Eyes Of Satan: A Historical Astronomical Clock Tower In Prague!

The Eyes of Satan features a sizeable astronomical clock, and it shows the time using the planets and stars. Let’s check it out!

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Eyes Of Satan: History Of The Astronomical Clock Tower

The Astronomical Clock Tower “Eyes Of Satan,” built-in Prague in 1410, is the world’s third oldest and oldest clock in operation. The clock locates in Old Town, Sqhich city center. This device was not just an ordinary watch; it was also used as a tool by astrologers, mathematicians, and magicians for its structure and features.

Master Jan Hanus

According to legend, the clock was built by Master Hanus, who was famous at the time, by order of the Czech King. Master Hanus deliberately gets blinded after finishing the clock.

Because after the construction of the clock has gained worldwide fame, other countries’ Kings have offered to Master Hanus to design the Watch.

The Czech King, who heard this, blinded Master Hanus so that he could never do anything like this machine again.

Shortly after this incident, Master Hanus committed suicide by hanging himself in the clock tower. And because of his anger with the king, before he killed himself, he broke it in such a form that no individual could eternally use the Watch again, and for a long time, no one was able to fix it.

Some other sources point to the death of Jan Hus (1369–1415), a Czech priest and theologian that he was burned at the stake as a heretic in 1415.

The design and functioning of the clock were so sophisticated that no one else could understand the clock’s system except Master Hanus at that time. But 50 or 100 years later, another clock master managed to repair the Watch.

Eyes of Satan

Another myth about the clock’s story is that it was designed as the ‘Eyes of Satan.’ The clock did not have statues and decorations in its original form.

After building the clock, they added some of the sculptures and other decorations to the Watch 80 years later. It wasn’t get designed to attract attention.

He was supposed to be the timekeeper of evil. And every time the Czech lands faced a disaster, he stopped working hours.

Even today, it is said that many people Czech people still maintain this belief, so they are terrified that the clock will stop.

In fact, according to this legend, it is said that Master Hanus was blind because he made a watch serving alchemy and sorcery, which was getting seen as a source of evil.

Mikulas Kadan

Later research revealed that the clock was getting designed by Mikulas Kadan, a mathematician, professor, and personal doctor of the Czech King Wenceslas. Since its construction in 1357, the clock tower has used the movement of the sun, moon, and planets to tell time.

Damage, Fire, And Restoration

The Astronomical Clock Tower has been severely damaged and in danger of collapse several times over 600 years. First, the clock got destroyed in a fire in 1865.

During the Second World War, the uprising of the people of Prague against the Nazis in 1945 was significantly damaged.

It gets repaired and restored in 1948. The treacherous company, which was responsible for the repair of the Watch, wanted to throw the whole system away and replace it with a modern watch system but was given up because of later disagreements.

In this way, an engineering wonder like The Astronomical Clock Tower could be getting inherited by future generations.


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The Eyes of Satan is one of the most famous clocks in the world. The clock tower has been restored several times since its construction, and its current form dates back to 1884.

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