10 Affordable Family Vacations 2022 Will Leave You Feel Awesome

Affordable Family Vacations 2022: With so many families nowadays struggling to afford a vacation, it’s hard to find holidays that fit everyone’s budget. But don’t worry! These ten family vacations will leave you feeling awesome without breaking the bank.

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Affordable Family Vacations 2022

It is no mystery that family vacations can be expensive. But there are ways to keep costs low without sacrificing quality. One way is to book accommodations near popular tourist destinations, such as beaches or ski resorts. 

Another option is to choose vacations with shorter stays, such as a weeklong getaway instead of a three-week cruise. And finally, don’t forget about affordable family vacation packages!

These often include amenities like pools and playgrounds, making them perfect for all ages. So whether you’re looking for a cheap escape or a fun-filled adventure, look no further than the many affordable family vacation options!

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Affordable Family Vacations 2022: Utah's Great Salt Lake
Affordable Family Vacations 2022: Great Salt Lake

Utah’s Great Salt Lake

The state is gifted with natural resources that are second to none and a breathtakingly beautiful landscape. But it was not always this way. Utah used to be a barren wasteland, virtually uninhabitable due to its high salt content in the soil. 

But through hard work, determination, and faith, the people of Utah have overcome incredible odds and made their state one of the most beautiful and prosperous in America today.

One of the most famous landmarks in Utah is undoubtedly the Great Salt Lake. This inland sea covers over 400 square miles and has an average depth of about 12 feet! The lake is so great that you can easily see it from many different parts of the state, making it a popular tourist destination for those who want to explore some incredible scenery while on vacation. 

In addition to its spectacular beauty, one of the main reasons people love visiting the Great Salt Lake is that it is affordable! There are plenty of activities available near the lake for everyone in your family to enjoy without breaking the bank – from swimming and sunbathing to boating and fishing.

Utah is an excellent destination for all ages. Whether you’re looking for a family vacation that’s affordable, family-friendly, and fun, or you just want to see some fantastic scenery, Great Salt Lake is the perfect place.

Affordable Family Vacations 2022: Florida's Everglades
Affordable Family Vacations 2022: Everglades

Florida’s Everglades

The Florida Everglades are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most diverse ecosystems in North America. The park is the residence of many alligators, birds, and types of mammals.

It’s also a great place to stay if you’re looking for affordable family vacations. Many actions keep everyone entertained, including kayaking, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and fishing tournaments.

Florida is one of the most attractive family vacation destinations in the United States. You’ll be able to see alligators, crocodiles, and other wildlife while still taking in some incredible sun and sand.

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Affordable Family Vacations 2022: California's Yosemite National Park
Affordable Family Vacations 2022: Yosemite National Park

California’s Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is a world-renowned goal for hikers, climbers, mountain bikers, and nature lovers. The park offers an abundance of activities for all ages and interests, making it an affordable family vacation option. 

The park is also home to America’s most spectacular natural scenery. From towering granite cliffs to rushing rivers and deep valleys, there is something special to see at every turn in Yosemite National Park.

If you are darting for an outstanding family vacation that will offer plenty of outdoor activity and beautiful scenery, consider visiting Yosemite National Park!

Yosemite National Park is a must-see for your next family vacation if you’re a nature lover. The park is enormous and offers plenty of activities for the whole family.

Affordable Family Vacations 2022: Maine's Acadia National Park
Acadia National Park

Maine’s Acadia National Park

Maine’s Acadia National Park is a natural wonder that provides an affordable family vacation. The park is home to more than 3,000 acres of forest, mountain views, and coastline. 

Visitors can troll the park on foot or by bike, and several camping options are available. Acadia National Park is also a superb location to enjoy some of the region’s famous seafood cuisine.

If you’re looking for a more pastoral family vacation, Acadia National Park is the perfect place. You’ll be able to hike, kayak, and camp outdoors in some of the most beautiful scenery on Earth.

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Affordable Family Vacations 2022: Puerto Rico's Vieques National Monument

Puerto Rico’s Vieques National Monument

Puerto Rico is home to Vieques National Monument, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Vieques National Monument is an affordable family vacation spot that offers plenty of activities. 

The island has stunning natural beauty and is known for its surf culture. Visitors can explore the monument’s beaches, mountains, rainforests, and wetlands. 

Many hiking trails and historical sites on Vieques National Monument are perfect destinations for a fun-filled family vacation.

Puerto Rico is a worthy goal for all ages. Vieques offers beautiful beaches, fantastic shopping, and some of the best views of the Caribbean Sea you’ll ever see.

Affordable Family Vacations 2022: Florida's Daytona Beach
Daytona Beach

Florida’s Daytona Beach

Florida’s Daytona Beach is one of the most affordable family vacations. 

With its wide array of attractions, locals and tourists alike can enjoy plenty of activities and explore the area’s natural beauty. From surfing to kayaking, this beach town has something for everyone.

If you’re looking for a family vacation that’s affordable and full of fun, Daytona Beach is the perfect place. You can hit the beaches, go on amusement park rides, and more.

Affordable Family Vacations 2022: Utah's Zion National Park
Zion National Park

Utah’s Zion National Park

Utah’s Zion National Park is a breathtaking place to visit for a family vacation. The park is home to many awe-inspiring natural features, such as the massive Zion Canyon, and presents many options for hiking and exploring. 

