Alternating Foot Bath: Surprisingly Stops Chronically Cold Feet!

Alternating Foot Bath: A correctly implemented foot bath creates a warm, pleasant feeling and relaxation with a health effect.

The rising foot bath helps with complaints around the neck-nose-throat area. You should still not let the water rise to the neck.

What the foot bath does in summary:

  • Effective against colds: use right at the beginning, i.e., already at the first scratching of the neck, sneezing, freezing
  • Helps with chronically cold feet and warms the body
  • Helps with chronic sinusitis and sinusitis
  • Mild for vascular spasms.
  • Alleviates most rheumatic diseases
  • Makes it easier to fall asleep
  • Has a reflective effect on the abdominal organs

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Alternating Foot bath Stops Chronically Cold Feet

Alternating Footbath Stops Chronically Cold Feet
Alternating Foot bath Stops Chronically Cold Feet / Image by Amanda Radebe from Pixabay

Foot bath for colds: How to stop the disease

Already with the first sneeze, cough, or chill, foot baths can stop an impending cold. But even when the cold has long since spread, a hot foot bath can help. We explain what is behind a rising foot bath and whisper different recipes for getting well.

Tingling in the nose, scratching in the throat, or regular sneezing fits are the precursors of a cold. To prevent the flu-like infection from developing further, you should take action now.

Simple household remedies can also alleviate cold symptoms, for example, with a soothing foot bath. Hot water baths can work wonders for a cold – even if the flu is already more advanced.

But: Not every foot bath variant is suitable for you. We will explain which foot baths can give you the best results and stop the unpleasant cold.

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How does a foot bath work for colds?

An effective household remedy against colds is the foot bath. It can prevent your cold from breaking out, or if the cold is already advanced, it can effectively relieve symptoms.

But how does the foot bath as a simple household remedy prevent an infection? A foot bath causes a temperature rise. Besides, the body is better getting supplied with blood – including the mucous membranes.

A positive effect: viruses can no longer multiply because a foot bath inhibits this process. Intact blood circulation also delivers the tissue valuable nutrients and oxygen, strengthening the immune system immensely. 

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Rising foot bath for colds

A cold often starts with cold feet, and an ascending foot bath warms the whole body. Also, it promotes the blood circulation of the mucous membranes in the neck and throat.

Therefore, in the initial phase of a cold, a foot bath can fight pathogens accumulated. An ascending foot bath does not only relieve coughs and rhinitis.

We can also treat a fever with this water bath’s variant—essential requirement: the correct application. We explain how to do it correctly.

Feet get too little stimulation in shoes.

We can also achieve this effect by walking on the beach, where the water temperature is often in this range. Since the feet are usually in shoes most of the time, they would not get enough stimulation. Another reason why any foot bath or even just splashing around is so beneficial.

However, if you are constantly freezing, suffer from circulatory problems, acute kidney or bladder diseases, or even certain heart diseases, you should be careful when treading water. Also meaningful is the duration of use, which should never be so long that a cold pain develops. After each bath, make sure that your feet get warm again quickly. 

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Warm baths can ward off colds

After these cold baths, you only have to wipe off the water slightly; this prolongs the refreshing effect. However, one should dry oneself very thoroughly between the toes to prevent athlete’s foot and other skin diseases. The situation is different with warm foot baths, and there it is necessary to dry the entire foot very thoroughly.

Warm foot baths are not only enjoyable and can ward off a cold. Since the blood circulation is stimulated in principle, this affects the nose’s mucous membranes, and the immune system is supported in its work.

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Rosemary has a stimulating effect, and the lavender is calming

A foot bath warms feet and the whole body and is therefore much more helpful than wearing thick socks in bed. A foot bath can ward off or attenuate the attack even when a headache is coming on. Mustard flour as an additive further enhances the effect of capillary expansion.

As an additive, Rosemary has a calming effect like a double espresso, valerian, and lavender. These additives have a dual effect: on the feet and through the nose. However, you should always test your skin for allergic reactions and, in the case of sensitive skin, rub your feet with plenty of oil, especially after a mustard flour bath.

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Alternating foot bath is not only against cold feet!

