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Abandoned Underground Air Base Aerodrome Zeljava

Image Credit: Adam Rousell - Flickr
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The Abandoned Underground Air Base Aerodrome Zeljava reminds of the apocalyptic films in its image. The military airbase Zeljava was getting built with the most advanced technology in the former Yugoslav era. It’s left to its fate in the region between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.


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Underground Air Base Aerodrome Zeljava

The airbase was getting completed in 1968 during the Cold War period, is located on Pljesevica Mountain near Bihac City.

It’s getting located on the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina for defense and security purposes.

The military facility considered one of the largest underground air bases in Europe and rarely seen as similar.

It became unusable at the beginning of the 1990s due to the damage it suffered in the war between Croatia and Serbia.

The Zeljava airbase, code ‘object 505’, which was spent more than $ 5 billion on construction, was built to withstand the attacks that could be carried out by atomic bombs.

Despite this situation, the destruction of war in the region can be getting seen with all its damages.

At the time, the base was home to more than 50 military fighter jets and reconnaissance aircraft.

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Carrying the traces of destruction on its walls and ceilings, and sheltered underground tunnels, which were 3,500 meters long.

The base radar warning system, which is of strategic importance for the former Yugoslavia, is rotting through secure communication lines and the ruins of power installations.

The planes that were getting produced with high technology of the time are surrounded by grass on the runway.

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The only plane left from that period is standing in time among the bushes surrounding it.

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