Whether you’re seeking a getaway from the city or exploring some of America’s most beautiful scenery, Zion National Park is excellent.

Zion National Park is the perfect place if you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping family vacation. You’ll be able to hike, bike, and raft through some of the most beautiful scenery on Earth.

Affordable Family Vacations 2022: California's Monterey Bay
Monterey Bay

California’s Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay is known for its beautiful coastline and abundance of marine life. 

It’s also a great place to take affordable family vacations, as there are plenty of things to do and see without breaking the bank. 

From kayaking and swimming in pristine waters to exploring rugged mountains, there’s plenty to explore in the Bay Area without spending a fortune.

If you’re scrutinizing a family break full of history, Monterey Bay is the perfect destination. You’ll be able to visit some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world while learning about the history of California.

Affordable Family Vacations 2022: Hawaii's Kaua'i

Hawaii’s Kaua’i

Are you looking for a family-friendly vacation that is affordable and full of fun? Look no further than Kaua’i. This lush island has so considerably to present, from its world-famous beaches to vibrant attractions. 

From hikes in the Napali Coast National Park to exploring the Waimea Canyon, there’s something for everyone on Kaua’i. And don’t overlook the tasty food options – from local eateries to beachside BBQs, there’s something for everyone on Kaua’i. 

So fill your bags and lead on over – you won’t regret it! Kaua’i is a residence to some of the numerous beautiful waterfalls and beaches globally, making it the perfect place for a family vacation.

Affordable Family Vacations 2022: red and white lighted welcome to fabulous Las Vegas Nevada sign
Las Vegas

Las Vegas

It’s no riddle that Las Vegas is a popular destination for family vacations. The city has everything a family could want, including unique attractions, diverse shopping opportunities, and plenty of outdoor activities. 

Plus, the weather is always mild and comfortable. There’s nothing not to love about visiting Las Vegas with the kids!

Of course, there are plenty of affordable family vacation options in Sin City. Whether you’re looking for something short like a day trip or something more extended like a weeklong stay, there’s sure to be something that meets your needs and fits your budget. 

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to take your family on vacation to Las Vegas, remember that everyone will have a blast – even if they don’t gamble!

Las Vegas is the perfect destination if you’re looking for a family vacation full of excitement and adventure. 

Cheap Vacations 2022

If you’re examining a budget-friendly family vacation, consider visiting one of the many affordable destinations across the US.

From Florida’s sunny beaches to the historic towns of New England, there’s something for everyone on a cheap vacation. And don’t forget – many destination resorts offer affordable family rates that include all meals and admissions! 

So whether you’re planning your dream beach vacation or seeking a getaway near your home, explore our affordable travel options today!

Family Vacation Ideas 2022

When it comes to selecting a family leave, there are plenty of possibilities. If you’re looking for ideas, check out our blog for inspiration. 

From luxurious getaways to affordable day trips, we’ve got you covered. So let us help make your dream family vacation come true – it’s sure to be a fantastic experience!

Best Vacation Spots 2022

No matter where you go on your next trip, chances are good that you’ll soak up some sun and enjoy peaceful moments surrounded by loved ones. 

Here are ten of the most suitable places in the world to take a family vacation:

green island surrounding body pf water

The Maldives

Known for its crystal-clear water and stunning coral reefs, the Maldives is perfect for families who love diving and snorkeling. Plus, with almost 1000 islands to explore, there’s plenty of excitement waiting for you!

Disney World

Disney World

For those who love excitement and adventure (and who doesn’t?), Disney World is hard to beat. There’s something for everyone in this Orlando wonderland with dozens of rides and attractions – including Epcot Center and Hollywood Studios.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

This legendary Canadian waterfall is one of the most popular tourist destinations globally. It offers beautiful scenery, but the falls also make great photo ops!

The Greek Isles

The Greek Isles

Head to Greece –home to some of history’s most beloved islands for a romantic retreat or an adventure-filled mini-vacation. Whether you choose Mykonos or Santorini, you’ll be spoilt for the choice of luxury hotels and breathtaking landscapes.



One of Mexico’s top tourist destinations, Cancun is known for its crystal clear waters – perfect for swimming and snorkeling – and its lively nightlife scene.

California's Wine Country
Wine Country

California’s Wine Country

If wine isn’t your thing but taking in stunning vineyards is at the top of your list, consider visiting Napa Valley or Sonoma County in California. Both destinations offer lovely wine tasting experiences and easy access to wineries from major cities like San Francisco and San Jose.

New York City

New York City

No list of affordable family vacations would be complete without mentioning one of America’s most iconic cities – New York City! Whether you choose to explore the iconic Central Park or take in some of the city’s famous neighborhoods, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.



Orlando is an excellent place with over 2,000 attractions, including world-famous theme parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Not to say, its affordability earns it a top choice for budget-conscious travelers.

The Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands

If you’re skimming for an unusual family vacation, consider visiting the Virgin Islands – a stunning archipelago with turquoise waters and beautiful beaches. From St John’s to St Croix, there are plenty of options.



For a rustic getaway just minutes from bustling downtown Portland, consider exploring Maine – home to picturesque towns like Bar Harbor and Camden and lush forests and pristine lakes. There’s something for everyone on this affordable family vacation list with so many activities – from fishing trips to hiking and biking trails!


These are just a few affordable family vacations that will leave you feeling fabulous. You won’t believe how much money you can save by choosing one of these destinations over a more expensive holiday.

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