only concentrate on the opponent and hardly hear commands. Under no circumstances should you grab with your hands in between. Mainly the dogs stop biting after a few minutes by themselves. If this is not the case, two adults should take one dog each, try to get hold of it at the collar and move away from each other. However, it is best not to let the dog off the leash.

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18. Keep the distance to the teeth, even when playing.

All dogs like to play. There is nothing better for them than to catch or hunt something and then hold on to it, playfully fight for it and defend it. The dog may snap once with its teeth beside it. But mostly, a dog does not want to bite but only wants to hold on to something. It is still painful, but a well-trained dog should let go with keeping still and shouting.

FAQ Basic Dog Handling Techniques

How do I behave with dogs that run free?

Rules of conduct in dog encounters: Nobody wants to be grabbed by strangers, and that’s how most dogs feel. It is best to keep calm when meeting dogs running free. Indirect contact with dogs stands still; let your arms hang at least slow down.

How do I behave with a strange dog?

It would help if you avoided frontal approaches, directly in the direction of the dog’s head, and techniques from behind because the dog should always be able to see us. It is ideal to approach him from the side, avoiding direct eye contact.

How should one deal with a dog?

It is better to stand still, even if you are afraid. It would help if you did not look at a dog directly and stare into its eyes because the dog may interpret this as a threat. When two dogs meet, looking into each other’s eyes is a ritual to establish the order of precedence.

How do you train a dog?

It means that you let the puppy carry a toy and show him a food reward, and the point the dog spreads his mouth to drop the toy, the command off, and the tip follows. Dog owners can also practice this with two toys.

How should one behave with an aggressive dog?

If you encounter an aggressive dog yourself unprepared, try to de-escalate the situation. Stay where you are – running away stimulates the pursuit instinct. If necessary, bring a large object between you and the dog.

How do I approach a frightened dog?

The moment will come when your pet will love you, but this also requires time and trust. Please do not harass the animal these first days by touching and stroking it a lot. The dog must be showered safely and receive a small beauty program if necessary.

What commands should a dog be able to do?

Dogs learn quickly and are dependent on you for their training, and training also helps strengthen your relationship with the dog. In their entirety, the commands – come, sit, stay, no, place, leave, and out – make a well-behaved, educated dog.

Why is my dog so aggressive?

Dogs don’t become suddenly aggressive overnight on a whim. Aggression is always caused by constant or repetitive negative feelings, mostly anger or fear. But also, pain caused by an illness can wear the dog down and lead to aggressive behavior.

How do I know if my dog trusts me?

Your four-legged friend sleeps with you, or it is obvious: It is a good sign if he likes to lie close to you and can sleep well in your vicinity. It shows that he trusts you, and this trust indicates his deep love for you. It would be his job to watch over you.

When is the best time to practice with puppies?

If you purchase your doggy from a breeder, he will probably be about eight weeks old when you bring him home. Just start the training directly as it arrives at home.

How long does it need for a puppy to settle in?

How long the settling-in period takes is individual for each dog. On average, you can predict your puppy to take six to eight weeks to settle in.

How do I find out if my dog needs a second dog?

Bringing a second dog into the apartment completely unprepared is risky. Especially dogs with specific territorial behavior can feel attacked, and it would not be a good start for a future living together. Instead, you can take both dogs for a long walk.

Why do dogs sit on others?

If you have newly added a fresh dog to your life, one of the dogs may sit on you to make you realize that he is in charge. By sitting on people, dogs often feel superior and have more control over things.


To successfully handle challenging dog encounters, you need to have a well-trained perception of your dog’s arousal level. Try to keep your dog’s arousal level as low as possible to keep your dog responsive.

Interact with your dog and get out of the way if you notice that this situation is still too difficult for him. Don’t fret over the mistake if your dog exhibits unwanted behavior, which won’t get you anywhere.

Use the mistake as information to reflect on what happened. A mistake in your dog is the difference between the behavior your dog is exhibiting and your expectation.

From this point of view, the mistake is not bad, and you could have expected something different. You can be more relaxed about your dog’s misbehavior: Your dog just had a different idea than you.

Don’t judge mistakes as a bad thing, but use them as information – as a chance to do better next time. It will help you to organize your everyday life better and to be able to develop further.

If you succeed, it’s a significant step into a new life with your dog.

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