Are Cherry Pits Toxic If Swallowed? Something Unconditional Here!

Are cherry pits toxic if swallowed? There are already some strange prejudices against cherries. And although most of them are not real, they are persistent like: Never eat cherry pits!

Especially grandmothers still tell us today that the stones can get stuck in one of the numerous intestinal points. Gladly with the addition, a tiny cherry tree grows in the stomach.

There is also nothing to this rumor, and Cherry pits are excreted naturally from self.

But let us look more in-depth on why and when a cherry pit can be unhealthy or dangerous here.

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Cherry Pits: Toxic and Poisonous To Eat?

Fruit stones are said to protect against cancer and are rich in vitamins.

Instead, bitter apricot kernels, like bitter almonds or cherry pits, contain substances such as amygdalin, which releases prussic acid during digestion.

Prussic acid can lead to severe acute poisoning with cramps, vomiting, and shortness of breath in high doses.

Are cherry pits toxic if swallowed yes or not
Are cherry pits toxic if swallowed yes or not? / Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

However, you should never chew the seeds – just eating two chewed cherry pits can be deadly.

The reason, cherry pits contain prussic acid. It is a fast-acting toxic that leads to shortness of breathunconsciousness, and respiratory arrest.

But don’t forget, it will get only unhealthy when the cherry pit gets cracked, and the toxic prussic acid leaks out, making the cherry pit poisonous.

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Is swallowing cherry pits unhealthy?

Eating a cherry stone is not harmful to your health.

As before mentioned, cherry pits contain amygdalin, which is converted to prussic acid in the body. Swallowing the kernel does not pose a health risk.

For the prussic acid to be dangerous, you would have to crack several hundred cherry stones. Because only by snapping or biting the prussic acid is released.

Your organism has an effective detoxification system because bitter almonds, oat flakes, peas, or tomatoes contain prussic acid.

The pit itself is indigestible and is eliminated by you in a completely natural way.

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If you want to know more about this fruit, you can read more at Cherries Benefits and Side Effects.

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