Women in particular often suffer from chronically cold feet, but some men are also affected.

  • An alternating bath for the feet is a proven remedy for this. The alternation between heat and cold trains, the blood vessels, and, if used regularly, improves the blood circulation and keeps feet warm.
  • Simultaneously, a foot bath always has a relaxing effect – if only because you allow yourself a time out and rest.
  • Showering alternately hot and cold strengthens the immune system and thus hardens your body.
  • If you restrict the change between cold and warm to your feet, the effect is not quite as pronounced. It is nevertheless useful for your health and your immune system. 

Step by step alternating bath for the feet explained

You don’t need much, not even a lot of time for the alternating bath – you should allow yourself some rest.

  • Prepare two bowls, one with pleasantly warm and one with cold water.
  • Sit down on a comfortable chair for the foot bath. Ideally, your feet should not touch the floor when sitting down. If the chair is not getting elevated enough, place a cushion on the seat.
  • Place your feet in the bowl of warm water and enjoy the warmth for about five minutes. The blood vessels dilate due to the heat. Then put your feet in the cold water for half a minute. The freezing causes the blood vessels to contract again. 
  • Repeat the alternating bath once more. Place your feet in warm water for five minutes and then in cold water for half a minute.
  • Afterward, do not dry your feet; wipe the water off with your hands and put on some thick, soft woolen socks.
  • If you treat your feet to such an alternating bath at least twice a week, you will soon notice that your feet are no longer cold all the time – simply because the alternating bath permanently promotes blood circulation. 

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Foot bath with mustard flour

Mustard is an all-around talent. It adds the finishing touches to food and stimulates blood circulation in the foot bath when you have a cold. The essential oils of mustard disinfect and even loosen mucus and cramps.

A foot bath with mustard flour can also help against headaches. However, too frequent use can cause minor burns. Therefore, you should not take a foot bath with mustard flour more than once a day. 

This is how it works:

  1. Fill a large bowl with water (approx. 38 degrees).
  2. Add mustard flour and stir well. If you like, you can add a few drops of lavender or rosemary oil.
  3. Bathe legs in the water up to the middle of the calf, about ten minutes.

Note: If the skin reddens or starts to burn, you should stop the foot bath. Then rinse feet and legs with clear water, dry them and wrap them in warm socks.

Ingredients: Two tablespoons mustard flour, if necessary, lavender or Rosemary oil, water.

FAQ Alternating Foot bath

Which foot baths for colds?

If the cold is still in the early stages, a foot bath can help. A warm foot bath helps raise the temperature and improve blood circulation in the body.

What does a foot bath with salt do?

A salt foot bath has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Foot bath for headaches and migraines: Alternating foot baths stimulate blood circulation, and they are accommodating for tension headaches and migraines.

How do cold foot baths work?

Cold foot baths make you more resistant, refresh, and strengthen the foot muscles. It has a draining effect on the organs of the abdomen and stimulates blood circulation. Any tall plastic bucket in which both feet can comfortably get placed is also suitable.

What is a rising foot bath?

How an ascending foot bath is getting made: Dip both legs into a foot tub with approx water. 33 degrees Celsius warm. Warm this up by running hot water (about 20 minutes) to a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius. Then dry the feet well.

What does a vinegar foot bath do?

A cold foot bath with apple vinegar is especially beneficial in summer, and it invigorates tired feet and promotes circulation. The acetic acid it contains has the property of drawing water from the tissues and thus counteracts swollen feet.

Is saltwater good for the feet?

The saltwater foot bath cares for the feet and supports the skin’s natural defenses. If you use coarse-grained salt, you can also rub your feet. foot bath with black tea: Take five to six tea bags and let them steep in the hot foot bath for 15 minutes.

What does a foot bath with apple vinegar do?

A foot bath with apple vinegar helps against sweaty feet – the apple vinegar kills the bacteria responsible for the smell. The added salt has a sweat-binding effect and is said to support the acetic acid.


The good thing about foot baths is that anyone can use them quickly and cheaply, buy the additives in pharmacies or drugstores and benefit from the health-promoting effects.

Anyone who wants to make a correct therapy or is health before-loaded should inform them before and let the treatment be accompanied expertly. 

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